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Blacked Raw Vol. 16

Studio: Blacked RAW » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/5/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 37 minutes

Date of Production: 2019

Genre: All Sex; Interracial; Big Cocks

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Mia Malkova, Alexa Grace, Paige Owens, Ashley Lane, Jax Slayher, Jason Luv, Louie Smalls, Sevyan Harden

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Website Information


The Blacked Raw series has been out for a while now. When it hit the market, it promised to feature hardcore, real and raw interracial sex with no photoshopping and other cinematic tricks. Now in its 16th installment, this series continues to satisfy and bring us primal interracial sex that features starlets squirting and cumming all over the big black cocks stretching their twats. The limited lighting continues to set a dark mood reminiscent of fucking in the shadows that give each scene a thrilling edge. Blacked Raw Vol. 16 is yet another stimulating porn flick that will keep you glued to the screen from the first starlet’s squirting orgasm to the last big black cock popshot. I highly recommend this movie, like I have most in this series. You’re guaranteed your money’s worth with the Blacked Raw series.

Scene 1:  Mia Malkova and Louie Smalls

It’s late at night. Mia is in the bathroom getting ready for a night out. Her boyfriend calls to check on her. She is excited about going out tonight and she plans to tell him all about it. She tells him goodbye and gets dressed for her night on the town. Louie texts her while she’s in the car, telling her he can’t wait to see her. He tells her to come right up to the room. Once there, Mia goes for what she wants, sitting on Louie’s lap and kissing him. He squeezes her ass cheeks and pulls her skirt up. She rubs his dick in his pants then helps him take his pants off. “Look at this big black cock,” she tells him right before putting it in her mouth and sucking it. He spanks her ass while she strokes and sucks his cock. Louie starts fucking her throat, making Mia choke. She sucks on his balls then licks her way up his shaft. Louie positions her in standing doggy over the couch, rips her panties off then tongue fucks her twat, giving Mia her first orgasm. “Give me that big black dick,” she moans. “Stretch my pussy with it,” she tells him. Louie grips her ass and drills her pussy doggystyle. Mia squeezes her pussy around his big cock with each stroke. He slams her tight pussy, keeping Mia giggling in pleasure.

He lies her on the coffee table and eats her pussy before stretching it out more with his mega meat. “Fucking pound that pussy,” Mia looks up and tells him. He walks her over to the bed in standing cowgirl then positions her missionary style for more cunnilingus then he pounds her pussy. Mia gets on her hands and knees in doggy position for more pussy pumping. She can feel his cock all the way in her stomach. The hard pounding makes her cum again. She rolls over and sucks him off again before sitting on his prick cowgirl style. Louie slams her cunt harder than before. She sucks her pussy cream off his cock then kneels in downward doggy for more fucking. Louie owns her pussy, spanking her while slamming into her. “Cum all over my face,” she begs him. He pulls out quickly and shoots his load in her mouth. Mia wants every last drop of his sperm. She sucks it all off his cock and licks her fingers. It’s not over yet. He takes her to the shower and fucks her against the wall.

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Scene 2: Paige Owens and Jason Luv

This scene is the hottest one of the flick with cock sucking action happening in the back seat of a car driving through a busy tunnel. The scene starts out with Paige having an argument with her boyfriend. She leaves his place screaming, “fuck you!” Paige stumbles onto the sidewalk carrying all her belongings. Jason sees her and gives her a helping hand. He takes her to his car where the driver is waiting. They drive through a tunnel when the action heats up. We get a view, riding up alongside their car and see Paige sucking Jason’s cock in the back seat. She even climbs on top of it and rides it cowgirl style for a few minutes until a cop car approaches and she quickly climbs off, ducking out of view. She calls Jason her new daddy now because her old daddy is broke. He takes her back to his place where Paige is dying to suck his cock again. “It’s so fucking big,” she says while stroking his dick with both hands and trying to make it fit down her throat. His cock bangs against her tonsils, making Paige choke. She spits all over his dick and licks his balls and shaft, moaning as she eats his meat.


He strips her out of her clothes, sucking her tits and putting her in doggy position on the living room floor. Paige moans, “it’s so fucking big,” as Jason stuffs her tight twat with his big hard cock. He sends every inch of his cock deep inside her pussy. “Yes, nice and deep,” she tells him as he pumps her pussy with slow strokes. He wet pussy grips his cock, sending it even deeper in her. He stands her up for a short round of standing doggy then lays her on the bed missionary style to eat her wet pussy. “Yeah, right on my clit,” she tells him. Jason massages her pussy with his tongue and stuffs his fingers inside her until she squirts and cums, screaming out in ecstasy. He tongue fucks her some more, making her cum again. He eats her doggy style then puts her back in missionary position to pumps her pussy some more. “It’s s fucking big,” she cries out as he drives his dick deep inside her soaking twat. She sucks all her pussy juices off his dick then rides it cowgirl style, taking an ass spanking while she bounces up and down on his pole. Doggy and downward doggy round out their fucking until Paige says she wants his big load. Jason pulls out and pops in her hungry mouth. Paige pulls threads of sperm off her tongue then swallows them. She sucks his cock, begging him for all his cum. “It tastes so fucking good,” she tells him. They kiss passionately then Jason picks her up and takes her to the bathroom where the scene ends.

Scene 3: Alexa Grace and Sevyan Harden

Alexa’s scene begins late at night on the carnival boardwalk. She’s alone but horny. She texts Sevyan, telling him her boyfriend is out of town. He invites her over to his place where he is waiting with a hard black sword. She walks in and immediately sits on his lap. He pulls up her dress and sucks her tits. “I love the way you nibble on my nipples,” Alexa says. Sevyan’s hard cock rubs against Alexa’s thighs as she sits on him and grinds her body back and forth. He lies her on the bed missionary style, spreads her legs open and slurps on her wet pussy. Alexa is capturing all the action on her cell phone as her eyes roll back into her head from the intense pleasure. “Give it to me,” she tells him, referring to his cock. She gobbles on it like a hungry whore, gagging as he fucks her throat. Alexa pulls his cock out of her mouth and beats her face with it then sucks it some more. “Take that big black cock,” he tells her as she tries to deep throat his meat. She drenches his dick in her spit then climbs on top of him in 69 position to suck it. He spanks her ass and eats her pussy while she downs his dick.

Alexa experiences his cock in cowgirl position, bouncing up and down on his pole and looking at herself in the mirror. She loves the way his cock feels inside her. “Spank me harder,” she screams. “Fuck yes, I’m gonna cum,” Alexa shouts out as Sevyan bangs her pussy. She cums all over his pipe. “This pussy is so fucking wet,” he says. She starts pumping her pussy hard and fast again and it’s not long before Alexa reaches another orgasmic peak. She tastes her pussy juices off his cock then lies in missionary position for a deep drilling with her legs over his shoulder. “Choke me,” she screams, right before cumming again. Sevyan eats her pussy juices then fucks her in standing doggy with her leg up on the countertop. He slams in and out of her cunt, keeping Alexa moaning in pleasure. She loves the way he shoves his dick deep inside her, stuffing her pussy. “Give me all of your cum,” she tells him when he starts fucking her missionary style. “Drain your balls inside my pussy,” she begs him. Sevyan pounds her pussy, making her cum one more time before filling her wet hole up with jizz. He pulls out, revealing a cream-filled cunt as his sperm drains out.

Scene 4: Ashley Lane and Jax Slayher

This last scene is the second hottest of the flick in my opinion. Ashley takes round after round of hard, deep-penetrating dick from Jax, who makes her cum again and again. It all starts late one night Ashley is dressed in sexy lingerie, waiting for her husband to fly home from a meeting. He calls her to say his meeting ran long and he won’t be home tonight. He’s taking a flight home in the morning. Ashley is disappointed in the news and still lonely and horny. She texts Jax to spend time with her tonight. He comes over, and without saying anything, starts kissing her and fingering her pussy. This is the good company Ashley needs tonight. “Is this what you want?” he asks her as he spanks her ass and walks her over to the kitchen. Ashely bends over the counter in standing doggy with one leg up. Jax pounds her needy pussy hard from behind, stretching her out. She turns around and kisses him passionately then he sits her on the counter and slams her twat some more. He picks her up into a standing cowgirl and drills her tight cunt, making Ashley scream out and cum. The hard, late-night pounding continues as Jax takes Ashley over to the dinner table. He lies her on the table missionary style and pumps her pussy. Another round of standing doggy keeps Ashley in pleasure until she decides to stroke and suck his cock.

After sucking the taste of her pussy cream off his cock, Ashley lies on her stomach on the floor in downward doggy position. Jax straddles her, pulls her hair and drills her twat. “Yes, daddy,” she screams. He turns her over into missionary position and pumps her then Ashley eats his ass while he stands over her. He leads her to the doorway for more standing doggy action then positions her doggy style to lick her pussy and ass hole. Doggy followed by missionary makes Ashley cum again. She rides his cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, leaving her mouth gaping open as she hits another orgasm. She lies on her back, with her legs wide open missionary style and is soon screaming in ecstasy from another orgasm as Jax annihilates her twat. He pumps her hole harder and faster then pulls out and pops in her mouth. She sucks him off. Jax uses his hard dick to wipe the cum off her cheeks and into her mouth. “Thank you, daddy,” Ashley looks up at him and says.

Final Thoughts:

You’re guaranteed your money’s worth with flicks in the Blacked Raw series. Now in its 16th installment, this series doesn’t disappoint. Blacked Raw Vol. 16 holds true to the series promise of bringing us all natural and raw interracial sex. The late-night fucking in shadowy bedrooms and on dimly lit kitchen countertops gives this series its edge. I highly recommend this movie, which will hold your attention and leave you satisfied from scene to scene. The squirting starlets get banged by big black cocks on floors, in bathrooms, in kitchens, and in bedrooms until they reach their orgasmic peak. This is a stimulating movie you’re sure to enjoy. 

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