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Night of Reckoning, A

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 4/14/19

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Feature, Drama


Cast: Nicole Aniston, Anya Olsen, Elena Koshka, Molly Stewart, Keiran Lee, Mick Blue

Writer/Director/Cinematographer: Francois Clousot

Release Date: Feb. 19, 2019

Length: 2 hrs. 23 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Photo Gallery and Web Info


Overview: Nicole Aniston and Keiran Lee play two rival politicians via for the same Senate seat. Their politics are polar opposites, but when it comes to having blistering hot sex together they're completely centrist. With the help of seedy motel manager Anya Olsen and her two maids, Mick Blue attempts to blackmail them and expose their affair, but greed and power causes his plan to go awry. The talented Francois Clousot has made a very engaging noir story of blackmail and murder with great performances from the terrific cast.


Scene One: Nicole Aniston and Keiran Lee


Political rivals Nicole and Keiran are having an affair. They have to keep their tryst a secret, hooking up in seedy motel rooms where their political arguments lead to sex. In this scene we see the drop dead gorgeous Nicole as she puts on her skimpy underwear as she waits for Keiran. Once he arrives the same old argument turns them on and soon Nicole is on her knees with Keiran's dick in her mouth. She sucks and jerks his cock getting it good and hard before she's laying on the bed and Keiran is eating her pussy. He licks and laps on her clit and asshole and soon she's cumming in his mouth. He then stands up and starts fucking her missionary, Nicole holding her legs open for him as he slides in and out.


After sucking her orgasm off of his cock she lays on her side and Keiran starts spooning her. She holds her long beautiful leg up high as he rubs her clit while pounding her. Nicole bucks her hips as she cums over and over on his cock and sucks her juices off before climbing up and riding him cowgirl. Nicole grinds her pussy down on Keiran's cock and Keiran fucks Nicole in return making her scream out as she cums. She cleans his cock again with her mouth and then climbs back up and rides him some more reverse cowgirl. Keiran's pistoning cock makes Nicole spasm as she cums, her body twitching on top of his cock while Keiran rubs her clit. After sucking him again they both lay on their sides and fuck each other face to face, Nicole's perfect ass turned toward the camera as Keiran plunges his cock deep into her pussy. They fuck this way before they finally jump off of the bed and Keiran blows his load on Nicole's face. With his cum still caked on her face, Keiran stands her up and presumably off camera sticks his cock back into her from behind and shoots the rest of his seed into her pussy.


Scene Two: Anya Olsen and Mick Blue


Mick Blue plays an operative who's hired to blackmail Nicole and Keiran. He gets motel manager Anya to set up cameras and microphones throughout the room to capture their affair. She goes to his room with a flash drive of video of the two, but Mick makes it clear that he wants more. Anya starts kissing him and soon he has her against the wall, undressing her while he kisses her neck. He sits back on the bed and undresses himself, Anya taking his cock in her mouth and bobbing her head up and down on it. She sucks and strokes it giving Mick amazing head before they switch places, Anya spreading her legs wide while Mick engulfs her pussy with his mouth. He sucks on her cunt driving Anya crazy and making her cum as licks and sucks her pussy and asshole.


Mick then climbs up and starts fucking her missionary. Mick gives Anya multiple orgasms as he pounds her hole. Anya then scrambles onto all fours and Mick licks her asshole before fucking her pussy doggy style. He pounds her pussy from behind, Anya arching her back to look Mick in the eyes as he fucks her. She cleans his cock with her mouth and then climbs up to ride him cowgirl. Anya twerks her beautiful ass taking all of Mick's cock up inside her pussy while she primes it. She grinds and fucks his cock giving her several more orgasms and then turning around to ride him reverse cowgirl. She rubs her clit while Mick fucks her making her cum and spasm on his cock over and over. After cleaning his cock with her mouth again she then lays on her side and Mick spoons her from behind. He furiously pounds her pussy while squeezing her tits giving her multiple orgasms. Mick then goes down and sucks Anya's juices off of her pussy before climbing back up and fucking her missionary, slamming his cock in and out of her and lapping her cum up some more. They then go into quick positions, spooning a little bit before Anya rides him some more and finishing with a missionary before Mick cums on her face. I won't say exactly what happens to Mick, but let's just say things don't go as planned.


Scene Three: Elena Koshka and Molly Stewart


While Anya has her maid, Elena and Molly, cleaning up everyone's messes, little does she know that they have a blackmail scheme of their own, setting up their own camera in Nicole and Keiran's room. As they watch the footage and contemplate the mission the forceful Molly asks the timid Elena if all of the power they have is turning her on. She says yes and so they start making out, kissing up against the wall before Elena winds up on the bed stripped of her clothes down to her red underwear. The very elegant and sensuous Elena sucks on Molly's nipple before laying down for Molly to eat her pussy.


Her tongue dances on Elena's clit, the sensation of which drives Elena crazy and within minutes she cumming. They make out some more before Molly climbs up and sits on Elena's face, her pussy grazing Elena's flicking tongue. Molly has a sweetly intense orgasm, spasming in Elena's tongue before Elena goes on all fours and Molly licks her asshole and eats her pussy from behind. Molly then fingerblasts Elena's pussy, fisting her cunt while Elena rubs her clit making her cum again. Molly then lays on her back and Elena climbs up and rubs her clit on her nipple before spinning around and the two 69 each other. Molly slurps and spits on Elena's pussy while Elena licks and fingers Molly's. After they both orgasm Molly goes onto all fours and Elena plays with her pussy, spitting on her cunt and flicking her clit with her finger before fingerblasting her while rubbing her clit making her cum.


Elena then lays on her back and Molly rides her nipple with her pussy before going down and rubbing her nipple against Elena's clit. She eats Elena's pussy until she cums and then they start to trib. Molly climbs up and grinds her pussy against Elena's before falling back and letting Elena scissor her until they both cum on each other's pussies. Again, without giving too much away, circumstances happen that make Elena and Molly decide not to go through with the plan and just run away together.


Scene Four: Nicole Aniston, Anya Olsen and Keiran Lee


With Mick out of the picture Anya forces Nicole to call Keiran back to the motel room to give them an ultimatum or she makes the contents of the flash drive public. Through a turn of events, they convince Anya not to, and instead Nicole is so impressed with her she offers her a job, IF she has what it takes. The two start kissing, both of them slowly stripping their clothes off. Nicole beckons Keiran over to join them and Anya drops to her knees and sucks his cock. They both give him head and soon Anya is on her back on the bed, Keiran eating her pussy while Nicole rides her face.


Anya then lays on her side and Keiran starts spooning her, sliding his cock in and out of her tight pussy. She hikes her leg up and Nicole licks Keiran's balls as he pounds Anya's pussy until she cums. Anya sucks her juices off while Nicole jerks his cock before climbing up and lowering her amazing pussy down on Keiran's cock. She pumps Keiran's cock with her pussy, grinding down on it before going full force and riding it to Chicago. Keiran gives Nicole multiple orgasms with his cock while Anya rides his face before they switch up and Anya rides Keiran's cock in reverse cowgirl.


He pounds Anya's pussy giving her one screaming convulsive orgasm after another, the last of which in regular cowgirl before climbing off and she and Nicole clean his cock with their mouths. Nicole then climbs back up and rides Keiran's cock some more, swirling her hips down and priming his cock while Anya rubs her clit making Nicole cum over and over. Keiran then fucks Anya missionary for a second and then Nicole from behind for another second before shooting his load on both of their faces.


Final Thoughts: This is a very good, very well made film noir that reminds me of the indie crime films of the '90's a'la Tarantino or John Dahl. Clousot is an amazing writer, creating characters that are just so full and rich that you are engaged in every one of their movements. I remember a few years ago seeing Nicole Aniston on Periscope answering fan questions. When asked why she didn't do more features at the time she said she didn't think she was that good of an actress. Well, she couldn't convince me of that here. She gives a terrific performance as a woman with power who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. All of the women are terrific. Each one with their own plans on how to get rich quick, some of which work out some don't. But they all have their own ideas and schemes and the strength to go with them. They rule in this story, and it makes them all the hotter for it. Technically it's very good as well. Clousot's camera work is flawless, with such amazing angles and shots that they make the sex scenes pop.


Let me say one last thing about Digital Playground and the quality of their DVDs as of late. It seems as though they have been plagued with technical errors, as though whoever is supposed to be mastering them has been asleep at the wheel. The last one I reviewed, also a Francios Clousot film, was an absolute mess. After voicing my concern I was told it would be looked into. And I'm happy to say this release is a vast improvement, although the opening montage still loops itself four times before starting the feature. Despite this, it doesn't detract from the film which is still great. And I thank Digital Playground for listening to the concerns of the customer. DP is one of the standard holders when it comes to adult video entertainment, and I'd hate to see their reputation tarnished because someone might be asleep at the wheel. So despite this one technical flaw, I'm going to Highly Recommend this wonderful film if you truly enjoy a good story-based adult movie. It really is good and I enjoyed it a lot.

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