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Girls Under Arrest Vol 2

Studio: Adult Time » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 3/17/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Reality, Parody


Cast: Kendra Spade, Julie Kay, Jaye Summers, Alex Blake, Tyler Knight, Chad White, Donnie Rock, Dick Chibbles

Directors: Craven Moorehead and Bree Mills

Release Date: Nov. 6, 2018

Length: 1 hr. 48 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Two Trailers


Overview: Girls Under Arrest was the first original series developed by Bree Mills for the Gamma Media website Adult Time. This award-nominated parody of law-enforcement reality shows such as Cops is far from the first in the genre, but there isn't another that's more ambitious or wonderfully photographed as this one. This disc is the second volume in the collection and contains the last three episodes of the first season.


Episode Four: “Distracted Driver” starring Kendra Spade and Tyler Knight


The scene opens with us riding along with officer Tyler Knight on patrol when he spots a car driving erratically. He pulls the car over to find Kendra Spade who was driving while texting. She tells him she doesn't have her license but her house is just a couple of blocks away. We follow her to her house where she frantically looks for them, but the cleaning woman must have moved them. Tyler then tells her there's a simple way to get out being locked up. Kendra is great playing the befuddled college student who can't believe what's being proposed to her. He makes her get naked and tells her to go to her knees and pull his cock out. Scared out for her life she gingerly licks and kisses it before Tyler tells her to suck it like her freedom depends on it, to which she really goes to town on his cock, gagging and deep throating it. He then makes her stand and place her hands on the counter. He spreads her legs apart and eats her ass a little before sticking his cock her pussy and fucking her from behind. He pounds her pussy with his balls slapping her clit until she succumbs and cums on his cock. He grabs her by the hair and makes her suck her juices off of his cock, telling her to look at the camera while doing it.


He then sets her up on a stool and fucks missionary, Kendra giving looks of both shock and arousal in her performance. They then switch up and Tyler sits on the stool and Kendra climbing up and riding him. Great shot of Kendra's ass as it bounces up and down on Tyler's hard dick. He then picks her up and carries her back to the counter where he fucks her missionary again before making her go back to the floor and sucking him off, Tyler shooting his load in her mouth and coating her chin with his jizz.


Episode Five: “Business Of Favors” starring Julie Kay and Chad White


We start off by riding along with vice squad officer Chad White who's on his way towards a sting operation in an area that's known for its heavy amount of prostitution. He bursts into the motel room and arrests the “john” while the hooker, the VERY beautiful Julie Kay, sits on the bed. Chad tries to counsel the super-cool Julie who's pretty much “do what you have to do.” Her performance is so slinky and sexy and she never speaks above a whisper. When Chad places his had on her bare leg Julie knows what her alternative is and places his hand on her tit. They start kissing, Chad removing her top and gets behind her to kiss her from behind. She lays on the bed and Chad slides her thong off, playing with her pussy which makes Julie writhe on the bed.


He then pulls his pants down and Julie starts sucking his cock, first while he's on his knees and then in a sitting position where she looks up at him with those beautiful eyes and twisting his cock with both hands. She then climbs up and rides him cowgirl style, sitting straight up for Chad to grab her tits while she slides up and down on his cock. He pounds her pussy from underneath making her cum and then she gets on all fours and Chad starts fucking her from behind. She cries out about how deep he is in her pussy as his cock pistons in and out her wet hole. Julie lays flat on the bed, her ass arched for Chad to keep fucking her pussy giving her multiple orgasms. She then rolls over and they fuck missionary, Julia rubbing her clit as Chad t-bones her making her cum over and over on his cock until he pulls out and shoots his load on her pussy and belly.



Episode Six: “Deals Blow” starring Jaye Summers, Alex Blake, Donnie Rock, and Dick Chibbles


In the final episode veteran cop, Dick Chibbles is showing rookie Donnie Rock the ropes when Dick tells him about a tip he got on a drug house in the area. They bust in on it and find Jaye Summers and Alex Blake and about 10 or 15 bags of coke. Alex is fantastic as the super tough girl who spits in the cops faces, but once the cuffs are on her and they're taking her in she changes her tune and tells Dick she'll do ANYTHING to no go to jail while she's on her knees. Dick tells Donnie to take the cuffs off of her and she proceeds to take suck Dick's cock. He then tells Donnie to take Jaye's off as well and she joins in. Alex then takes out Donnie's cock and sucks on it when Dick strips naked and sits on the couch for Jaye to keep sucking. Donnie then shoves his cock to the back of Alex's throat making her gag with streams of slobber hanging from his cock. Before long Dick has Jaye naked and eating her pussy on the couch when he tells Alex to strip and go to him while Jaye takes over giving Donnie head.


Dick eats Alex's pussy to get it wet before sticking his dick in and fucking her missionary while Donnie starts fucking Jaye doggy style on the couch. The two officers make the girls cum and Jaye sucks her juices off of Donnie's cock. Dick then tells Alex to suck on Donnie's cock with Jaye while he fucks her from behind. Dick then sits on the couch and Jaye rides him while Donnie fucks Alex missionary on the couch's arm. Donnie gives Alex a screaming orgasm and slaps her clit while she cums before sticking his cock back in and fucking her some more. Meanwhile, Dick tells Jaye to slap him while she rides him. He then tells her to look into the camera and suck his cock, Dick pushing her head down shoving it all the way to the back of her throat. Alex then climbs up and rides Donnie, cumming on his cock while Jaye rides Dick reverse cowgirl. Donnie then bends Alex over and makes her suck Jaye's juices off of Dick's cock and putting it back in for Jaye to fuck him some more while Donnie fucks Alex from behind.


Dick then stands Jaye up and he fucks her ballerina style from behind while Donnie continues to fuck Alex doggy style on the couch, with an excellent shot from behind of Donnie plowing Alex's pussy with his cock. Dick finally lays Jaye down on the end of the couch and fucks her missionary while Donnie cums on Alex's ass. Dick then pulls out and shoots off on Jaye's belly, making Alex suck every drop of cum out of his cock. I really liked this scene. It's packed with lots of energy and terrific performances from Dick Chibbles as the corrupt veteran cop who's been on the beat way too long, and the amazing Alex Blake who plays the tough chick with total contempt for the cops to a tee.


Final Thoughts: Like I said before, the whole “Cops reality show” parody has done been done many, many times before. But anything that's made by Bree Mills and Gamma Media is never short on ambition and quality. You can see scenes of this genre anywhere. But to devote an entire series to it and dedicate as much time and effort to it as you would a dramatic scene, well, that's really thinking outside the box. And if there's one thing I love it's projects that do their own thing. Every scene is pretty much one single take, utilizing the hand-held shaky-cam technique we all know and love from the original shows. I liked how in the third scene they intercut the body cam footage with the handheld giving the viewer different aspects of the scene. But best of all are the performances. I loved the incredibly sexy Julie Kay as the very cool streetwalker with nothing to lose in life. And while Dick Chibbles always turns in a great performance as the tough and smarmy smart guy, it's Alex Blake who shines in the third scene with her tough DGAF character. If you have volume one already then you know what to expect from this one. Very well made productions with superior performances. Highly Recommended.

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