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One Last Fling

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 4/10/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

What happens when you pair two Best New Starlets with one Performer of Year? Something that is like Easter, Christmas and Valentines Day all in one, that is what. The direction that Girlsway.com has gone in 2018 is nothing short of bold and brilliant. Far too often, you never get to see starlets of this talent paired up until they are far past their prime. Avi and Whitney, they are rewriting the rule book when it comes to acting in the adult world and Jenna Sativa, I have always said this since I saw that Texas beauty day one, she will go down as the greatest girl/girl performer of all time in my opinion. All three of these women have this unique type of personality that is truly one of a kind in this business. It is why they get the roles they do and why they always seem to be in the right place at the right time. They are three of the most talented ladies on the planet. A scene like this, it needs no intro and frankly, I really love that Girlsway left some mystery with this one. The sexy trailer does just enough to grab you and not too much to overwhelm you at the same time.

Jenna Sativa, Whitney Wright and Avi Love 

Scene Duration: 35 Minutes and 45 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @Stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway / Gamma Entertainment

Release Date: March 24, 2019, Ass Licking

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Threesome, Story, Real Orgasms, 5-Star Pussy Licking, Ass Licking, Fingering

eXXXtras: The still work looks stunning. They are sharp and they are high quality beyond words. Lighting is amazing in these shots. The quantity count is a tad low for a threesome scene when it comes to sexual engagement. The trailer is simply to die for, hotter than hot.  Checking out both beforehand will not spoil the show of the film at all.


One Last Fling

Starring: Jenna Sativa @JennaSativa Whitney Wright @whitneywrightx and Avi Love @AviLoveXXX

Inspired by Girlway.com Member: Rookie

The Reveal:

Jenna Sativa, Whitney Wright and Avi Love 

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Now, one thing you must know before this vignette even begins, these ladies are true performers. Characters are seen from just the stills so that type of buzz is there even before the opening credits start rolling. Jenna is the first one out of the gate to knock your fucking socks off with deep emotion. That “nightmare” sequence is so well acted. It is truly heartfelt for any lover who has heard their beauty catch visions of sorrow in their sleep. Fairly haunting in my opinion. The crazy concept of this script actually works. The ladies do such an amazing back and forth, finding out that one lover wants the other to cheat in order to prove she is over a former flame does not look as far fetched with such amazing improv and acting. Avi is cool as can be as the kind of stone-cold lover who is making her wife bend to her will. Her acting ability is so natural, you see it in her facial expressions and ability to always know where the camera is. If you are a fan of actors, this is the scene for you. I do not know many new starlets who can jump in the ring with Jenna Sativa, never break the fourth wall and truly hang with the performer of the year. You simply have to see Avi Love, that is all I can say. Jenna has always had an over the top way of acting in a scene. It blends well with Avi during the intro. As we see Whitney Wright join the party. You can tell Whitney has been putting even more work in at the actor’s studio. She creates a character that even has a different tone of voice. If you ever meet Whitney Wright, you will see exactly why she may be more deserving of a reference to the actor who played Don Juan DeMarco then me with how wonderful this character is. I honestly thought I was going to see one of the other faces the Whitney possess. How wonderful it is to be surprised and proven wrong. It always is with miss Wright. As we see that Avi is setting the table for three with a little secrecy and seduction one thing I find beyond remarkable is that these ladies powerful acting skills make you not even notice how stunning they all look until the first lip lock occurs. What a feast for the imagination.


The Encounter:

Jenna Sativa, Whitney Wright and Avi Love 

I do not think it gets better in this business than watching three ladies with supermodel good looks get in on. I mean honestly, this industry is filled with stunning beauty of all sizes shapes and colors but what you see here is a slice of everything mixed in one. The ladies could be walking down the runway but instead, they chose to run down the avenue of your fantasies in the buff, lucky you. Now, the spot where Jenna reigns supreme is within this domain. Few can take a pussy licking like her and even less can give it out just as powerfully. The way that Jenna squirms and moves in Avi’s clutches in kinky and smooth. I do not care how many times you see it; it never gets old. Jenna loves women with a passion and a purpose. The way that Allen and crew bring you in for this stunning tight shot of Jenna’s mouth firmly planted on Whitney hard clit is a sight to see. You will be feeling light-headed after this turn of events but hang tough #TripleX fans, you have already made it through twenty minutes as if it were ten, so what will the heart of this scene contain, by golly, you may not have enough strength to find out depending on who your company is watching this vignette. Dripping wet pussies and I mean visuals that cause sane people to lose their minds with just one look. There is so much that makes this scene fly high when it comes to the heart of this scene. Avi, she creates a fantasy with just the way she directs traffic, comments of the action. Jenna, she licks Whitney’s pussy so well, there is just cum always dripping from her luscious lips and I mean both sets because the up-close shots of Whitney watching Jenna lick her sexy slit is what dreams are made of in this business. From start to finish, this is simply a scene and a half. There is never a dull moment. The double dose of awesome sauce to end this vignette is kinky, nasty and exactly what you want to see with porn superstars of this caliber. Alan and everyone involved really outdid themselves on this one.

Jenna Sativa, Whitney Wright and Avi Love 

Sight and Sound:

There are some instances where fans will see Whitney in a few angles we always see her in. Well, that is because this beauty eats pussy like no other in that light. The camera work is spot on one hundred percent on point. Alan keeps things simple in this one and it makes for the story, the sex, and the acting to come out full force. These are some of the best up-close shots of 2019 in this scene right here. There are steady hands galore and you are taken to each square inch of viewing pleasure with true grace from the videographers. The way that everything is presented, it matches so much of the actors' performance it just makes to flow of the film that much better.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is truly one of the best scenes of 2019 for Grlsway.com. The passion is a twelve on the Richter scale, the post-production, sound, and shooting are all done superbly. The acting, it is some of the best that has ever been on display with the company. The only thing that kept the scene from perfection is the story and how it switches gears a few times from the point of brilliant, true acting to off the wall and back again. This is not something that should keep you from enjoying the vignette, that is why it gets a highly recommended rating. Jenna Sativa, she has not lost a step, nor has she looked like she has even aged a day over these last three years. This woman gets better every year and she truly makes the lust in her co-stars come to the surface. Avi is brilliant as an actor in this scene as is Whitney. The ladies all gel off one another. I can not tell you what they did or how they came together to make this scene work, all I can say is whatever they did, it is magic in a bottle. Whitney Wright, she is becoming the stick of glue that makes every film come together. You can spend your hard-earned cash on just watching Whitney cum in each of her co-star’s mouth and it would be money well spent but seeing her stay in character all scene and cum in each girls mouth, now that is fucking talent. She bridges everything together, that is what Whitey does. Seeing her paired with such amazing cast mates is simply the best fantasies money can buy in the world of adult cinema. Enough said!

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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