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I Know You're Watching

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 3/24/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: All-Sex, Voyeur, Masturbation


Cast: Kendra Spade, Victoria Voxxx, Mandy Muse, Jennifer White, Alison Rey, Tommy Pistol, Brad Knight, Ramon Nomar, Jay Smooth, Seth Gamble

Director: Rikki Braun

Cinematographer: Hank Hoffman

Release Date: Dec. 12, 2018

Length: 1 hr. 56 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Three Bonus Scenes. Eight Trailers and a Photo Gallery


Overview: From the fine folks at Wicked Pictures and director Rikki Braun comes fives scenes of women getting themselves off and men watching them before joining in on the fun. It's a fun disc with master cameraman Hank Hoffman bringing Braun's erotic visions into light at a beautiful pace with each of the ladies giving superior dialog-free performances.


Scene One: Kendra Spade and Tommy Pistol


Kendra starts things off by walking into a mostly white room and checking out her surroundings. She takes the opportunity of this alone time to rub one out and unbuttons her shorts, sticking her hand them and going to town on her clit. She pulls her shirt up to show us her boobs as she jills off, pinching her nipples while she's at it. As she pleasures herself we see Tommy Pistol look in on her from outside. He stands there and stares at her, taking in the show as Kendra continues to get herself off. Kendra peeks and sees Tommy watching her which gets her more excited and bringing her to orgasm. She looks back and tells Tommy to join her. Tommy comes in and sits beside her, kissing her bare arms and sucking her nipple as Kendra rubs his crotch. Tommy pulls his cock out and Kendra wastes no time in going down on it. She spits and slobbers on it getting it nice and wet and gagging on it balls deep to the back of her throat. She then pulls her thong off and sticks her ass up to Tommy who moistens her asshole with his spit while rubbing her pussy. She then shifts over and sits beside him and they each jerk each other off, Tommy rubbing her pussy until she cums on his hand.


Kendra then goes on all fours and Tommy starts fucking her pussy doggy style. Very nice camera angles from the side and back showing Tommy pounding Kendra's pussy. After Kendra cums on Tommy's cock she climbs up and rides him reverse cowgirl. She bounces and grinds on Tommy's cock as Tommy rubs her clit, Kendra cumming again when Tommy fucks her from underneath. She then spins around and rides him regular cowgirl, grinding down on his cock before Tommy furiously fucks her from underneath again.


They both fuck each other giving Kendra multiple orgasms, Kendra sucking off of Tommy's latex covered cock. Kendra then lays on her side and Tommy spoons her from behind. She rubs her clit while Tommy pistons his cock in and out of her bringing her to several orgasms until Tommy finally pulls out and shoots off on Kendra's hairy pussy and Kendra sucking every drop of cum out of Tommy's cock.


Scene Two: Victoria Voxxx and Brad Knight


Next up we have one of my favorite new starlets, the sensuous and exotic Latina Victoria Voxxx. Victoria is laying on a couch in a pretty yellow flowery sundress, her hands caressing her tits as the mood to masturbate overtakes her. She pinches her pierced nipples and rubs her pussy over her black underwear when Brad Knight enters the room and watches her from behind the couch. He smiles from ear to ear as he watches her hand furiously make her cum. He walks around to the front and she greets him with a breathy smile before he plants a kiss on her and they start to make out. He sucks on her tits for a second before heading down between her legs and licking her wet pussy. He rubs her clit and fingers her cunt, his tongue making her cum again as it flicks over her clit.  He drops his pants and Victoria very passionately sucks his cock. It's a truly beautiful sight watching her run her tongue from the balls to the tip as she makes love to his cock with her tongue.


After putting his condom on Brad lays Victoria down and starts fucking her missionary on the couch. We get a great shot of Victoria's legs spread wide as Brad slides his cock in and out of her wet pussy. She rubs her clit and has a toe curling orgasm on Brad's cock. She cleans her juices off with her mouth before climbing up and lowering her pussy down on his cock. Brad fucks Victoria from underneath, slamming his cock deep into her pussy and then Victoria takes over and slides her pussy up and down engulfing his cock balls deep inside her cunt. She then spins around and we get a terrific shot of Victoria riding his cock reverse cowgirl. Brad holds her hips as he pistons his cock up into her dripping snatch. Victoria then grinds her hips down and cums on Brad's cock while he rubs her clit. He then fingerbangs her while he's fucking her giving her another explosive orgasm after which Victoria wiggles her hips on his cock making her cum again.


We then get a transitional shot of Victoria on all fours and Brad fucking her doggy style. He slams his cock into her wet pussy giving her multiple orgasms before pulling out and shooting his flying load on her ass, coating it with his jizz. A great and very well shot scene with one of the hottest new faces today in Victoria Voxxx.


Scene Three: Mandy Muse and Ramon Nomar


Now we get to switch things up. We get a shot of Ramon working out, pumping iron when Mandy Muse walks in and sees him. The sight of Ramon body straining with the barbells turns her on and she starts feeling her tits and her pussy inside her underwear. Ramon sees her and drops the weights to go make out with her. Ramon kisses her and sucks on her tits before Mandy strips naked and he picks her up and carries her to the other room. Ramon drops his shorts revealing his hard cock and Mandy goes to town on it, sucking and gagging on him with Ramon first standing and then sitting. Mandy then climbs up and sits on his face as Ramon pulls out his condom. He puts it on off camera before Mandy climbs down to ride him cowgirl.


She bounces her ass up and down on his cock and they both fuck each other giving Mandy multiple orgasms. She cleans his latex covered cock with her mouth and then climbs back up to ride him side saddle. Ramon rubs her clit as she grinds down on his cock making her cum over and over as he jabs his cock up into her wet pussy. She then climbs off and goes on all fours letting Ramon fuck her doggy style. He slams his cock in and out of her pussy giving her more orgasms before pulling out and shooting his cum on Mandy's face, Mandy draining his balls with her mouth.


Scene Four: Jennifer White and Jay Smooth


In this one, the VERY sexy Jennifer walks into an empty room and sits on the couch. She takes advantage of this moment of solitude by feeling her gorgeous body starting with her pussy and then her tits. She rubs her pussy over her black panties before reaching into her sundress and pinching her nipples. She then goes down and slips her hand under her panties, rubbing her pussy and grinding on her hand. She stops all of a sudden and fixes her dress before looking into the camera and gesturing us to come closer. WOO-HOO! Unfortunately, though we discover she's not looking at us as Jay Smooth enters the picture. Darn. She asks him if he liked what he saw and undoes his pants, pulling out and stroking his hard cock. Jay sits on the couch and Jennifer takes his cock in his mouth while he rubs her pussy. Jennifer gives him masterful sloppy head, slurping, gagging and jacking his cock.


She then lays back and spreads her legs wide for Jay to go down and eat her pussy. His tongue flicks her clit as he fingers her cunt bringing her to a truly exquisite orgasm. Jennifer then flips over onto all fours and Jay starts fucking her doggy style. She spreads her ass wide for him as he buries his cock deep in her pussy before pulling out and finger blasting her while he jacks off. He then sticks his cock back in and makes her cum again before flipping her over again off of the couch and piledriving her. Grabbing Jennifer by the ankles Jay pistons his cock in and out of her pussy while she rubs her clit making her cry out when she cums.


In another great shot from behind Jennifer cleans Jay's cock with her mouth, Jay pressing her head down and making her choke on his cock. She then climbs and rides him cowgirl, Jennifer hips working overtime going up and down on Jay's cock, slowing down just enough for her to cums she grinds down on his dick.  She then spins around and rides him reverse cowgirl, her hips grinding her pussy down on Jay's cock before she starts bouncing on it while rubbing her clit making her cum again. Jay then starts fucking her from underneath before he pulls out and Jennifer jacks his cum on her belly and patch of pubes, his jizz dribbling down over her pussy. Another great scene from the always wonderful Jennifer White.


Scene Five: Alison Rey and Seth Gamble


The final scene starts with always adorable Alison Rey walking down a flight of stairs wearing a sheer nightie when the urge to masturbate suddenly hits her. She stops on the bottom of the stairs and slips her hand down inside of her panties to rub her pussy. Seth enters the room and watches her from the side of the staircase, Alison saying how much she wished he was there to watch her cum. She starts squeezing her tits as her strokes get more intense and soon she's cumming on her hand. She turns and gestures to Seth to around to her where she undoes his pants and goes to work on his cock, stroking and sucking it.


The shot transitions to Alison standing by the banister, her back to Seth in a ballerina pose and Seth sticking his cock in her pussy from behind. Alison hikes one leg up and rests her foot on the banister as Seth fucks her pussy giving Alison long jabs while she rubs her pussy until she cums. She then arches her back, her ass hiked up higher for Seth to fuck her some more from behind giving her another sweet orgasm. They go over to a chair where Seth sits down and Alison climbs up to fuck him reverse cowgirl. She bounces and grinds on Seth's cock while he rubs her pussy, Alison having multiple orgasms on Seth's cock as she rides it to Chicago. They then maneuver around one more time, Alison sitting on the arm of the chair and Seth sliding his cock into her pussy and fucking her missionary. The passionate looks they give each another are so incredibly sexy, a true picture of unbridled lust from two of the greats. He pumps her pussy and rubs her clit until he pulls out and shoots his load on Alison's pussy.


Bonus Scene One: “Axel Braun's Big Ass Anal Movie” starring Mandy Muse and Ike Diesel


Bonus Scene Two: “Axel Braun's Girlfest” starring Jennifer White and September Reign


Bonus Scene Three: “Stripped Down” starring Alison Rey and Lucas Frost


Final Thoughts: Young Rikki Braun is truly coming into his own as a director. As the son of one of the greatest legends of adult entertainment, he is carrying on the Braun name with pride with truly beautiful and stylish visions that he can genuinely call his own. Each one of these scenes has a uniquely erotic quality that definitely makes them stand out in the genre. Of course, to also have a legendary photographer such as Hank Hoffman expertly capturing his visions doesn't hurt either. I also thought it was interesting that he chose all brunettes, everyone giving superior performances. If you enjoy voyeurism this is a very good disc that I Highly Recommend.

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