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Thrilla In Vanilla 12

Studio: Blacks On Blondes » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 4/16/19

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


Main Menu

Another major studio that has a simplistic approach to their DVD box designs. It is a pattern I picked up on with other established porn studios like Dogfart here. A straightforward design is all you need when you are trying to push a comp. I get that but it also can hint that some of these major companies only put out DVDs because they have to. The sub-series for this storied studio is a well-known one in the world of the adult entertainment business. I'm sure you've heard of Blacks on Blondes. Riley Reid licking on a huge black dong like a sex kitten as your box cover for Thrilla in Vanilla 12. This compilation is indeed in the twelfth entry in this Dog Fart studios subsidiary. Looking at the cast next to the sexual stare of Riley Reid has these names under her larger name credit; Keisha Grey, Cali Carter, Lily Adams, and Riley Star. The director thankfully has a name credit at the very top corner as Billy Watson.

scene selection menu

Flip the box over and you have an interesting setup of hardcore photos from the actual film organized evenly with a brief description of the action you’ll see. “These Creamy White Sluts Are Opening Wide For Some Thick Black Dick!” is the exact phrase written next to the photos of action here. No direct listing of the male talent but I noticed Isiah Maxwell among the montage of photos on the back of the box. Right under a photo of Keisha Grey in this collage of hardcore photos is the description of DVD Features like “Chapter Search” and “Cumshot Recap” a standard in DVD compilation bonuses. The design only entails website info and a repeat listing of the female cast that was found on the front of the box too. No listing of the male talent anywhere on the box or in the menus themselves which will leave curious viewers wondering.

Cast: Riley Reid, Lily Adams, Cali Carter, Keisha Grey, Riley Star, Rob Piper, Isiah Maxwell, Jax Slayher, Davin King

Directed by:  Billy Watson
Condoms: No

Photo Gallery: Yes

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 43 mins.


The main menu is techno rave music facilitating the background noise. An interesting menu setup has a still image of Riley Star being peppered with cum by two huge dicks. Right next to that is a short montage that is on a loop with a superimposed film logo in between. Underneath the menu design is your options to “Play Movie” or jump right to the firing of loads in the “cumshot recap”.  No listing of talent for the animated thumbs signifying each chapter. The animated chapters are just marked as “scene 1” all the way to “scene 5” in a bland scene selection menu. The electronic dance music from the main menu carries over into the photo gallery if you access it.



film logo

As I stated before it seems the bigger the studio the less care goes into DVDs. It is almost as if they are making DVDs only because they have to. This might be the reality since it is perceived as a dying medium but DogFart’s wasn’t as bad as some studios that put out rushed DVDs with blemishes in the actual chapters menus and box art. Thankfully this is a fully loaded comp with a total of 5 scenes to cycle through. Usually, you get 4 cuts in most compilations out there but Dog Fart added an extra scene with a varied cast of known names. I’m also excited to see the director getting proper recognition as Billy Watson.  It also helps that DogFart is a long and proven name in porn for the IR genre and namesakes alone. DogFart has been around a long time in porn for a reason and now that IR porn is more popular than ever they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe I’ll see why in Thrilla In Vanilla 12.



Cali Carter's credit

Hitting the Play Movie option in the main menu starts up the film’s introduction splash. Cycling through the scenes that are on this DVD is accompanied by bumping hip hop music. This gives the viewer a proper cast credit to the girls that are being fucked in this film. After that opening sequence, the first scene is with Cali Carter. Her tease is her massaging her pussy through some very nice looking lingerie. She is laying on a couch giving some dirty talk to the camera as it hovers about her beauty. It goes into an almost jerk-off-instruction mode as Cali strips off her lavish lingerie. Teasing the viewer to jack their cock as she slowly reveals her hot and tight body.

Teasing a dick with a boob

Cali Carter even uses her own panties for her masturbatory endeavors for her interactive tease. “No precum.,” she urges the viewer not to cum during this sizzling opener for the actual scene. The massive Davin King steps into view to make contact with Cali.  They lock in embracing each other while melding mouths. Next, you’ll see Davin make his way to Cali Carter’s boobs with his own mouth. The boob sucking is part of the meeting ritual of foreplay. The teasing goes further with Cali Carter teasing the head of Davin’s dick with her nipples. Finally, while down there she rips out Davin King’s large dong to suck on.

Cali deep throating up close

Expect the implementations of sloppy saliva during Cali’s known BJ skills that are on display. After this wrangling of a large penis, she lays on her back to receive repayment of Davin King digging into her pussy orally.  Soon enough Davin is mouth deep in this delicacy.  Working his way down to her feet as he worships her body with kisses before Cali goes back to her BJ. There is extensive camerawork here during Cali Carter’s cock sucking. It carries over into the rim job segment as Cali Carter goes to town on Davin King.

Cali on top

Watson’s active camera honing in on the rimming as Davin receives his oral treat from Cali. After a few more bonus sucks to his cock Cali Carter decides to mount in cowgirl for some fucking in the pussy. Cali’s prime frame perfect for this bouncy position that has her ass facing Billy Watson’s camera. Back to some rimming and the blowjob for Cali Carter before she flips into reverse cowgirl.  A very hot segment in between the sex positions had Cali once again orally worshipping Davin’s dick. She’ll double hand jack it while saying the hot phrase “I can feel it growing in the palm of my hand…”

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Cali Ride

Davin King lifts the petite powerhouse himself to sexually toss on a bed for further fornication. They are in missionary humping here as they meld on the mattress. After this brief mashing of missionary a jack to pop is set up as Cali Carter worships Davin’s balls with her sweet tongue and lips. The payload is masturbated on her boobs and mouth in a dribbling mess. The scene ends with the conclusion that it was “fucking awesome” and “so fucking hot” by both performers. Cali Carter gets herself off for the remainder of the scene before it fades out.



davin and keisha cuddling

 A very familiar setting takes place for this next chapter. It is that ever familiar pool-boy setup that porn has beaten to the ground since what seems like the very beginning of pornographic art. Our “pool-boy” happens to be a very large man, that is played by Davin King.  Keisha Grey is cold in this weather and luckily has the buff Davin cleaning the pool nearby. After her proclamation regarding how the weather is treating her Davin steps into cuddle with this bikini-clad beauty. The only reason Keisha is laying out in the sunless weather is to tease this BBC that Davin is packing. Eager to see for herself she zips down the work attire that Davin is wearing. Davin adorns the bodysuit that most working janitors would wear on the job.  Keisha is delighted at the large uncut phallus that is before her, she will arch over to suck on it.

Keisha reverse CG

Even at the blowjob segment which is at the top of the scene, I noticed the director's handy camera work. Giving us panned out shots of the couple during their poolside sex scene. Well placed shots of Keisha’s ass are implemented from behind the blowjob occurring. It is the simple things that count when a director like Billy Watson attempt alternative shots during a blowjob for a setting by a pool, it is the scenery that we’ve all seen in porn done with his own style. Davin lays into inserting his large member via missionary for the opening fucks of the scene. Slow and methodic insertion happens as Keisha moans in accepting gasps during the toe-curling copulating you see on camera.  The missionary goes at a snail’s pace which is understandable being the size of the cock that Keisha is dealing with. Davin pulls out for some more of that slow sensual cock kissing that Keisha does a lot of in this scene.

the pop with Keisha

Next, our graceful sex kitten mounts Davin in reverse cowgirl very slowly giving her control of the cock. Slow and methodic is the name of the game for this scene. Even in this reverse cowgirl segment, Davin’s humps are soft and rhythmic for Keisha to take. Doggy style is the next menu item for this relaxed sex scene.  Pulling out of doggy Davin starts to bring up the pace in a side-spooning version of missionary in this outdoor sex scene.  69’ing happens out of the humping for a moment, changing it up for some more oral in this scene. Keisha gets on top for a ride of cowgirl on top of Davin’s destroyer dick. All this still at a delicate pace. An overhead view of the jack to pop is the conclusion of the scene as Keisha fetches Davin’s cum deposit. They both cuddle together again as the scene fades out.




 Lily on the phone

Lily starts her scene off on the phone celebrating with a friend how her dad isn’t home. She’s also bragging about her cute outfit that she has on for a special occasion, Rob Piper coming by the house to get some paperwork left for him by her absent father. When they meet at the door of her house Lily is enamored with Rob’s muscular frame. Before you know it she is sitting him down in a coaxing manner. Rob is focused on the paperwork he is there to retrieve and convinces Lily Adams to fetch the documents. Lily doesn’t relent even after bringing what was needed and finally confesses that her boyfriend has a little dick. A problem that needs rectifying in a specific manner and Rob Piper is viewed as the solution to Lily’s tiny dick dilemma. We can only guess what happens next in a porno film.

Lily meeting Rob

The daughter of Rob’s business partner is now massaging his cock through his shorts dedicated in her attempts at convincing him to fuck. Soon enough he is defeated and allows Lilly Adams to unfurl his large phallus. She is impressed with the genital weapon she is brandishing and starts the blowjob promptly. With some tip kisses and a glob of saliva to coat his dick the blowjob gets fully underway.  An overhead view of Lily’s head bobbing on a big black cock is what you'll see as the director hovers by with an active lens.  Lily is then stood up to be stripped of the pink outfit that she is wearing to the floor. The blowjob is then reactivated as she gets down to start up the slobber infused cock sucking. Her chin and adorable tits soaked in saliva as she quacks away on Rob’s rigid dick.

nose pinch BJ

“Does your boyfriend eat your pussy?” Rob warns as he is about to go down on Lily’s luscious vagina.  Her panties are then effectively stuffed into her mouth as Rob heads down to pussy town. The camera moves in for good shots of Rob committing cunnilingus. It is time for the stretching of Lily. The couple careens into a standing cowgirl positioning that is slamming in its dynamism. You will hear Lily’s beautiful howls of a sexual song as the loud plowing fills the room.  They file right into a doggy style position at 60 mph. Lily Adams still screaming at the top of her lungs with each thrust from Rob’s reaming.

Dynamic Doggy style shot

Right into regular cowgirl after a slobbering blowjob break in this solid paced scene. Lily’s little body gyrating in acrobatic motion as she flies through these cowgirl rides even with the reverse version instituted. Open pussy pounding camera angles are Billy Watson’s order. Even in the missionary, they slide into a sloppy BJ as the camera is prepared for more opened shots of sex that fill out this scene.  

pop shot

Finally, a solid lob of cum is inserted right into Lily’s open mouth. Rob Piper pulls his pipe out of Lily’s petite pussy as it hangs off the side of the couch. As the scene nears its end Lily stares into the camera while being fed some residual cum off the floor. Rob Piper is the one feeding her the globs of semen as she assures her father won’t hear of this sexual escapade that is connected to a business partner.



 Riley teasing

Riley starts off sitting down on a chair laughing and teasing the camera vibrantly. An interesting painting sits behind her as she squirms on the chair that she happens to be giggling on.  Dirty talk oozes into your auditory devices as the camera zooms into Riley Reid’s alluring smile.  She’ll pull her bright neon green top down to slap her own nipples while teasing the camera in front of her with more dirty talk. She even goes into the realm of Jerk Off Instructions as she commands the viewers to jack their cocks. Riley Reid’s tight booty is the next focal point of the tease as she further strips her hyper cute outfit off. The dirty talk is continued in a conversation about “big hard dicks pulsating for this tight little pussy”.

Davin doing doggy with Riely Reid

The viewers are then asked to beg for Riley’s pussy. She’ll tease the camera visually by pulling the neon green one-piece bathing suit to the side as her vagina leaks out. Davin King must have heard all that dirty talk and is now in the picture as Riley Reid crawls to him for that BBC to devour. After pulling back the foreskin of Davin’s massive member she goes right into deep blowjob action. Gagging and gasping with each voracious suckling of Davin King’s shaft. Riley Reid’s energy always delivering especially in the rimming she instates during the oral opener here.

Riley Reid rimming

Deep penetration on the bed sees Davin diving into the scene’s first slams of penetration.  Davin King towering over Riley Reid as he pumps into her which goes into doggy style next. The side view of the intense action causes the bed to rock up and down. Riley is actually continuing the hot dirty talk from the tease earlier in character as she gets pounded. Both performers embracing each other in hard spoon fucking as the camera hones in and out of the hot sex. Riley even rides in some raunchy cowgirl rides still talking sleazy about the hot sex she is having.  The cum is milked by a prolonged jack to pop from Davin as Riley Reid is down below stimulating his balls orally. The load is finally plastered on her face creating a sweet creamy smile. The scene ends with her going back to her orders to the viewers to blast their cocks in masturbatory celebration to what was just witnessed.


The cast of the last scene


There is another Riley on this DVD and she also starts off speaking on the phone with a friend about a missing father in the picture. Riley Star is gloating about meeting hot black guys on a dating service. She can hardly wait for them to get there are she fingers the open hole in her crotchless panties to stimulate her pussy. Her outfit is a little glamorous being a see-through silk blouse allowing her nipples to be visible. Riley Star has a mini skirt on that is already hiked up showing the goods. A segment of Riley Star playing with her pussy goes on for a bit before the male talents appear. 

double bJ

They welcomingly interrupt her masturbatory session with a knock on the door behind her. Both Jax Slayher and Isiah Maxwell step up to a very satisfied Riley Star who couldn’t be happier a friend is involved in this online meet up. Swiping right led to Riley copping two dicks for this scene. The men start to dig into the giggling petite blonde by peeling her clothes apart. This reveals the crotchless panties she is wearing to Jax is and he is delighted at the sight of them. Riley Star now drops down to pleasure some cocks with her mouth in a double blowjob. All three of the talents then go into stripping themselves. Starting with Riley Star herself ad she is discarded of her mini skirt and stylish top.


As the men start to further play with her they remove their own clothing as well. Jax Slayher is getting a blowjob and Isiah Maxwell is eating Riley’s pussy for this opening sexual contact.  Isiah will then insert himself vaginally to start this missionary spit roast with Riley Star. Jax Slayher is still with his dick in her mouth before he swaps out with Isiah for his turn to pound pussy. Rotations in this missionary spit roast happen before our eyes for the duration of the scene.  The standing variation of spit roasting even has Riley Star plowed in her pussy continually with a cock in her mouth. Even during the doggy version of the spit roast this formula was adhered to.

double pop

I noticed this scene doesn’t contain a DP at all. Riley stays in rotation in the reverse and standard cowgirl humping that takes place on some stairs.  It is time to plant cum onto Riley Star’s face to cap off the scene with two pops. The studs then surround her to pump the cum onto her face via jacking their dicks to get it out. The end result is Riley Star with an adorable cum goatee coating her cute smile. She then politely asks the men to leave.


DF logo

DogFart is too massive a network to just throw this DVD at any curious fan. You should never restrict yourself to one compilation when it comes time to study a studio. Yet I’d easily steer you to the actual DogFart site but this is something I’d say regarding the prestige of the brand. But in the case of this Blacks on Blondes DVD called Thrilla in Vanilla 12 I deem it a very poor representation of the brand. Matter of fact if someone unfamiliar with the DogFart name ran into this DVD I wouldn’t think they would have much of an incentive to dig deeper into DF’s deep catalog. Blacks on Blondes is a very welcome presence if you’re looking for IR but if you‘re looking for a good Keisha Grey scene then I’d look elsewhere for her work. Same goes for another industry treasure like Riley Reid, her scene is another forgettable encounter on Thrilla in Vanilla 12. After all of these volumes, you’d think they would utilize such prized talents like this wisely but the scene setups are beyond basic (there is even a “pool boy” scene on here). I adored Lily’s scene on this disc but it isn’t enough to carry an entire compilation let alone brand. Lily Adams has better works for other porn brands out there because she is such a fiery performer that delivers. I’d have to ask you to Skip it if you see Thrilla in Vanilla 12 on a shelf or plan on renting it.

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