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Wicked's New Flavored Lube Line Is Wickedly Awesome

Studio: Other » Review by Ossiana Tepfenhart » Review Date: 4/13/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

If you ask any sexpert, there’s one tool that just about every bedroom needs: lube.

The human body simply doesn’t produce enough natural lubrication to get it on without friction that could potentially hurt sensitive tissue. Lube makes sex enjoyable, safe, and yes, capable of lasting longer.

It’s no joke. Lube is a must in just about any standard sex act. If you really want to knock your partner’s socks off, that’s even true about oral sex. But, let’s face it, bad lube can ruin a night. It can make a mess, turn sticky, or if you are going down on your partner, can also make you want to gag.


Wicked Sensual Care is a company that’s been known for making quality lubes, and to a point, they’re a staple in the sex toy world. But, are they actually worth it? Here’s what happened when I gave them a whirl with my partner.


Let’s talk about Wicked, first.

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Every adult company has its own story, and this is also true about Wicked Sensual Care. This company was started by women who wanted to help others get in touch with their lovers—and themselves. I think we can all get behind that, right?

Like many other women who are in touch with their sexuality, they were tired of low-quality goods. That’s why they created a PETA-certified, vegan lubricant line that’s paraben-free, concentrated, and long-lasting.

Wicked Sensual Care has a pretty solid standing in the adult community. So, I felt safe giving them a spin.

Now, let’s talk about my last three experiences with flavored lube.

If you talk to anyone who’s very experimental, few lubricant categories are as despised as flavored lubes. Honestly, this is a tough category of lubes to make without putting the users at risk. Don’t believe it? I’ll explain the three first (and last) times I tried flavored lubes…

The First Time

I put the lube on my then-boyfriend’s member. I licked it. It tasted like gasoline, and I gagged. It didn’t taste like strawberry.

The Second Time

I put the blueberry-flavored lube on my vagina. It burned. I screamed. It was not pleasant.

The Third Time

I put some lube on my partner’s member and gave it a lick. It tasted like cough syrup and was just as sticky. I silently wondered why I didn’t just choose to dump Robotussin on his crotch.

I first put them to the taste test…

Considering my bad experiences with lubricants, I was nervous about trying these flavored lubes. To minimize the chances of me gagging from a bad flavor, I got watermelon, cherry, and strawberry. (They are my favorite candy flavors, after all.)

Bracing myself before I actually put these on my body, I decided to give each a taste. Here are my notes:

  • Cherry: This tasted like a lighter version of cherry-flavored Life-Savers. I was impressed, to say the least. It had a very mild taste, so it definitely wouldn’t overpower you when you’re going down on someone.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon was a pretty interesting flavor. I’ve sipped on cocktails with a similar flavor. It was fruity, slightly sweet, with a creamy aftertaste. I could see this being very fun to use on a girl!
  • Strawberry: Strawberry was the one that I was most hesitant about trying since I had bad experiences with this one before. This had a stronger flavor than all the others but still wasn’t gross. Rather, it tasted a lot like a strawberry shortcake. I’m a fan.

Verdict: They passed the flavor test with flying colors. My faith in flavored lubes was restored.

Then came the touch test…

There’s a reason why people splurge on good personal lubricants. Bad lube makes playtime pause. Nothing is quite as bad a buzzkill as a lube that has a bad texture, or that just runs out of slickness in a couple of thrusts. I wanted to see if these water-based lubes were able to work their magic well.

So, I tested them on my hands. They were slick and slippy. I rubbed my hands together, and they kept their slickness for quite a long time. I also noticed that the lube made my hands feel a little more sensitive than usual, which meant that they definitely would make giving head a lot more fun. 

Verdict: These felt great on the hands.Wicked


Now, for the main event… 

The biggest issue I’ve had with flavored lube was the way they tended to burn and sting when they were placed down there. I won’t lie; I braced myself for this one. I tested out Wicked’s lube line with the expectation that this would be the moment I’d start wincing from I’d put it down there, but once again, Wicked surpassed my expectation. 

Not only was this lube incredible comfortable, but it actually exceeded the sensation I got from my normal go-to lube. The end result? Great oral sex, followed by amazing sex. 

My verdict is overwhelmingly positive. 

I want to thank Wicked Sensual Care for creating the first flavored lube line that gave me a great experience. As someone who has very sensitive skin, this lube was a godsend for my body and my bedroom. 

My advice? If you’re looking for incredible flavored lubes that are created with a water base, give their line a try. You won’t be disappointed. 


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