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Save Our Souls

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 4/2/19

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the main menu 

If it weren’t for Bonnie’s bodacious boobs plastered right there on the cover then this could pass off for a cover to a mainstream horror movie. Akin to something like ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ or ‘Scream’. Although this looks to be a supernatural-themed feature just from the eerie vibe captured with the art direction, the logo and title are examples of this. Our cover girl in case you didn’t notice those trademark spider web boob tattoos is, in fact, Bonnie Rotten. The artwork encapsulates frozen images of some of the characters interacting in what looks like suspense driven interactions from the film. It is all part of this sleek setup of a box cover with the film’s eerily designed montage carrying the weight of the design. Digital Playground’s logo sits on the top of the box in a strong presentation. The three main female actresses get a cast credit right under the gothic lettering that is the film’s title.

special features menu

A splash of stills takes the back box’s overall design. Some photos are in color while other photos are blended in with the black and white look of the back box. The ‘Save Our Souls’ logo is right above a reasonably sized summary that lingers beneath the photos of erotic sex.  The Special Features are listed below with listings like “Special Bonus Trailers”  with advertising of the “Motion Chapter Index”. A lot of other technicalities are present on this informative back box like how the disc is region free with company logos and website info. The Digital Playground website is labeled on the very bottom of the box in a red strip that follows out to the front of the box with the very same thing written as “A DigitalPlayground.com Movie”.


As advertised on the box there is indeed a “Motion Chapter Index” which just translates to the animated menus you face when the disc is spinning in your device. The main menu is an example of this animation where Bonnie Rotten’s image from the front box is superimposed over the flowing particles above the menu options like “Play Movie”, “Scene Selection”, and “Special Features”. This is the extent of the onscreen animations you’ll see on these menus here. The small thumbs that represent the chapters are found in the Scene Selection menu are animated as well.

 web info

Repeating clips of the chapter at hand show you where to go if you want to watch a specific part in the film. Unfortunately, no performers are listed per chapter and are only relegated by a simple indication of “scene 1” or “scene 4” for example. This does very little for guiding the viewer. Exciting hard rock music is the soundtrack for this browsing. It shows the extreme side of the performers like Bonnie Rotten in this film as a theme. It will remain on loop as you browse the animated menus.  On the back of the box, I noticed Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. The same place I noticed that surround sound support is where I saw the “Shot in HD” listing.

Cast: Bonnie Rotten, Ryan Keely, Ivy Lebelle, Danny D, Jay Snakes.
Directed By: Dick Bush
Condoms: No

Photo Gallery: Yes
Approx. Run Time:  2 hours and 28 mins.


film logo

I get excited when I see major studios like Digital Playground take features seriously. They are known to me as one of the major studios that release full-on features, like parodies with fancy box covers. Digital Playground isn’t the only production house that fills out these halls with legitimately looking movie posters for these erotic ventures. Wicked Pictures comes to mind but the very reason for competition to exist is to have other avenues to explore. Digital Playground is a welcome addition to studios serious about feature porn in a gonzo world. Save Our Souls sets this tone of upper-level porn with just the presentation alone of the box art and the cast they put forth behind it. Again this is all at face value but I’m pretty sure the DP name has been around for a reason in the world of collectors and fans who like to support serious porn. Time to watch and review one of my first Digital Playground features.



Ivy's title.

Hitting play feature splashed the very cool logo and soon after that a sleek animation of the Digital Playground emblem. Next, a montage of eerily mysterious clips from the film flowed through, it reminds me of a “coming on next week’s show” type of opener with random teases of the terrifying plot. In between the horrifying hollering of the three girls found in the film you get spots of pertinent film credits. Like how this is a “Hussey XXX” Production all in the glow of haunting blue text. Again I can’t stress enough the mainstream vibe I get from just the opening seconds of Save Our Souls. Danny D narrates the nefarious opener of tales of a morbid dreamscape. Then the three girls get their sequential film credit with some sex montages barraging the screen. Intensified music cues in as the slamming sex snippets show you that this is indeed a hardcore porn film and thankfully not mainstream.

Ivy walking up to a mansion.

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Ivy walks up to this large mansion in broad daylight to join the other three women as Danny D begins to explain the getaway they’ve all joined. When Ivy walks into the room Bonnie makes a snide remark about her tardiness. Finally, she sits down to let Danny D explain why they are here in this creepy mansion. First things first, he confiscates their phones to close them off of the outside world. He claims the path to inner peace demands such a sacrifice. He then questions the girls about the purpose of this retreat. The women describe the tales of loss and grieving as the purpose of their search but not Bonnie Rotten. She’s here for “a little relaxation” as she brags right to an ailing Ivy Lebelle’s face. Yet Danny D demands more of an intention besides relaxing since Bonnie isn't facing loss or stressed like the Ryan Keely and Ivey Lebelle. Bonnie then states that she’ll focus her energy on her workplace mentality to make more money. This is sufficient enough for Danny D as he then requires them to sign paperwork before the dream séance begins.

Dream ritual start

The next scene abruptly reveals that the eerie ritual has begun. This entails Danny D pouring a mysterious clear fluid on the body of the participants. They are wearing plain white gowns in uniform to the dream ritual. As stones are rested on their heads the three women lay on the ground to be induced into sleep. Ivey Lebelle is the first to awaken. Not knowing whether this is a dream or reality we see Danny D suddenly appear behind a wandering Ivy Lebelle. He stands with two cloaked individuals with mirrors for faces.  After being told to “love herself” by Danny D she begins to kiss the mirror face of this mysterious figure. She is then flipped around to start making out with Danny D himself to start up this first sex scene.

Ivy reaching for cock.

As he whispers about Ivy’s acceptance of her desires he begins to rapidly kiss and grope her. She is then sat down to begin the blowjob sequence in this surreal sex meeting. The spit and slobbering are very real as Ivy Lebelle handles Danny’s large member to stuff in her mouth. He’ll reach around and massage her pussy and ass while receiving oral favors. Danny D drops down to return the favor by burying his face into Ivy’s pussy. After some licks of her twat, he jumps right into inserting his long dong into her vagina for missionary penetration.

 Doggy with cloaked men

The camera will continue to capture the poking into Ivy Lebelle’s pussy in missionary for more angles. Danny D is in a fast-paced pumping of the pussy as the chemistry begins to rise between the performers.  Ivy then flips around for a doggy style round of pussy fucking. Her awesome ass is in view for this routine of reaming.  The two cloaked figures slowly creep back into view during this sex séance. Keeping the flow of angles going with a quick POV blowjob happening after that doggy segment. “Tell me, do you love yourself?” Danny D asks in bated breath as his dick is being sucked.

Ivy facing the mirror face

After that intimate encounter of POV where Ivy’s beautiful face was taking up your screen, you’ll see her mount Danny D for a rocking ride in cowgirl. Both performers gel back into a variation of the missionary pounding as Ivy’s legs are in the air while Danny D inserts himself. During the intensity of this variation of missionary, you get choke play and some slapping as some rough stuff rears its head.  The passionate intensity matching the surreal setting of this searing sex scene in a room dimly lit in red hues. It comes to conclusion with an explosive creampie leaving Ivy Lebelle with a pussy filled with cum.


Ryan Keely and Bonnie Rotten tag title

After the sex Danny D rushes to the TV that was in the background of the scene to show a deep dark secret to Ivy involving her ex-husband. It is footage of the mistress that her former hubs cheated on her with. This disturbs Ivy’s character to no end in this séance that turned for the terrible, it doesn’t help that the mistress was one of the cloaked mirror faces from earlier. Ivy gets locked in the room as Danny D steps away leaving her distraught and in tears.

D creeping on Keely

Ryan Keely is serenely meditating during her trance. She sits folded Indian style on the ground with suspenseful music as the soundtrack. A bath is being prepared with rose petals in the water as part of her relaxation retreat. She slowly undresses then submerges herself in the water. She begins fantasizing a sexual encounter with Bonnie Rotten as her eyes begin to close. Mysterious hands begin to suddenly caress her in this trance that she is experiencing which is abruptly ended after a spooky Danny D rears his demonic face to slam her back into reality. A frantic rapping on the door sets her into lucidity. It is from another room and it is Ivy Lebelle freaking out. Ryan Keely runs to her aid to encounter even more confusion. They run into her alleged husband laying on the floor. When Ryan Keely walks up to him on the ground he darts off. Ivy constantly is warning her that this place isn’t right and it is a trap, this doesn’t stop Ryan Keely from further investigating this anomaly. It only leads her to another room with more confounding encounters.

Hands in the tub.

A briefcase with random items sits on a bed. Bonnie Rotten steps into the picture to add even more sinister vibes to this retreat gone haywire. Next thing you know you’ll see Bonnie Rotten tying up Ryan Keely’s hands as she coaxes her into sex and teases her at the same time. “Time to get what you always wanted and deserved..” Bonnie says this as she stuffs Ryan Keely’s face into her pussy. The lesbian fling is in full swing now as Ryan Keely is eating Bonnie’s pussy with her hands still tied.  

Keely crunching on pussy

Bonnie will allow the ropes to come off after she’s done having her way with her sudden sex partner. With the condition that Ryan Keely uses them properly to stimulate her pussy to continue the lesbian liaison. They’ll sail into a scissoring session as both of their bodies meld for the vagina kissing moment.  You’ll see spitting in mouths and squirting from Bonnie to make this a nice and wet one.  Some self-imposed gagging happens from the women to summon some spit from their gullets. They do this by stuffing their hands down their own throats.  A rapid institution of 69’ing occurs as Bonnie Rotten dominantly initiates it. Peeling Ryan Keely’s legs to dig into more pussy.

Bound and pussy eaten

After they’re done flipping each other like sexual pancakes in these pussy eating positions the fantastical flight is brought to a halt when Ryan Keely’s husband steps in. He randomly busts her again showing this to be a reliving of trauma rather than fantasy. Bonnie Rotten has completely disappeared as well. 


Title to scene

After a horrific argument where Ryan Keely admits she was glad to leave her husband, played by Jay Snakes, to die she recedes back into the room in shock. She was recorded the whole time by the apparition in her mind.

Keely yelling at her husband.

Bonnie Rotten is out for a smoke trying to ease herself in this crazy night. Suddenly Ryan Keely’s dead husband appears before her to share the terror. Is it more mind tricks?  Bonnie Rotten is then confronted by the confused and scared Ivy Lebelle. The frantic begging from Ivy Lebelle doesn’t budge Bonnie. Soon enough she realizes there is something up because she keeps seeing Ryan Keely’s dead husband.

husband and wife

Ivy runs off to the forest surrounding this eerie abode in complete fear.  This only spreads the panic as Bonnie Rotten yells to her that the husband is just standing there as Ivy darts off into the darkness. Bonnie Rotten runs back into the house in this new found panic only to see Danny D again in these fearful circumstances. She’s looking for her bag of belongings which is in Danny’s possession. He toys with her as she begs for her little silver bag that he took away from her. It is now his due to regarded contraband. He opens the bag and finds drugs.

in cowgirl with keely

Now, this becomes a confrontation about Bonnie’s sobriety for the character she is playing. More reeling revelations about this morbid mix up being dumped on an already defeated Bonnie Rotten. Partying and abandonment turn to a reuniting sexual affair between a destroyed husband and wife. Bonnie decides to witness this as both Jay Snakes and Ryan Keely begin fucking. This starts with Ryan Keely going for Jay’s actual trouser snake to swallow whole. She jumps on his dick for a cowgirl ride next in this entangled sex session. They hit every sex position at top speed as Jay Snakes jabs his cock into Ryan’s pussy in missionary.

 Keely popped.

You can see Danny D in the background observing this. Thankfully, Ryan Keely cries of profane laden dirty talk fill out this intense scene. Missionary seems to be the go-to position here as Ryan Keely begs for her toes to be sucked while Jay Snakes slides his dick in and out.  To down doggy style they go as Jay Snakes mounts Ryan Keely allowing her to yell more profanities in the name of orgasms. Finally, this very loud scene comes to its climax when Jay Snakes pops out of a side saddle version of another missionary position. The angle of him jacking to pop all over Keely’s boobs and face is a very well placed one. Prepare for more confusing encounters when the real Ryan Keely steps into the room to see the aftermath of this perverse vision. She is dressed in her ritual gown revealing that the lingerie-clad Ryan Keely that fucked Jay Snakes was all in our heads. 


rough and tumble scene

We come back to a wandering Ivy Lebelle. She’s running around in complete fear and what seems like circles since she finds herself back at the house she’s trying to run from.  As soon as she sees it she runs the opposite direction. All three women imprisoned in their own ways as they show scenes of them being distraught. Ryan Keely steps up to Bonnie Rotten banging at the door, she turns around to completely turn on Ryan Keely by throwing a glass vase at her. She grabs a shard of glass to attack her but is interrupted by a loudly offensive noise that even Ivy hears. What happens next is the awakening of this mental nightmare.  It was all a part of the vision intended to free them from pain in the first place as they are all back in reality now wearing the white gowns in the very same room they were put to sleep.

seance sex

From dark séance to immediate sex as the three women rip off their gowns after the awakening. Danny D has his penis ready to be sucked by Bonnie Rotten. Both Ryan Keely and Ivy Lebelle join Bonnie to form a triple blowjob. All taking turns to inhale Danny’s meat sword for this spectacle with squirting and spitting added to it. Ivy is the one who gets a play slapped and Bonnie does the squirting. A rough and tumble encounter with the three women and Danny at the start of this wild threesome. The first fucks of fornication are into Bonnie for doggy style positioning. Bonnie Rotten actually gets out of the doggy position to squirt on the other girls eating other out in 69. During the standing missionary, Danny reaches for a lit candle to pour some hot wax onto this sizzling affair.

 triple pop shot

 He takes his turns on the women as Ivy Lebelle is next to be fucked standing up.  The hot wax is continually instituted in this hard sex threesome. You’ll see coagulated all over Ivy Lebelle’s jiggling butt as it gets pumped in doggy style.  Ryan Keely is next for the humping as she gets on top of Danny D in cowgirl. Another very loud scene as the women shriek in sexual excitement. Bonnie is next for her ride and goes for reverse cowgirl while screaming at the top of her lungs. Don’t be surprised at her fountains of squirt that she slides around on.  The wild Bonnie then allows for some pile driver anal to happen which results in her famous rosebud anus to pop out. This threesome blast is filled with wax and squirts thanks to Bonnie. All three women line up for Danny D to unleash his semen on to conclude this scene. 


DP logo

I really enjoyed watching Save Our Souls, a pornographic psychological thriller. Danny D's acting really impressed me as he leads these three ladies down his dark rollercoaster in hopes of "finding themselves". Ryan Keely was a fireball of energy in her sex scenes for Save Our Souls. The cover girl, Bonnie Rotten, soaked this film with her squirt. Ivy Lebelle was perfectly cast for her role as a terrified tart. The only thing holding this film back was my defective copy of the DVD. It kept getting stuck on the opening of the film which would constantly restart the intro/credits. I also ran into audio issues where if the performers screamed loudly a buzzing sound would cut in. This is why I have to say watch Save Our Souls On Demand to ensure yourself the best possible method of viewing this film. The company's website is advertised on the box and in the DVD itself so you shouldn't have trouble finding it.

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