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Sunlit Vol 3

Studio: TRENCHCOATx » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 3/19/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Couples, Feature, Made For Women, Romance
Director: Kayden Kross


Chapters Menu
Cast: Riley Reid, Abella Danger, Elena Koshka, Ivy Lebelle, Tyler Nixon, Markus Dupree, Manuel Ferrara, Isiah Maxwell
Length: 2 hours 7 minutes
Date of Release: May 29, 2018
Extras: Feature Trailer, Promo Trailer, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Websites
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Excellent, stylistic video capture that is presented in anamorphic widescreen. I'm not a fan of the animated menu system that takes a few seconds to get to the selection screens. The audio is nicely done with soundtracks that come and go as necessary but there is very little dialog.   
Overview: Kayden Kross is back with her third installment of Sun-lit, a series of vignettes that are shot using natural light. There are big windows providing that light and the camera often faces them, giving the subjects on film a romantic flair as some of the action and their faces are cast into shadows. The series seems to be geared toward women rather than young guys looking to rub one out which is okay with me. It's soft, it's sensual, it's well-shot and expertly edited. It's the type of thing I imagine women would toss on while reminiscing about their last encounter with a favorite man or use as romantic fantasy material.
Scene 1. Riley Reid & Tyler Nixon
Our scene starts out with superstar Riley Reid grasping for her alarm clock bells as the morning sun peeks through the windows, rolling out of bed and going through her daily wakeup routine and killing some time with chores all while watching the seconds drag by on her clock. Finally, the knock on the door she's been waiting for happens and Tyler has arrived!

Riley Reid

Riley Reid is no stranger to my screen, I've seen her hundreds of times and I have to say it's a bit refreshing to see her like this. She's wearing minimal makeup, her hair isn't overly styled, she looks very much like the scene suggests she would, just a girl waiting on her man to come over and knock some boots in her sun-filled bedroom. Tyler is also very familiar to me although I have to say it's kind of weird to see him without some kind of setup that has him banging a step-something-or-other. Not that I haven't seen him in non-step roles, I have, I just associate him with those roles in particular.

Riley Reid

With that aside, the sex here is passionate with a side of fun-filled romping. Two youngsters in love come across as totally believable. The camera person does an admirable job of tracking pieces and parts, faces, and phallus, as they roll around seemingly randomly from position to position. Riley's nipples are, as always, ready to cut glass and highlighted in quite a few camera angles while Tyler's thick rod is busy filling her up. Reid is known for her bush and Nixon makes sure to make it a focal point as he splashes his juice on it before the scene ends on a somewhat sad note.

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Scene 2. Abella Danger & Markus Dupree

Abella Danger
It's a melancholic opening as we find Markus packing up an apartment and contemplating (he does a really good job expressing that idea with nothing more than face and body language) and Abella opening the door downstairs as he lies on a bed with the camera pulling back to put them both into the frame. Now, if this was a Hollywood rom-dram, that shot would have involved a high-tech crane or a jib, a crew of 23 people and an hour to shoot but this is porn so it's all done by the one person holding the camera and it's done effectively. Some masterful editing, accompanied by a piano and guitar track, brings us downstairs where Abella is taking over packing and clean up duties. Now, if you've watched a decent amount of good porn in your life then you could be blindfolded and identify that this is Abella Danger and Markus Dupree just by listening to the audio as she kicks his leg which is hanging off the bed and questions him and he responds after a dramatic pause.

Abella Danger

In keeping with the "Sun-lit" theme, Abella sits on the bed next to him, their faces in shadow, as sunlight streams in the massive window far behind them and Dupree's lips softly touch her skin. That sunlight becomes our key, singular light source as they fall onto the soft mattress, bodies pressing together as Markus peels off Danger's clothing quickly followed by his own. It almost becomes a D/s (dominant/submissive) scene as he stands with his cock in her face but she tosses his hand off of her head indicating that she won't bow to his will but willfully worship his cock with her mouth. It's not really her mouth he's wanting, it's Danger's ass he's longing for and he drives into it as she lies folded in half. With a nod from Abella, Markus replaces his rod with his fingers and has her gushing squirt skyward. He uses her holes like a personal stroke tool, relieving his tension which ends up exploding on her face.   
Scene 3. Elena Koshka & Manuel Ferrara

Elena Koshka
Elena's at a friend's house to study but the ladies have eschewed the books in favor of some fun on the lawn with water hoses. When Manuel arrives, he seems a bit perturbed with the scenario but heads inside to read the newspaper in peace. The girls finally hit the books on the couch next to him but Elena's friend has to head to work and has seen the longing glances Elena's been giving her man and leaves with the words "do your thing" which is Elena's cue to jump in Manuel's lap and read the news with him. The soundtrack changes to a creepy guitar track that would be right at home in a Robert Rodriguez flick right before a guitar case is opened to reveal a cache of weapons but again, this is porn, so we know the only weapons we're going to see are sexual.

Elena Koshka

The scene is filmed with an emphasis on the sunlit room being filled with filtered light, producing a hazy atmosphere that permeates the lens and transmits to the screen. It's an effective use of light as the creepy guitars turn to breathy female vocal tracks and Koshka's nipple slips out of her dress and her panties slide down her legs so Manuel's member can slide inside of her. Our duo does the deed in a few positions, all of which are on or near the chair they start in which is welcomed by me as I've seen Manuel have his way with girls on a couch so many times I can't count. He's not really having his way with Elena though, she's pretty much the one in control of this action that ends up with his load streaming almost all the way from slit to tit.  
Scene 4. Ivy Lebelle & Isiah Maxwell

Ivy Lebelle
Isiah is showering and Ivy comes into the room to pee. They make solid eye contact as she sits on the throne and he stands naked behind the glass wall before she flushes and walks out. In the bedroom, he props himself on the bed as she pulls out a cigarette to go smoke on the balcony. Okay. Let's stop right there. Within a minute of this starting, we have two things on film that are ever rarely put to celluloid (okay - memory card, whatever) these days but I like it. I don't know about you but personally, I still smoke, urinate, and shower, they used to be common occurrences but they are now seemingly shunned by filmmakers. Kudos, Kayden. After a few drags outside, the soundtrack kicks in, one which would befit a Kurosawa movie if he was still around to make them. Maybe that's the point as she addresses Maxwell as she strolls back in.

Ivy Lebelle

Her eyes are locked on his as she kneels on the bed beside his naked body, his staff rising with the temperature of the scene as she takes it into her throat. The bed bangs noisily as she rides his rod, her teeth gripping at the sheets as Isiah plants his face in her crack. Their bodies mesh together as he slides in and out of her, her hands gripping at the linens, his hands wrapping around her grapefruits. Maxwell has a determined look on his face as he works himself in and out of her, his eyes trained on hers as he works his way to blastoff in her mouth.  
Final Thoughts: A star-studded cast fills the viewscreen as Kayden Kross points her lens at four separate couples in a variety of scenarios. Each one plays out in a romantically crafted fashion. I've reviewed all three of these so far and the first one earned high accolades from me, the second wasn't nearly as good as the first but this one is right back up to par in my opinion. Kross has been in this business for more than a minute now and understands it quite well. Want to attract male viewers? How about putting Riley Reid, Abella Danger, Ivy Lebelle, and Elena Koshka in your movie? Looking for female gazes? Turn to Manuel, Isiah, Markus, and Tyler. Those eight people pretty much cover the gamut of what viewers want to see. Now, with those beautiful eight people gathered, fill beautiful spaces with beautiful natural light and point your lens as couples intertwine. BAM. Sun-lit. A sub-genre is born. Porn is all about niches these days and I think TRENCHCOATx has this one pretty well nailed down. I'd really like to see the addition of some BTS footage that actually focuses on the properties and the times of day the shoot has to happen to be effective but I'm weird like that. It's soft, it's romantic, the soundtracks are fitting and set a mood to each scene. Overall, if you're looking for some adult cinema for a nice romantic evening, you can't go wrong here. Highly Recommended.

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