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Sexual Encounters Vol 2

Studio: Erotica X » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 4/7/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Couples Vignettes, Squirting


Cast: Paige Owens, Ember Snow, Carolina Sweets, Angela White, Charles Dera, Logan Pierce, Chad White, Markus Dupree

Director: James Avalon

Release Date: Nov. 21, 2018

Length: 2 hrs.

Condoms: None

Extras: Cumshot compilation and a photo gallery


Overview: Veteran master of erotica James Avalon brings us four beautifully filmed tales of lust aimed solely for couples from the website Erotica X. Beautiful in their simplicity and minimalism, Avalon shows his audience that there's still heart in the art and gives us a truly essential title for any couples' collection.


Scene One: Paige Owens and Charles Dera


College students Paige Owens and Charles Dera accidentally bump into each other, even though Dera looks a little long in the tooth to be a college student (it must be a community college). Never the less they hit it off and Charles surprises Paige with flowers at her doorstep later that evening. She invites him inside and it's not long before things get intimate and they're caressing each other's bodies. The pacing Avalon sets is so beautiful as Paige and Charles explore each other's bodies, Charles gently kneading Paige's breasts as he kisses the back of her neck. Before long they're down to their underwear and Paige goes to her knees to take Charles' cock in her mouth, first standing, then sitting. Charles pulls her panties to the side and plays with her pussy and before long she's on her back with Charles' face between her legs. He eats her pussy and rubs her clit bringing Paige to orgasm before laying her on her side and spooning her from behind. She gasps about how deep he is inside her as he pushes his cock balls to clit into her pussy. He gently jabs at he pussy, Paige rubbing her clit bringing her to the height of ecstasy. She then lays back, holding her legs open for Charles as he drives his cock and fucks her missionary. The flexible Paige grabs her feet and holds her legs back giving Charles the easiest access to her pussy as he jabs his cock in and out her wet hole, pausing every now and then to give Paige a kiss.


He goes down and drinks her juices up as he laps her pussy, Paige returning the favor by sucking her cum off of Charles' cock. He then turns her around and bends her over to fuck her standing from behind, giving her ass a love tap as his cock plunges in and out of her pussy. She wails as she cums on his cock and stands up to kiss him. Charles takes her leg and hikes it up to fuck her ballerina style, pausing with his cock embedded in her pussy as they kiss passionately. He then picks Paige up and bounces her on his cock for a minute before laying her back down and fucking her missionary again bringing her to another orgasm. She then gets on all fours and they fuck doggy style, Charles smacking her ass again as he works his cock in and out of her pussy. After making her cum again she sits up and Charles rubs her pussy, furiously jacking and patting her cunt to another orgasm. The wind up spooning one more time before Charles growls that he's cumming and shoots globs of sticky white cum on Paige's pussy, Paige dipping her fingers in it and tasting it. Very very well made and lustfully erotic scene.


Scene Two: Ember Snow and Logan Pierce


In this scene, Ember Snow plays a grieving widow with Logan Pierce as the comforting brother-in-law. Ember is in a complete funk over the death of her husband and Logan's brother and Logan is doing everything he can to bring her out of it. It's when one day over lunch that Ember confesses that she always felt she had married the wrong brother and makes her move on Logan. And after Logan says they shouldn't do this, Ember pleads that she needs it and plants a kiss on him. Not being able to resist the beautiful Ember his defenses break down and their kisses become more heated and passionate. Soon the clothes are coming off as Logan pulls Embers' panties down from behind and plants his face in the ass, lapping at her pussy and asshole before setting her on the counter and going down on her pussy. He sucks and slurps at her cunt before Ember stops him before she cums. She undoes his pants, pulling his cock out and sticking it in her mouth. She gives Logan superlative head, licking and sucking his cock and balls with her lips and tongue. She then stands up and bends over the counter for Logan to fuck her from behind. He slowly slides his cock into her pussy before wrapping his arm around her belly and masturbating his cock with Ember's pussy. She backs her ass up and fucks his cock with her cunt, standing up and rubbing the back of Logan's head as she cums on his cock.


Logan sits in a chair and Ember sucks her pussy juices off before climbing up sitting on his cock reverse cowgirl. She glides her pussy up and down his cock like a greased pole before Logan holds her by the legs making her bounce on his cock. Her dark hairy pussy has several orgasms on Logan's cock, Ember climbing off and cleaning it all off with her mouth before going back up and riding him regular cowgirl. She bounces and grinds her dripping wet pussy up and down on Logan's cock before Logan stands up and holds her in mid-air as her pussy glides on his cock. She then ends up sitting on a stool and Logan fucks her missionary, Logan jabbing her pussy until she cums again. He fucks her this way until eventually, he pulls out and literally showers Ember tits, belly and pussy with his endless stream of cum. Another great scene from one of the sexiest performers today in Ember Snow.


Scene Three: Carolina Sweets and Chad White


Carolina Sweets opines over some very loud opening music about hating her position on the cheer squad. The only reason she joined is to be near the quarterback Chad White, and he never even looks at her. Frustrated, she orders take out and relaxes in a hot bath. Terrific photography of a naked Carolina winding down in the bath, squeezing the sponge to form water droplets on her young breasts. As she enjoys the warm water on the skin she's completely unaware that the delivery guy has shown up with her food, and wouldn't you know it, it's Chad. He enters the house looking for Carolina and spies her in the tub. He enjoys the view for a moment before clearing his throat and making his presence known. The startled Carolina covers her tits with her arm before Chad recognizes her. She tells him to set the food down and the shy Chad tries to look away. But Carolina then drops her arm and asks if he likes what he sees. Chad stumbles over his words and Carolina climbs out the tub and kisses him. She splashes water on him and tells him he needs to get out of those wet clothes. After disrobing Carolina tells him to join her in the tub. When he climbs in they start making out, Chad rubbing and sucking in Carolina's tits before she stands up and sticks her ass in his face. He munches on her pussy and asshole eating her out from behind before flipping her over and going down on her pussy. He works her cunt with his mouth and fingers making her cum in his mouth. Chad then sits back for Carolina to suck his hard cock. She gags and deepthroats him, giving him slobbery and sloppy head leaving strings of spit from her mouth and off of his cock. She titty fucks him a little before climbing up and sitting on his cock, slowly sliding her pussy down his shaft before her pace quickens and she's grinding and bouncing on his dick.


She then climbs onto the side of the tub and Chad fucks her doggy style, stopping every now and then to rub her pussy with his hand giving her multiple orgasms. He then hikes her leg up and t-bones her ballerina style, driving his huge cock into her velvet pussy and making her cum over and over. She sucks her juices off and then lays down on the side of the tub for Chad to fuck her missionary. He works his cock in and out of her before laying down behind her and spooning her from behind. Chad holds her leg up opening Carolina's pussy even more for his cock as it pistons in and out of her wet pussy. She then climbs up and rides his cock reverse cowgirl, her pussy bouncing up and down on his cock before she pulls it out and jacks it off, shooting his jizz onto her belly and pussy and Carolina licking it off of her hand.


Scene Four: Angela White and Markus Dupree


In a scene titled “Serendipity”, Angela in the voice-over at the beginning (again the music too loud) explains the word's definition and also tells her story about how she missed the blind date her sister set her up with but instead encounters and much better prize in Markus Dupree. They have a drink together and before you know it they're back at her place tearing each other's clothes off.  As with any scene with Angela and Markus, there's so much energy and electricity that you're usually exhausted within the first five minutes. Markus sucks on Angela's tits and eats her ass, Angela smothering her grinding ass against Markus' face before Angela has his cock in her mouth and gagging on him before he even has his pants down. She leans against the wall and Markus starts fucking her standing from behind. He furiously plunges his cock in and out of Angela's pussy, grabbing her tits and giving her multiple orgasms on his cock. She then goes to her knees and Angela fucks Markus' cock with her mouth, Markus going all the way to the back of her throat with his cock. She titty fucks him a little and he fucks her mouth some more before standing her up and fucking her ballerina style, first with one leg hiked up and then with Angela bent backwards holding onto the wall while Markus grabs her tits (wow!)


They then walk over to the bed and Angela lays on her back while Markus teabags and titty fucks her while rubbing her pussy. He then climbs onto the bed and fucks her missionary. He furiously pistons his cock in and out of her pussy, grunting and gasping until eventually he pulls out and finger blasts Angela releasing a gallon of fluid squirting from her pussy and screaming “FUCK!” in Angela's face. He sticks his dick back in and fucks her some more before pulling out and doing it again, fingerbanging her pussy and turning it into a geyser. Markus sucks all of Angela's juices out of her cunt before sticking his cock back in and making her squirt not once but two more times! Absolutely amazing!


Markus then lays back and Angela climbs up to ride him. The synchronicity these two have is astonishing as they fuck each other in perfect unison, each movement perfectly calculated. Angela then goes onto one foot and slides her pussy up and down Markus' cock, her amazing ass looking beautiful as it bounces up and down on his dick. She then climbs off and lays on her side as Markus spoons her from behind. He furiously slams his cock in and out of Angela's saturated pussy until he pulls out and finger blast her again as she squirts, again, not once but twice. By this point you can tell Angela is going into that beautiful cum coma she enters with Markus' kiss bringing her out as he keeps fucking her. Angela then climbs up to ride Markus' cock in reverse cowgirl, Markus holding Angela up and holding her pussy still as he fucks her from underneath. He makes her squirt a couple of more times again before flipping her over and fucking her doggy style. Angela reaches back and pulls Markus' hair as he makes her cum over and over with his pounding cock. He then buries her face into the mattress as he climbs up and fucks her pussy from behind. He makes her squirt again and then flips he flips over onto his back, Angela still impaled on his cock as he fucks her from underneath.


They both kiss as Angela grinds her pussy down on his cock and Angela rubs her clit as Markus pistons her pussy from underneath making her cum again. They then both sit up and embrace as Angela bucks her hips and fucks Markus' cock before she lays back and he fucks her missionary, Markus pinning Angela's legs back and stabbing her pussy with his cock. He fucks her face again and then fucks her against the wall from behind. He spins her around and finger blasts her again until she squirts. He then throws her to the floor and fucks her doggy style one more time before pulling her up by her hair and shooting off on her face. WHEW!!! You want to know the most amazing thing about this scene people, it's only 30 minutes long!!


Final Thoughts: James Avalon is such a consummate filmmaker when it comes to the erotic arts. Using simplistic and minimal camera techniques he's able to convey such beautiful images of love and lust. I really enjoyed the layout of this DVD. It starts out sweet and simple with the very intimate story involving Paige Owens and Charles Dera, to begin with. Then it sexuality aspect seems to build with each scene finishing with the incredible last scene with Angela White and Markus Dupree which is pure hardcore fucking from start to finish. That scene is a true testament as to why Angela White is the most incredible performer today. She is absolutely relentless in her performance, a powerhouse of sexuality that is never afraid to go the extra mile. Her scenes with Markus Dupree are some of the most intense ones available when it comes to mainstream erotica, and she never ceases to amaze this reviewer. Not taking anything away from the other performers. Paige Owens exhibits an adorable girl next door quality while the very sexy Ember Snow is a terrific performer with a body to kill for. And then there's Carolina Sweets who seems so comfortable in her performances which always makes them better than most. While I would love to give this great disc the Xcritic Pick, there are a few very tiny technical flaws that prevent me from doing it. So I'm saying if you're looking for a very good couples disc to watch on an evening with your special someone, look no further. This one is Highly Recommended.

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