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Steamy Night, A

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 4/3/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The modern era of the adult cinema seems to finally be getting back to the heart and soul of what made it the draw that it was. Dream scenes have always been what sets this industry apart from all other forms of modeling and entertainment. How many times do you ever get to see such a thing as two heroines paired together in Hollywood? Never, that is how many, especially in the last ten years. It seems that this type of casting bug has found its way into the realm of the adult world. Industry giants “cumming” together for the common good of the fan is something that will always be a great seller and has almost always been something worth investing after the dust has settled. The days of Jenna Loves Brianna may be over but what is alive and well is the thirst for fans to see things that may only see once in a lifetime and India meeting Brandi sure as hell must be classified as once in a generation. Ricky Greenwood has truly created three scenes of quality before this delicious finale to Girls Kissing Girls 23. This is India and Brandi though. Two superstars who are already legends of this business and the things that not only fantasies are made of but the lore that make sex the wonderous thing it is in the first place. This scene needs no marketing, no build-up, so let’s see just how this colossal match-up truly fairs.

 Film Cover

Scene Duration: 25 Minutes and 20 Seconds

Director: Ricky Greenwood @RickyGreenwoodX

Studio: Sweetheart Video / Mile High Media

Release Date: Scene: April 1st, 2019 Film: March 19th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, MILF, Superstar versus Superstar, Romance and Story, 5-Star Dirty Talk, 5-Star Teasing, 69 Action, Fingering

eXXXtras: The number of photos is a nice change from other films. A showcase like these needs as many stills as possible to satisfy every type of fan because these ladies do have every type of fan. There is so much attention paid to these photographs. It is wonderful to see. The ladies are frozen in time in shots that will have fans ranting and raving in the best of ways over this scene.


A Steamy Night

From the Film: Girls Kissing Girls 23

Starring: Brandi Love @Brandi_Love and India Summer @MsIndiaSummer


The Reveal:

Brandi Love and India Summer 

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The sight of seeing two beautiful older women is something that is just a site for sore eyes if you are a long-time porn fan. Then, getting to see these two beauties come together is amazing. Now, what I will say having seen the entire film, Ricky Greenwood creates the allure and the want for this scene the entire film. Brandi Love tells a story that I will not spoil here. The way that she takes us on a journey through her character’s lust and passion as a writer and it is very stylish. Trust me when I say this, Ricky Greenwood paints a picture of Brandi Love that most of her die-hard fans rarely ever see. India Summer, how does it get better than that as a scene partner? This fantasy is quick to the heated passion that these two ladies feel for each other. On the website, you are treated to a straight jump to passion. If you are a film lover like me, I suggest that you but the DVD to see things unfold the way they are meant to. I do not think that you will be disappointed. The score is romantic as Brandi strips down with a side boob shot that is to die for and when you hear Brandi utter the phrase, “you are so cheesy” prepare to see the stuff that legends are made of.


The Encounter:

Brandi Love and India Summer 

The lip-smacking, the darkness, the bed, the two women revealing a little bit slowly, it is sexual perfection on screen. For every new fan that is tuning in for the first time, Brandi Love, what can you say, she has the most flawless body in the business. The sight from every angle is just eye-popping beauty. India, she was always equally as stunning. Two women who truly showcase the reason why wine is truly a drink worth cherishing due to age. Like the fine bottles of wine these ladies are, you will be drunk with enticement yourself. You just cannot substitute what an older woman can do with another older woman. The chemistry that is alive in this scene is basic and that is what makes it so wonderful. We see Brandi in this cute top and regular pair of panties, India as well. They look stunning but you have that regular woman feel that truly is one fantasy that never gets old in the adult world. India says what we have all been thinking for the past ten years but have been to tongue-tied to said it ourselves, “look at me with those big beautiful eyes.” There is so much that is unique in this scene. You have seen it before with both these performers, but you have not. Some of the best pussy licking angles from both Brandi and India’s perspective. You don’t see too many wide shots with Brandi licking pussy and Ricky does just that. The two-camera switch goes from tight shots with Brandi’s mouth sucking hard on India’s clit to Brandi’s ass wide in the air as India squirms and cums at the same moment.

Brandi Love and India Summer 

India Summer sucking on Brandi’s massive tits and flicking those nipples with her tongue has been in every fan’s imagination only up until today. There are going to be more than a few heated exchanges that make you want to hit fast forward and that is understandable, these are two of the most well-known porn stars in the history of the business. Keeping your hands in one place will pay off as Ricky creates that ultimate type of journey through what makes these ladies superstars. There is equal domination, there is equal time for each lady to take their time with each other. You never see that with these two ladies, especially in girl/girl films. There is a lot to see in this chapter of the film. Now, do we get enough Brandi and India to satisfy the masses? I think that we do. One of the best things that Ricky Greenwood has come to be known for, is delivering you those kinky fantasies but not overwhelming you or dragging things along. This is a great end to a film and one hell of a conclusion for these two porn superstars to be a part of. There is so much exploration that I honestly hope to see more older women going after older women when it comes to scenes and films. This one sets the bar high as it should. Every second is a sight to behold.


Sight and Sound:

The shadows and lighting fit this scene and this film so well. There is a cinematic feel so strong. The editing is decent and there are a few glitches in zoom as the scene starts off but the look of the room, the way that the warmth of lighting creates something one of a kind, if you are a Sweetheart Video regular, you simply have never seen a film or scene that looks like this. Especially with Brandi Love. The sound is amazing as well. If you are downloading, the file size is perfect for mobile phones and you get to see every curve and lick in high definition. That is the only way to go on this one in this writer’s opinion when it comes to device watching.

Brandi Love and India Summer 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

There is simply so much that you never get to see done this well in this scene. Brandi Love getting her toes sucked and then the camera crew shows one of the most beautiful pussies on the planet. You simply cannot get that this kind of action with anyone else but there two legendary performers. India showing why she may be one of the greatest pussy eaters of all time has simply not been showcased this well in a long, long time. The best way to see this scene, as mentioned before is with the full purchase of this film, for more than a few reasons. DVD will deliver high quality enough sound and sight. The extras, they are the same. The second is that the full film will give you more tease and more build up and that is a must for any India Summer and Brandi Love scene. Ricky is also one of the most unique directors. He tells a story that you must witness in its entirety I am discovering. Which works out well for the fans, more reasons to watch porn is always a great thing. This scene is not mechanical, scripted or boring for one second. These women show you why they are the best in the world and will always be the legends they are. This film is highly recommended for the reasons that make adult films the best form of entertainment there is.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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