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Kissing Bandit, The

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/21/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

When you have the star power that this film boasts on its cover, it is hard to not sell out every single seat that is in the venue for such a monumental meeting but before we could get to that, we had to see if this film had the rest of the bells and whistles to make it something worth putting into your very own porn collection. This is Ricky Greenwood’s first taste of the series and my goodness, has he stacked the deck in his favor to really please the fans but even more so, showcase his love for lesbian erotica. Ricky has a great last few years with Mile High Media and as he takes the reins for his turn to create some artistry with this beloved series, we had to see how everything else stacked up. The first release on the Mile-High Media website is this offering with MILF superstar Reagan Foxx and one of the hottest diamonds in the rough in the modern industry, Alex De La Flor. This is a meeting of night and day, teen versus MILF, older versus younger and it is two of the most passionate performers who are coming together to start this show. This is already looking like it could be the girl/girl film of the year already by just the talent that is included within its back cover. Let us see how all these players start a new chapter in a very legendary lesbian series.

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 34 Minutes and 40 Seconds

Director: Ricky Greenwood @RickyGreenwoodX

Studio: Sweetheart Video / Mile High Media

Release Date: March 21st, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, MILF versus Teen, Older versus Younger, Petite, Big Tits, Tattoos, 5-Star Set-up & Story, Fingering, 5-Star Pussy Rubbing, Intense Orgasms, Tribbing

eXXXtras: The photo gallery is fifty-four slides of pure mediocrity. They are nothing too spectacular. There are some moments that are caught that are less than stellar. The lighting does take the quality of the photos down. For the count that you get, you wish there would have been more dazzling shots.


The Kissing Bandit

Starring: Reagan Foxx @ReaganFoxx_ and Alex De La Flor @AlexDeLaFlor


The Reveal:

Reagan Foxx and Alex De La Flor 

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From the start, you can tell this is not what you are used to seeing from Sweetheart Video. Seeing Brandi Love in this light of actor and role player is a very cool sight to see. Especially when you mix in the cool fonts and the wonderful lighting that Ricky is becoming known for in the industry. This is a true motion picture that delivers four tales of girl/girl erotica and passion. Brandi narrates stories that truly make each chapter as engrossing as the entire film.  The Kissing Bandit is not just some makeshift creation to splice this scene into the sweetheart video website. It stands all by itself which I think will appeal to DVD collector and new age porn fan alike. My goodness, Alex De La Flor, this may be the most sinfully looking teen hottie in the entire adult industry. She looks that part and she sounds the part. She has been in the business for a few years but seeing her in the role of an innocent student about to swap spit with her teacher, my goodness it has this taboo feeling mixed with raw emotion. That is how stunning this beauty looks in her school girl outfit. Not many have worn that uniform as well as she has. That is a monstrous seller of this scene right there. This is some of Regan Foxx’s most dashing footage ever captured. The lighting mixed with her make-up, it is splendid beyond words, but she is also finally getting to play the teacher with actual things to say, not the over the top, ignorant neighbor or older woman, which so many seem to cast her in on a daily basis in the industry. The lines she delivers really make this story come to life. You know something seductive is going to happen, but you do not know what. The suspense is great and a lot of it is created by Reagan going all out in a character she has never gotten to play like this. Everything is planned out right in this scene. The size difference between both women is so fucking charming, it may charm the pants right off of you. The ten minutes of build-up, exploration, and story is so well done, you will melt like butter over corn on the cob even before you see one of these ladies’ panties come off.


The Encounter:

Reagan Foxx and Alex De La Flor 

This is the ultimate tease. Something that I have always seen capable with both models, but you never see either one put in a setting like this to create the wonder they do. From the moment you see Reagan licking Alex’s tits, making her nipples so hard, you see that this is a dance of pure fire. These women know what they are doing and every second is passion filled. The way that Alex shakes and trembles will do more than make you weak in the knees yourself. If you did not know before, you will know after this, Miss Foxx is truly one of the top pussy lickers on the planet. Seeing that finger slide quickly in and out as she sucks, flicks and worships Alex’s young kitty will be enough to make a straight woman purr. That is how hot this woman always makes these types of scenes. Seeing her with a partner who has this much control to where her orgasms explode with a shake and a quiver is enough to make anybody call out for mercy. Not to sell young Alex short by any means, my goodness, does she ever make the new age school girl come to life. Yes, she has ink, yes, it is in many positions around her body but if you are only seeing the art upon her body then you are not watching this scene in the correct manner. Her body looks flawless and when those see-through panties come off right along with Reagan’s bra, the eye candy becomes so abundant, you may honestly have to take a breather with this steamy action unfolding larger and more in your face every second the timer winds down. When we see Regan get her what for, we see that Alex can give as good as she gets. Once again, bravo Ricky Greenwood, I have never seen Reagan’s kitty look that gorgeous while being served up on a platter for her co-star to slurp, lick and suck. The moments where we see Reagan’s hard clit get stroked with Alex’s long tongue are what fans will line up around the block to see. That is what this scene possesses.

Reagan Foxx and Alex De La Flor 

Sight and Sound:

The lighting is perfect and when I say perfect, I mean it creates the backdrop for everything within the story. The shadows, the time of night feel, it makes for this very taboo feeling when you add in the look of the two models in the scene. The one thing that I think stands out beyond words, is how tight each shot is and how crisp everything looks. There is a moment in the scene where we see Reagan take Alex’s panties to the side, revealing these gorgeous pussy lips. The camera pans up, pans down and then zooms in to catch that picture-perfect moment of Reagan’s tongue diddling Alex’s little pussy with speed and there is no blur, no cut of shots of the loveliness in front of you, it is just perfection in editing and camera work. If there is one bump in the road it is that the audio fades in and out at some points. You go from stunning screams of pleasure to barely being able to hear the ladies whisper nasty things in the other’s ears, especially around the ten-minute mark. Hearing all the dirty talk would have elevated this scene to the next level.

Reagan Foxx and Alex De La Flor 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

The two biggest things that stand out in the scene for most fans will be, where has Alex De La Flor been all our lives. This beauty is a true teen dream. Her ink is badass and her voice, mixed with a stunning set of attributes truly puts her on a level with Holly Hendrix and Elsa Jean in terms of sheer cuteness that can be cast in any teen role. Directors, this beauty sure fits the bill when it comes to looks and voice. Her dialogue could use some work but when you have so much going for you, who is going to count something like that against her. She truly wows the crowd as the focus of this scene. I can not think of any fan who will be displeased with her work. Reagan Foxx, she has simply been sharpening her performance skills with each role since 2018. This year, she has delivered some of her best performances and dare I say, that this may be her best girl/girl work from start to finish. We get to see her in a light that we never have, and she creates a character that has something we have never seen her create before. These two starlets come out to put on show that I think proves every bit their worth in the porn world. These are ladies who could shoulder the whole load if need be. It says so much that this is the scene that opens up the film as well. This is another that falls just short of an XCritic Pick but that is not due from anything performance wise. These ladies, they create the perfect fantasy and they act it out just the way you saw it in the daydream before you pressed play.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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