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Lady Boss Volume 3

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 3/31/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian, Vignettes, Workplace


Cast: Elsa Jean, Charlotte Stokely, Gina Valentina, Alison Rey, Victoria Voxxx, Jade Baker, April O'Neil

Director: Stills By Alan

Release Date: Dec. 4, 2018

Length: 91 min.

Extras: Three trailers


Overview: The third collection of Girlsway's excellent ongoing workplace series Lady Boss is comprised of three subscriber-suggested scenes, each dealing with lesbian office sex. As usual, it's filled with terrific performances from a stellar cast which, at a mere 91 min. running time moves at a steamy pace with great editing from Zombie and Willy Balsh and the usual great direction from Stills By Alan.


Scene One: “Lesbian Interview” starring Elsa Jean and Charlotte Stokely


Adorable nymph Elsa Jean is REALLY excited about being considered for her new job. We have no idea what the job is, but whatever it is she's really nervous about passing the interview. After opening with Elsa dressing we move on to the psychological portion administered by the very strict and proper Charlotte Stokely. She shows Elsa a series of ink blots, asking her what she sees in the photos. The very nervous Elsa stumbles over her words trying to find the right ones while Charlotte judgingly writes on her pad, biting her lip and getting turned on by Elsa's struggling. After telling Elsa the first one is of two women kissing Elsa throws caution to the wind and says the last one is of a woman masturbating and demonstrates to her by spreading her legs in rubbing her pussy. Charlotte's opinions on Elsa start to change as Elsa fingerblasts her cunt, stripping off her top and skirt and cumming on her hand. Charlotte then removes her shirt and bra and Elsa starts sucking and licking her nipples. Charlotte tells Elsa this is the type of work ethic she's looking for while she slides her clothes off and lets Elsa eat her pussy. Elsa engulfs Charlotte's cunt with her mouth, sucking on her pussy while Charlotte grinds her hips and cums in Elsa's mouth. Elsa then goes up to kiss Charlotte and rubs her pussy bringing Charlotte to another orgasm this time on Elsa's hand.


Charlotte then tells Elsa to lay back and spread her pussy open for her. She licks and sucks on Elsa's smooth pussy, giving her multiple orgasms with her mouth and fingers. Charlotte then turns her back tot he camera and hikes one leg up on the back of the couch letting Elsa eat her pussy from underneath. We get a great full body shot of Elsa masturbating while munching on Charlotte's pussy while Charlotte bucks her hips and grinds down on Elsa's tongue. She cums in Elsa's mouth and then the two ladies start tribbing, bumping and grinding their pussies together until they both explode on each other. The scene ends with the two beauties sitting side by side and rubbing each other's pussies for one last orgasm between the two. A scorching hot scene that just flows beautifully. And while I won't give the ending away, I think it's needless to say that Elsa gets the job.


Scene Two: “The IT Nerd” starring Gina Valentina and Alison Rey


Bitchy boss Alison Rey is having computer troubles and calls for a temp from IT to come up and fix it. The temp they send up is the very sexy Gina Valentina looking too adorable in her nerdy glasses. Alison admires Gina's ass as she crawls under her desk to work on her computer and pulls down her underwear to give Gina a show. Alison tells the befuddled Gina that if she wants a job at the company she'll lick her pussy. Gina hesitantly and very sexily licks Alison's clit with the tip of her tongue and Alison grabs the back of her head and pushes her mouth onto her cunt. Gina sucks and licks her pussy and soon Alison is cumming in her mouth while she sucks her clit. With promises of a company position Alison strips Gina down to her panties and sits her on the desk. Alison pulls the panties to one side and goes down on Gina's hairy pussy, lapping up her cunt and sucking her clit until Gina tenses up and cums in Alison's mouth.


They then switch up and Alison sits on the desk, legs spread for Gina to lick her pussy some more. She holds Gina's head still and dances on her tongue before Gina inserts her fingers inside of Alison's pussy, fingerbanging her and bringing Alison to another orgasm on Gina's hand. Alison then bends over the desk and tells Gina to lick her asshole. Having never done that before Gina is understandably hesitant. But when Alison reminds her that her job is at stake Gina reluctantly goes for it. She plants her face in between Alison's cheeks and dances her tongue around her butthole while Alison masturbates her pussy making her cum while Gina laps her ass.


Scene Three: “Company Policy” starring Victoria Voxxx, Jade Baker and April O'Neil


We open with Victoria Voxxx and Jade Baker filming a company film about the firm's policy on sexual harassment with April O'Neil directing the video. It seems Victoria can't keep her hands off of Jade as they demonstrate on what NOT to do in the workplace, groping her tits and kissing her neck, much to the displeasure of April who can't seem to make it clear that you're NOT supposed to do that. They tell her that they consent to each other's advances and asks if April consents as well. After Victoria nibbles her ear she consents as well and they all decide to make their own personal video starting with Victoria kissing April's chest and Jade pulling off her panties to eat April's hairy pussy. As Jade's tongue goes to work on her clit Victoria takes April's bra off and sucks on her tits. Jade and Victoria then trade places, Victoria eating April's pussy while Jade sucks her tits. Before long they're all naked and Victoria fingerblasts April until she cums.


Jade then stands up and Victoria and April take turns licking her pussy ballerina style giving her multiple orgasms with their mouths. Victoria then stands beside her and April starts to eat her pussy while fingerbanging Jade until Victoria intensely cums in April's mouth while she sucks on Jade's tits. They then set Victoria onto a glass table and Jade goes down on her, Victoria cumming in her mouth while April diddles her clit. They then set Jade on the table and Victoria returns the favor making her cum with her mouth while Victoria fingers April's pussy. April then goes down on Jade and fingerblasts her to orgasm as she licks her clit. Jade then stands up and kisses Jade before hiking one leg up for Victoria to eat her pussy from underneath. In a real display of dexterity, Victoria eats April's pussy out while fingerbanging Jade behind her. Impressive. After making them both cum Victoria then stands up climbs up onto the chair, April eating her ass out from behind while she sucks on Jade's tits.


April licks Victoria's asshole and rubs her pussy to orgasm before Jade joins April behind Victoria and they both rubs and fingerblast her pussy while April licks her ass which gives Victoria a truly dynamic exploding orgasm. They then sit April down in the chair where we all started and they each start straddling her legs, both of them rubbing their pussies on her. After they both cum on April's legs they climb off and go down between them, Victoria rubbing her clit before Jade engulfs April's pussy with her mouth making her cum while Victoria sucks her boob. A terrific and very well shot scene from three incredibly performers.


Final Thoughts: This is a very good disc that with its 91 min. run time really leaves you wanting more. It follows in the long line of superior titles from Girlsway, delivering very slick and beautiful productions from the best stars and starlets today. Stills By Alan is such a terrific erotic filmmaker who truly knows how to bring the best out of all of his performers. It's a good disc that I only wish were longer and I Recommend it.

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