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Educating Clea

Studio: Marc Dorcel » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 3/20/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Drama, Anal

Date of Production: October 2018

Director: Frank Vicomte (aka Frank Major)

Cast: Clea Gaultier, Tiffany Tatum, Lucy Heart, Lilu Moon, Renato, Lutro, Charlie Dean, Raul Costa

Length: 2 Hours, 6 Minutes

Extras: Trailers and a 43 minute making-of documentary.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: 4K Ultra HD


A voyeuristic sex therapist secretly gets off by exploiting and recording the sex lives of his clients while encouraging his gorgeous assistant’s sexual growth in Frank Vicomte’s high-end production.

The story-intensive film is mostly told through Clea Gaultier’s narration, a smart move as it allows for localization. Educating Clea runs in French by default, but you can choose to view the film with dubbed narration in six languages with an additional three languages in subtitles only.

It’s an impeccably filmed production that looks more like a mainstream film than a porno--a standard of Dorcel productions. It offers numerous sets, outside shots and all those directorial storytelling tricks that are frequently absent in adult.

That goes for the sex scenes too. Vicomte weaves explicit scenes in and out of the overarching story so tightly that the sex becomes an integral part of the narrative, and he leaves no question as to why the sex is happening. It’s all very plausible and believable.

Educating Clea mostly focuses on anal sex with three butt scenes and one double-penetration. It is just the sort of thing that Marc Dorcel popularized in the 90’s. You’ve got sex scenes that clearly sit in the hardcore realm, but don’t feel too extreme to fans of softer styles due to the story and cinematic elements.

Another plus is Vicomte’s inclusion of an extensive “making of” special feature. This isn’t always included in Dorcel productions, but it’s a nice touch. It goes beyond interviews and serves as a 42 minute documentary on the whole filming process, and it gives the viewer insight into what goes on at a highly professional porn set.

Scene 1:

Vicomte uses a slow and carefully paced anal scene along with pre and post sex-scene voiceovers to build a backstory for Gaultier’s inappropriate relationship with Renato, her sex-therapist boss. Longing looks over dinner set the tone for the smouldering sexuality and innuendo which lead to kissing, touching, and much more.

I like how Vicomte breaks the scene up. Following seductive oral from both partners, Renato runs off camera to fetch what looks like a ring box. Inside, Clea finds a magnificent diamond butt-plug. It’s not what she was expecting, but the eager assistant is happy to try something new.

For several minutes, the focus is on oral and anal play, and ultimately, anal sex. It’s unusual in that there is no vaginal sex whatsoever. Renato plunges in, fucks Gautlier diligently and cums along her gaping ass.

Clea wraps the scene with a voiceover expressing her appreciation for Renato because she learns something new about sexuality every day.

Scene 2:

Renato’s experimental sex therapy involves communication and guided sex. The therapist attempts to break the monotony of a couple by talking them through new and unique sexual experiences. The scene highlights this bizarre approach as well as the Doctor’s lapse in ethics.

Enter Lilu Moon and Charlie Dean as an understandably shy couple confessing each other’s fantasies and undressing in front of Renato and his camera. This scene is bound to hit hard for fans of voyeur-themed pornos.

Dean and Moon’s sex echoes that of Renato and Gaultier’s in the past scene and features only three elements. His and her oral, and anal sex. Aside from her own fingering, Lilu’s delightful kitten remains woefully unfilled. It’s such a tease, especially when she’s rubbing her clit furiously in reverse cowgirl. But it’s a hot choice. For two scenes now, Vicomte delivers anal sex like it’s nothing while turning pussy into a sort of taboo. That is hot.

Renato with his camera gives some creepy vibes as Dean cums all over Moon’s chest. In the next cut, we see the good doctor jerking off in his office to the video of Dean and Moon’s “therapy,” and is overheard by another office worker, Lucy Heart, who passes the disturbing news to Gaultier.

Scene 3:

Tiffany Tatum plays the role of Renato’s beautiful ex-wife, a woman that Gaultier feels threatened by. While visiting the house, Gaultier learns that the relationship broke apart when Tatum realized she preferred women, something the young apprentice had never considered. Naturally curious, Clea beckons to Tatum from atop the stairs, while the stalking Renato tunes into his security cameras and voyeuristically jerks off to the sight.

The ladies undress in front of each other and Tatum takes command of Clea’s trembling body. Pacing and role play is spot-on. Tatum lays Gaultier on her back and delicately delivers savory oral and fingerplay.

Tatum’s eyes are afire as she watches Gaultier cum and she delivers tremendous variation in her pussy licking. She reads the body and goes from tight clit-munching to tongue-fucking and then long laps. She really gives the girl-girl virgin a good sampling of the many ways to eat pussy.

After her orgasm, Gaultier braves a taste, mostly focusing on Tiffany’s clit. But the best part is Clea’s face as she triple-fingers Tatum’s vag. She just stares down at those increasingly wet and swollen lips. It culminates in an epic 69 with shots of Renato rubbing another one off to the secret camera.

Scene 4:

Unfortunately, my screener DVD was damaged, rendering Clea Gaultier and Charlie Dean’s short scene unviewable. It depicts a solo therapy session with the sexually frustrated Dean in which Clea Gautlier steps in, sucking Dean’s cock to completion.

Scene 5:

Clea and Renato have a heated discussion where they come to terms with his voyeuristic obsession. Although Clea believes he’s breaking off the relationship, Renato instead shares his deepest fantasy with her with the understanding that she should discover her own deepest fantasy to share with him.

We then find Ms. Gaultier at home researching various sexual fantasies through the magic of pornography. Turned on by threesome imagery, Clea gets off with plenty of clit rubbing and a touch of anal fingering.

Scene 6:

Throughout the film, Lucy Heart has been having serious issues with her boyfriend. Finally, she has decided to come in for some of Renato’s unconventional therapy, which includes sex with Charlie Dean. Knowing her boss’s personal fantasies, Clea remains in the room subtly rubbing her clit as Heart sucks cock.

Renato pulls her aside Leaving the couple to their own devices. After an endless blowjob, Charlie condoms up and engages Heart with a few minutes of doggystyle before switching holes for a bout of anal doggy. It’s a one-position fuck that ends all too quickly with Charlie jerking himself off to completion all over Lucy’s lovely and gaping ass.

Scene 7:

Late at night, Clea leads Renato into a secluded location and sits him alone in a chair. He has no idea what he’s in for as Clea walks into darkness and cuts the lights. Suddenly, another spotlight comes on, where Clea engages in a private sex show for Renato’s eyes only.

Lutro and Raul Costa enter as well dressed and eager participants at either side. It starts with a nice slow pace, but amps up to the most hardcore scene of Vicomte’s film. Gaultier offers a sensuous double-blowbang ahead of the penetrative stuff where she shines.

She maintains sensual eye contact with Renato, wanking-off in the corner and watching as she gets fucked by Lutro at all times keeping good suction on Dean’s dick. The boys trade off but this time Charlie opts for Clea’s tight ass, something she seems to relish. Gaultier offers up an awesome orgasm with loud gasps and a glowing red chest, but it doesn’t end there.

The sexy brunette mounts Lutro and exposes her ass to Charlie who cannot resist delving in for about five minutes of double-penetration. She switches positions once and offers Lutro some of that fine ass. The boys clear out without finishing--that’s right, no pop-shots for them, and Renato walks over and explodes all over Clea’s beautiful face.

Final Thoughts:

Educating Clea is a triumph of pornographic storytelling. It’s the sort of thing that Dorcel Films is known for, but is all too absent in today’s mainstream porn. It features a continuous plot with magnificently filmed connecting and sex scenes that bind the narrative into a satisfying and cohesive whole.

Audio and visuals are on-point, but it’s not perfect. Background noise invades the girl-girl romp between Tiffany Tatum and Clea Gualtier in the form of a persistent dog-bark. Other than that minor detail, Vicomte presents a fine piece of cinematic craftsmanship complete with stunning scenes, evolving transitions and naturally, great sex.

The highlight of the DVD, at least for us film geeks, is the aforementioned “making of” special feature. It’s the sort of thing that adds value to owning a physical copy of the DVD as opposed to merely streaming. Another highlight of the physical DVD is it’s reversible box-cover. Collectors have the choice of presenting a very classy, but still pornographic box-cover or they can reverse it for a clothed and less risque appearance.

While this is an enjoyable film that is certainly worth a view, the story isn’t particularly compelling beyond first-watch. It’s not the sort of thing you’ll be thinking of and wanting to revisit time and time again. It’s a tough call, but Educating Clea’s cinematics pushed it over the edge into Highly Recommended territory.

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