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Uncle Fucker

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 3/15/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Drama, Fauxcest


Cast: Giselle Palmer, Ivy Wolfe, Steve Holmes, Robby Echo (Non-sex: Dick Chibbles, Craven Moorehead, Curious Judas, AJ Bucks, Reagan Foxx, Stevie Licks, Marie McCray, Ethan Blake, Brock Doom)

Directors: Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead

Release Date: Jan. 7, 2019

Length: 1 hr. 47 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Three trailers


Overview: Let me point out right from the start that this is NOT a filmed version of the classic song from the South Park movie of the same name. Nope, instead, this is another two episode release from Pure Taboo. Both episodes share a common theme about incest, and they're both very well made with some terrific acting from the players.


Episode One: “Uncle Fucker” starring Giselle Palmer and Steve Holmes


In this very perverted scene Giselle Palmer's father, Dick Chibbles, is having some buddies over to watch the big game. His longtime friend Steve Holmes, whom Giselle always referred to as “Uncle John”, is there too and Giselle helps out by bringing them snacks and stuff. Steve can't take his eyes off of Giselle in her short little flowery dress and starts playing with her hair as she sits on the couch beside him. When he grabs a hand full of it and starts pulling it makes Giselle very uncomfortable and she rushes to the kitchen, Steve following behind her. The performances in this scene are top notch as the flustered Giselle tries to fight off the advances of her uncle, but when she confesses she always had a crush on him things start to get hot. He asks her if she had ever kissed a man before and that she needs to learn before going to college. They duck down behind the counter, and what starts as innocent smooching turns more passionate as Steve feels Giselle's tits as they make out. He asks for her panties to remember her by and sniffs them after she slips them off. He then slides her dress up and dives nose first into her pussy. She sits up on the counter and Steve simply devours her cunt, fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit making her shake and convulse as she silently cums in his mouth. He then guides her hand to his bulging crotch and pulls out his hard cock.


She gives it butterfly kisses on the tip, giving him innocent gazes as her lips wrap the head of his cock. Try to be a quiet as they can so her father doesn't catch them Giselle pulls her dress off and starts titty fucking Steve. Steve then stands her up and bends her over the counter. He eats her ass out from behind, Giselle giving looks of beautiful ecstasy as she sees her father in the living room, completely oblivious to what's happening to his daughter. Steve tells Giselle to spread her ass open and he proceeds to stick his cock into her wet pussy. She hikes on leg onto the counter and rubs her clit as they silently fuck. Steve slides his cock in and out of her pussy and soon Giselle is having an almost violently convulsive orgasm, biting her knuckle as she twitches and cums on Steve's cock. She sucks her pussy juices off of his cock before Steve bends over and tells Giselle to tongue his asshole. He strokes his cock as she eats his ass and then they lay on the floor and start spooning. Steve rubs Giselle's clit as he fucks her from behind, Giselle having multiple intense orgasms on Steve's cock.


Steve then pulls out and sucks on Giselle's foot as he watches her play with her pussy. They go back to spooning some more, Giselle cumming several times on Steve's cock before Steve pulls out and fingerblasts her g-spot, massaging her sopping wet pussy and making her explode on his hand. She then sits up on the counter and they start fucking missionary. He rubs her clit as he pumps his cock in and out of her and then goes down and eats her ass and pussy until she cums again in his mouth. Steve then stands up and makes Giselle give him head until he cums. She sucks and licks and gags on his cock and soon he's jacking off, shooting his load in her face. Very well made scene of perversion with sterling performances from Giselle Palmer and Steve Holmes.


Episode Two: “What My Cousin Did” starring Ivy Wolfe and Robby Echo


In another very well made scene, Ivy Wolfe is visiting her aunt, uncle, and cousin. It turns out she's always had a crush on the cousin, Robby Echo, and is afraid to be around him. He asks her why she's been so distant, and in another fantastic performance, Ivy explains she doesn't feel safe around him, but not because of what he would do to her but what she would do to him. Robby asks if he could kiss her, and the two start making out. Soon Ivy's bra is off and Robby sucks her tit while he fingers her pussy beneath her jeans. He pulls her pants off and goes down on her pussy, Ivy covering her mouth and trying to stay quiet, just like Giselle in the previous episode. For someone who is notoriously vocal in her scenes, it's a real kick to see Ivy try to stifle her cries as she orgasms from Robby's oral skills. But she does, numerous times as Robby devours her pussy.


She kisses her juices off of Robby's mouth while rubbing his bulge in his pants, her legs spread wide open for the camera. She pulls his pants down and starts sucking his cock, giving him excellent head as Robby fingerbangs her until she cums on his fingers. She then climbs up onto his cock and starts riding him cowgirl. Beautiful camera angles capture Ivy as her pussy engulfs Robby's cock, Ivy grinding down and rocking back and forth on Robby's dick. She then goes on all fours and Robby starts fucking her doggy style. Ivy arches her back sticking her ass high in the air for Robby as he pounds her pussy, Ivy biting the blanket to muffle the sounds of her screams as she cums over and over on Robby's cock.


He then flips her over and they fuck missionary, Ivy having multiple orgasms on Robby's pumping cock.  She tries to be as quiet as she can, but her cries are overheard by her mom Reagan Foxx who knocks on the door to check on her. Ivy, hiding her naked body behind the door, tells her she's not feeling well. Reagan feels her forehead and says she's burning up. But Ivy assures her she'll be ok and that she just needs some rest. As she closes the door, Ivy and Robby go right back to fucking missionary, Robby plunging his hard cock in and out until he cums on Ivy's pussy.


Final Thoughts: Sometimes Pure Taboo has been known to cross the line when it comes to content. They've touched on themes that can be very disturbing to viewers, even those who are beyond jaded and have seen it all when it comes to porn. It's always refreshing when they go back to the basics as to what is truly taboo in adult entertainment, and that is the tried and true subject of incest. No matter how shocking Pure Taboo can be, no one can ever deny the quality of what they do. They are always marked by brilliant performances, beautifully well-written storylines, and some of the most brilliant film making techniques in the field. These two episodes contain those qualities to a tee. Giselle Palmer's presentation of the innocent young girl who secretly wants to be a slut to her childhood crush is terrific. While AVN's starlet of the year Ivy Wolfe's portrayal of the girl who is trying to fight her sexual urges towards her cousin is so spot on. Sure these are themes we've seen hundreds if not thousands of times before. But you can always leave it to Pure Taboo to present them in the most brilliant and entertaining ways today. I really really enjoyed this disc, and I Highly Recommend that you add it to your collection.

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