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Emily Willis: The Anal Awakening (Scene 3)

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 3/28/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The year that was, by Emily Willis. What would that memoir read? Well, to measure what this starlet has done takes more than just a trophy count and a tally of her legion of social media followers around the world. Emily, she has managed to really create a buzz with producers to focus so much of their direction and story around her, something that you do not see quite as often as you would think with a new starlet. Most of what you see from a rookie is just that, side roles, supporting roles, one amongst a group of promising hotties in a theme or series. Well, this is full year number two and what a sight it is to see, as Mark Wood and Francesca Le give this young woman a showcase that I think will send her fans a whole new look at who Emily Willis really is. This film has a wonderful cast assembled as well as some of the kinkiest practices you can share with a scene partner. Speaking of scene partners, Kenzie Reeves is showing that she too is a performer who is setting a new standard for what a new starlet can do when it comes to not only acting but fantasy that pushes a threshold that only the greatest of porn legends ever dared venture into when they were in their fifth or sixth year. You cannot be up in arms that these beauties are showing fans and producers alike that they are taking in roles that they love, for the very purpose of creating things that are truly them. That is why I chose to review and put a spotlight on this scene. Let’s see what happens when two of the kinkiest new starlets are brought together by the kinkiest directing couple in the industry. This has nasty written all over it. Get your ponchos ready.

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 36 Minutes and 44 Seconds

Director: Mark Wood @MarkWoodXXX and Francesca Le @francescalexxx

Studio: LeWood / Evil Angel

Release Date: March 6th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Starlet Showcase, Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Teen versus Teen, Petite, Dirty Talk, 5-Star Ass Licking, Anal, Intense Orgasms, Sex Machine Anal, Squirting

eXXXtras: The photos to go along with the scene are extremely low. Massive disappointment for fans who love sex stills. I would have loved to have seen more of just these beauties enjoying the toys to match the amazing angles and contortion within the scene. I don’t know, perhaps that is what really gives the video life beyond words.


Emily Willis: The Anal Awakening (Scene 3)

Starring: Emily Willis @emilywillisxoxo and Kenzie Reeves @KenzieReevesxxx


The Reveal:

Emily Willis 

Now, the fact that we have Kenzie Reeves as Emily’s nasty co-star says one massive thing. Kenzie, she is truly at the top of the food chain in this business when it comes to erotica done with sweat, lust, passion, and heat. This film has some of the most aggressive male leads alongside Emily in the scenes that surround this girl/girl romp. I think that Francesca and Mark really got this one right. If you want kinky, call Kenzie! That is my new motto. The promotions of this film promise sex machines and sex school girls and what you get is something that does deliver. Emily’s make-up is so/so but her outfit is what commands your attention as this fantasy gets underway. This scene is pure “teen” cuteness with a ton of sass mixed into it. When Kenzie walks in she looks like a million dollars from head to toe. On point, commanding with her dialogue. Honestly, she reminds me so much of the director in the prime of her career. Kenzie has that ability, just like Francesca did, to make your eyes bug out even further when she walks on set and into the shot with a look of innocence with her youthful beauty, mixed with a perfect ten body and sexual appetite. These two hotties will have you wide awake like you just had a cup of joe pumped through your veins intravenously. The patented LeWood tease is something beyond magical in this one. Many ladies have strutted their stuff up and down that beautiful property, but few have looked this damn good. That hypnotic club beat that dances around your brain as the girls do as well is slick, cool and beyond badass. This is what made porn cool all those years ago.  The lady’s energy shines through even over the cool beat that scores their dance of allure. If you are a newbie to both these ladies, they have the stamina that can and will wear out any viewer before they have even broken a sweat on set. This is truly one of the best teases that have been created on a LeWood set. When they do break for a cut and change, I dare you to tell me how long time went by in the splice. The editing really is as wonderful as the performers range in this one. The toys come out around the twenty-minute mark and once again, we go right into orgasm. The anal toy action is great. This is an anal fan's true wet-dream, I kid you not. These ladies put in a lot of elbow grease when fucking the other with a toy. The true seller when it comes to those kinky toys is the fucking machine.

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The Encounter:

Kenzie Reeves 

As with most LeWood films and scenes, there is an almost immediate jump into the action. Once again, what separates this scene from all the rest, these two show no hidden desires, nothing is held back, and nothing looks fake. They attack each other like animals and the way they slide back and forth with their tongues, kisses, and touching is enough to really make the season go from winter to summer in a flash with this kind of heat and true sexual desire for one another. This is not youthful exuberance, this is two hot ass porn stars who love pussy and want to devour the others with extreme prejudice. Trust me on this one young grasshopper, pace yourself, there is a sex machine in the background and all I can say is that sex machines and porn stars, that is a show rarely seen with two hotties of this caliber. I know, it will be hard the action is fast-paced and hardcore. These beauties are true demonstrators of “lesbian hardcore” a term you do not see used very often these days because quite honestly, you must be able to reach the level of say, Francesca Le with another performer and few can do that in the modern era. This is heart-pounding action the never stops. This is what porn fans need to watch who are on the fence about what girl/girl erotica can be. The directors let the action flow and when you see Kenzie tell Emily she “wants to taste that booty” she gets what she wants which means the fans get what they want. There are no cuts that derail the early action and that is cool to see in a film like this. Fans will be pleased to see how erotic these two babes can get when they just let their desire take over. You honestly could have made this scene two hours long and fans would sit through every second. When the fuck do you see double sided dildo anal done well? Never! I mean it has been more than a decade since I have seen it done this well. The fucking machine, once you see that timer hit six minutes, cancel your afternoon because you are going to ride this bad boy out. Squirting, the most sexy, delicious and kinky lesbian anal action you will see. These girls close out with a bang just like their male counterparts in the other scenes and that speaks volumes of scene number three from Emily Willis, The Anal Awakening.

Emily Willis and Kenzie Reeves 

Sight and Sound:

The editing is brilliant, as is the artificial and natural lighting. The acoustics can leave a tad bit of ringing in the ears if you watch this scene at its maximum level available. It does stand out with two dirty talkers the likes of Emily and Kenzie. With these two performers, it is so easy to create that fantasy and make things gel in ways that simply have fans wanting more as the scene fades to black and they do just that.

Emily Willis and Kenzie Reeves 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Now, for the ten-thousand-dollar question, is Emily deserving of her own showcase this early in her career. I think so and she shines like the rising star that she is. In this scene, there are no misses, there are no rookie mistakes. When asked to grade a film or scene to see who will get the most out of it, there is hardly any type of person that I can think of that will not cherish this scene and yes, I say cherish because spending your money on a new starlet showcase is a risk. A lot of times, things blow up in your face and nothing is as aggravating as dropping twenty to thirty bucks only to be disappointed. That buys a lot of whiskey you know. Everyone comes together for something grand, especially Kenzie Reeves. One of this superstar’s most bold attributes and yes, I did say superstar because she already has everything within her acting arsenal to fit that category. What makes her stand out is that you never and I mean never get the same Kenzie. You think you are getting “teeny-bopper” Kenzie in this one, fuck no, this is I am going to suck your asshole till your pussy cums Kenzie Reeves. She is like a petite, blind Anna Malle in some spots in this scene. She really shows off why she was cast and makes Emily scream with passion. Look at Emily’s eyes throughout, she is always looking to eye fuck Kenzie and my goodness that is just pure adrenaline and pure fantasy right there. There are a few moments where the action does go a bit over the top, but you have to remember as a viewer that these performers are putting on a show. Especially when it comes to anal, it is all about being over the top, that is the allure and that is why this scene does get a highly recommended rating these two put on one hell of a show and the directors, they take us on a ride that we will not soon forget. Sex machine aside, when you see double sided dildo anal action, that means you buy a ticket to the fucking show. Amazing scene, to an amazing film. In the end, you honestly see the potential of the lovely Emily Willis. A porn star who truly does deserve this spotlight. She goes blow for blow with Kenzie. Seeing Emily locked and loaded ready to take that dildo in her ass in the closing three minutes is truly the stuff that fantasy is made of. Sweet sensuality. I see big things ahead indeed for these two beauties. Perverts, couples, lesbians, come one, come all, this is truly the film to buy in the month of March 2019.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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