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Dark Side of Aaliyah Love, The

Studio: Blacks On Blondes » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 4/9/19

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Star Showcase, Interracial, Cuckold, Creampie, Sex Toys
Director: Billy Watson


Chapters Menu
Cast: Aaliyah Love, Mya Mays, Yara Skye, Isiah Maxwell, Prince Yahshua, Mandingo, Flash Brown
Length: 2 hours 48 minutes
Date of Release: September 9, 2018
Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: Crisp visuals that are captured in HD but there is an excessive amount of camera movement and some of the scenes are set in really reverberant rooms.
Overview: Aaliyah Love gets a bunch of her Dogfart scenes put together in this IR showcase disc. If you have a thing for the adorable Miss Love taking on the BBC then this is one you will probably want to add to your stash. Fans of Aaliyah know that her pretty face is pretty much smiling all the time and that is the case in this 6-scene collection.
Scene 1. Aaliyah Love, Isiah Maxwell, Guy

Aaliyah Love
Miss Love is on the phone with her personal trainer, swearing that she's waiting for him to come over and that she's already in her workout gear. AS she dreams of him, she masturbates a bit (not in workout clothes yet) and gets interrupted by a short call from her husband. Maxwell catches her in her undies as he peeks in the back window and calls her out for not being ready to work but she's ready to work that BBC that she's been missing. A quick mouthing from her and they head off to the workout room where her suck job continues. A few hand-assisted moments have her throat prepped to suck his entire sword down her throat, her eyes staring up at his, alight with a flame as her husband walks in and confronts her. That backfires on him when she explains she needs the BBC because of his small dick and he has a choice. He can either sit and watch and deal with her fucking black guys constantly or she'll take him for all he's worth. Cue the cuckolding and dick shaming.

Aaliyah Love
After a sloppy, drool filled BJ, Aaliyah places her panties over hubby's head as he sits jerking his little willie while Isiah drills her from behind. Our camera POV moves around to try and showcase different parts of the action, often resulting in a darkened view. Aaliyah calls hubby over for a dick size comparison and then sends him back to his stool in shame as she addresses the viewer. Our duo moves to a weight bench for a few positions, Aaliyah managing to orgasm a couple of times, her eyes rolling into her head. Her shame talk continues as she begs Maxwell to cum deep inside of her. Holding her legs spread wide, Isiah changes his tempo a few times, pumping rhythmically into Love's love triangle and gaining momentum until he fills her up, Aaliyah's hand milking it for all it is worth. She makes hubby come over and smell her crotch as she wipes the jizz on his face.
Scene 2. Aaliyah Love, Prince Yahshua

Aaliyah Love
Prince and Aaliyah are walking along a street in LA laughing about some lame scenes they did recently with newbies and decide to get off the street and go fuck like real porn stars. Once inside, we see Aaliyah's cute and tiny frame wrapped in a strappy set of undies with a matching top, her skirt hiked up as they get busy in the bedroom. She performs a sloppy BJ, occasionally looking into the lens and talking. Gentleman that he is, Prince returns the oral favor, Love biting her knee skin as he does. She promises he can do whatever he wants her with pussy today, her eyes shining. He removes her stilettos with the aid of his teeth, sucking on her toes.

Aaliyah Love

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In doggie, she bites at the bedding, her tiny ass shaking and jiggling. He's almost out of breath, so she swallows his sword while staring into the camera which moves in way too fast for my comfort and then pulls back out. With his breath restored to normal, they start jamming in spoon, Aaliyah moaning and squealing as the camera moves in and out. Her reverse cowgirl ride has her hips undulating followed by her sucking her juices off of him. Prince hugs her tightly to him as she moves into a regular cowgirl, Yahsua pumping furiously until he unloads inside of her. She sticks her fingers inside of her to pull his load out so she can see it and taste it.  
Scene 3. Aaliyah Love, Mystery Dick (Rico?)

Aaliyah Love
Aaliyah strolls into her local porn store and heads to the BBC section where she finds a copy of Interracial Gloryholes #16 and squats down to masturbate to the cover. Obviously, the guy behind the counter sees this on camera and walks in to ask her to move her activities to their private viewing booths so he doesn't get shut down. She grabs a handful of other titles, buys them and heads to the booth. Inside the booth, the movie is already playing, turning her on and she strips down to play with herself. As she's rubbing one out a huge black cock comes through the wall and she milks the pre-cum out of it, licking it as it oozes. She strokes and sucks it for a while and then pulls a chair up to brace herself on as she impales herself on the unknown sword. It only takes a minute or two and the unknown sword is cumming inside of her as she begs for all of it.  
Scene 4. Aaliyah Love, Mandingo
Our scene starts with a closeup of Miss Love's cute pink shoes and moves up her legs to showcase her cute little butt that's being hugged by some cutoff jean shorts. Mandingo's rummaging around the kitchen and she admits she is a bit hungry but she doesn't need food for breakfast. Soon, her top is off and Mandingo is licking her nipples, Love kneeling down and peeling off his athletic shorts, her eyes widening at the size of his stiffie, her lips and fingers working its length and girth. She's all smile in between his repeated attempts to shove it completely down her throat.

Aaliyah Love

They saunter into the living room, the camera taking a moment to adjust to the different lighting and casting them into a dark shadow for a bit. The slurping action continues and Aaliyah rotates around on the couch playfully, finally getting her rear pointed toward Mandingo's pole and he impales her, her blonde locks swaying with each stroke. Aaliyah rocks her body back and forth into Mandingo's sword, his thrusts meeting her halfway. The pair move on to some missionary stroke action, Love's smile never going away as she gets plowed into. Two variations of cowgirl and a spooning made for filming showcase Aaliyah's tight frame, giving fans great views of her entire body from multiple angles. Mandingo can't hold back and cums deep inside of her, none of it dripping out which is okay with Love as she pulls on her panties for her drive home.

Aaliyah Love

There's a lot of camera moves in and out, which is a bit annoying but effective with its framing. There are also moments where the camera moves to the other side of our duo, threatening to "cross the line", which is a film term that you can google if you like, but it never does because the massive couch presents a physical barrier to that. The room is extremely reverberant making me ask the same question again: Why do people spend a ton of cash on a beautiful property and fill it with beautiful furnishings but never consult an acoustics expert and have the room treated?
Scene 5. Aaliyah Love, Flash Brown

Aaliyah Love

This scene starts outside on a balcony. It's quite annoying with all of the traffic going on in the background, which is what Aaliyah is talking to her friend about. She's about to get married and isn't sure she can survive with a single dick for the rest of her life. Flash convinces her that BJ's aren't cheating and she starts blowing him on the balcony. That blowie moves to the bedroom where they kick it up a notch and he starts hammering into her love hole. It's a raucous romp that includes a bit of 69 time, the pair staring into each other's eyes as they spoonfuck. Flash ends up drizzling his jizz onto her face as she hangs her head off the side of the bed and the camera moves in close to her face as she plays with it before sucking it into her mouth and swallowing.

As Aaliyah makes quite clear in the scene intro - the traffic noise outside is horrendous. It gets much better once they move inside.

Scene 6. Aaliyah Love, Mya Mays, Yara Skye

Aaliyah Love, Mya Mays, Yara Skye

Miss Love is hanging out in her big, beautiful house wondering what good it is to have that house if she's just going to be bored all day. Hark! There's a knock on the door and two beautiful women are standing there with a rolling suitcase, so of course, she just invites them in. They immediately introduce themselves and tell her they are hawking sex toys door to door and could use 5-10 minutes to set up their display. It's funny to watch Aaliyah look and act like she's never seen a dildo, never mind uttered the word aloud. Once set up, it's an impressive array that they have assembled and Love seems truly astonished at some of the toys and the verbiage the ladies use to describe it. She's a bit taken aback when they blindfold her and start lifting up her dress (who wouldn't be with strange people????) and tell her they are going to use the Hitachi on her vagina. Her legs are soon quivering and the ladies lay her back on the couch for safety as Yara strips herself down and mounts Aaliyah's face, taking over vibe duty so Mya can also get naked.

Aaliyah Love, Mya Mays, Yara Skye

It soon becomes a gruntfest as there are tongues and fingers exploring holes at random, with a pause as the sales ladies tell her there's more to come (But Wait..There's More) and they step out of the frame to don some big black strapons and start shoving them down her throat, drool spilling down Love's chest. She's a trooper and even tries to cram both of them in simultaneously while gasping for air. Yara looks at Mya with a smile and says "Let's fuck this white girl" and they instruct her to get on all fours so they can spit roast her. One of the ladies decides she's ready for an ass fucking and grabs a huge double-ended dildo and starts reaming her, the trio ending up curled together on the couch as the salesgirls close the deal and set up a plan to throw a party for her friends.

Cover vs. Content: Rico Strong does NOT appear in this title unless he's the guy with his dick through the wall. This is why we at XCritic try to make sure you are NOT buying porn by the covers!
Final Thoughts: I like to make sure that readers know that I, like everyone, have personal favorites in the world of cinema. Whether it be mainstream flicks or skin flicks, there are certain people I look forward to watching. Aaliyah Love is one of those people. I've said it before and I'm going to say it again - she's an industry veteran that has been shooting for over a decade and if I was a bartender I would card that girl every time she ordered a drink, not just when she ordered the first one. She looks as young and hot now as the day she started. With that disclaimer aside...

She's showcased here in 6 scenes from Blacks On Blondes, a division of Dogfart. If you go to the BlacksOnBlondes website, you can read their synopsis of how that whole studio happened and why they are named what they are. It's actually a pretty good tale. Somehow, I must have missed their original newsgroup posts (I thought I had read every newsgroup) but it's a cool tale nonetheless.

Anyway, this studio is exactly what it sounds like for the most part and Aalyiah fits the bill perfectly. If you want to see hot blonde girls getting railed by BBC - then this studio is right up your alley. Now, I've already mentioned my penchant for Miss Love and my frequent readers also know that I abhor excessive camera movement, which I understand is a gonzo-style staple but it is really excessive here in some parts. I'm not going to overlook it in my final rating because, to me, it brings the quality of the flick down. Many viewers won't care less about it and you can up my rating. Overall, I thought it was almost 3 hours of Aaliyah sucking and fucking A-list guys with the ending have her involved in a lesbian threesome. Now, normally I eschew lesbian threesomes because they can get stale really fast but I really enjoyed the whole premise of this one and thought that everyone worked the scene to its fullest potential. I thought it was a great way to close out this disc and everyone deserves kudos, including Miss Love who may have overacted her reactions just a touch but it added a certain flair to it that wouldn't have been present had she not. It's worth a look for sure and may be stash-worthy. Recommended.

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