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Dare You!

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 4/7/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Well, we do not always get to check out the sites like RealityJunkies.com but sometimes you must go to the hidden corners of the adult industry to find those hidden gems to keep in your porn collection forever. This company has always been known for showcasing the new talent in the industries in ways that truly not many others do. There is a story, background and most times a smaller timer when it comes to the overall presentation of the films and scenes, which is not always a bad thing in this business. Clocking in at one hour and thirty-nine minutes for the entire film presentation, you may get the feeling that this film is geared towards those #TripleX fans with a little less patience than others, well let us find out, shall we? It shall be Della Dane and Jake Adams taking us on the whimsical ride. Both are performers who are really starting to catch the eye of director and fan alike in so many ways. Let’s see just how stunning these two hotties are when mixed together.

Della Dane and Jake Adams 

Scene Duration: 18 Minutes and 28 Seconds

Director: Robby D. @RobbyDxxx

Studio: Reality Junkies / Mile High Media

Release Date: February 5th, 2019

Don Juan’s Phyla: Gonzo, Hardcore, Boy/Girl, Teen versus MILF, Older versus Younger, Tattoos, 5-Star Teasing, Deep Throating, 5-Star Fingering, 5-Star Pussy Eating, Amazing Chemistry

eXXXtras: The photo count is amazing. The shots bring out something so glamorous and sexy to go on top of a scene that has a lot of eye candy. It is the perfect volume of stills and you get to see the model actually modeling. You see why Della Dane is doing what she does for a living. These are some of the best stills I have come across in two years. It will make you look to seek out more on the Reality Junkies website within other films and scenes if you are a big photo person. There are some spoilers to this scene within the photo count, so save these bad boys for after the show.


Dare You!

From the Reality Junkies Film: Mommy Swap 2

Starring: Della Dane @DellaDaneXXX and Jake Adams @jakeadamsxxx

with Crystal Rose and Chad Alva


The Reveal:

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Della Dane and Jake Adams

The story that pops onto the screen is played out very well. The narration has a lot of range due to the acoustics on set. What that means, the voiceover is loud, so you may want to crank the volume down a tad but this is a true amateur/gonzo style presentation meant to look like you are watching a reality series, that is “The Junkies” calling card after all. Della Dane, my goodness, she looks, speaks and moves with the swagger of the older woman with the best of them. Her inked body is something unique to look at when mixed with that voice and presence. Della Dane makes your imagination wander with her hair, her look, and her style. Her voice, oh boy, that takes you onto another plain of fantasy. The story is freakin’ cool and one of a kind, especially in the realm of Mommy versus son action. So, Jake Adams is the son who used to sneak into the strip club to watch his Mom dance, the lovely Crystal Rush and Della finds out that she was his favorite dancer to watch. Sizzling, bravo Robby D, that will give your imagination a mindgasm before the clothes even start to come off. Della is stunning, as she takes young Jake off for his private lap dance the camera crew simply catches everything and anything. Her booty is something to write home about times twenty. As the clothes now come off the mood is amazing. The short but sweet intro that gets the job done big time but does have some technical glitches.


The Encounter:

Della Dane and Jake Adams 

Those panties will dance in your daydreams for months to come sports fan once you have just gotten a peek. My goodness, may I say again, Della looks stunning. She is truly a MILF who fits the role big time for this production. The teasing is short but five star all the way. Watching that big booty on Jake's face as he teases Della’s pussy with his tongue is heavenly. Della has one of the most unique dick sucking techniques, my goodness, it will make you quiver to watch. The way that this scene is presented it is truly an amazing story. All fantasies should have this kind of sex appeal. The art of swallowing a sword is sometimes lost in the shuffle of this modern world we live in. Della, my goodness, the vibe that old school porn fans will see in a heartbeat is lust and passion of a ferocious kind. You will have flashbacks of women like Nakita Denise and Debi Diamond when you see this beauty swallow Jake whole. Mr. Adams, my goodness, the man can eat pussy. This is one hell of a show that these two put on for your viewing pleasure. There is a moment when Della spreads her hot pussy wide and Jake dives in like a champ. The oral is amazing, damn near five stars. The timing of this scene is epic, everything flows well. That is simply kudos to performers who truly have a passion for what they do. The lack of clunkiness really sells this scene. Jake truly is playing with a sword. The wider shots look amazing when you can fit in the perfect ten ass of Della’s. When you see the scene hit the home stretch and Della gets waived onto Jake’s lap like a third base coach and she starts fucking with thrust and purpose, you know that you picked the right scene to watch. The sex is amazing and just the right amount of wow everywhere. You do not feel cheated. All eighteen minutes are used to the max. Now that is one hell of an accomplishment.

Della Dane and Jake Adams 

Sight and Sound:

The audio is a nuisance in more than a few places, but I think it does add to the amateur/gonzo theme. The camera angles, they are wonderful, especially with the opening oral. You are placed in the right spot as a voyeur and you must give kudos to the director on that one. For using the lone camera there is some wonderful action on display. There are some misses with zoom, but you have Della Dane’s vocal cords to make up for that. Overall the editing is good, the video and audio is a miss, but I think that fans of this genre will not see this a massive bump in the road on the way to the land of fantasy that they desire.

Della Dane and Jake Adams 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Overall, this one is a winner. Della Dane, she is a true starlet, what a show she puts on. Jake Adams, he lets his monstrous member do his talking in this film and scene. You honestly are hit with so many angles, positions and moments that do not seem rushed in the slightest. Everything is perfectly timed and that is what keeps you watching with your tongue hanging out for twenty minutes. This is the type of scene that is so perfect for old school porn fans and those who love the bad girl genre. Della is an inked beauty who truly makes you feel as if a fantasy is coming true from your youth. This is the type of starlet that is going to make directors see that the inked performers can do everything and anything, even convince the audience that they are watching a kinky Mom bang her friend’s son in taboo fashion. This scene could have climbed up a notch without the technical misses. That is how amazing the performers gel with one another. Della’s animalistic passion is something to behold, every fan must at least check her out once. I honestly hope that some fans do not bypass because of her ink, it will truly keep you from seeing one hell of a hardcore encounter. The only thing that can be said by this writer after watching this fantasy, beyond impressive.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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