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7 the Hardway

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 12/2/02

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The DVD:

Before viewing the DVD, I had absoultely no idea what the title meant for this film - 7 The Hard Way.  I was immediately introduced to the meaning - each girl (3 in all) is going to take on 7 guys at a time - the hard way.  Each scene starts with the girl being interviewed (a bit awkward when the first two were interviewed - Lucie & Vanessa - as neither really spoke much English), they then roll a pair of dice and, not surprisingly, it comes up 7.  The "hard way" of the title must allude to the type of sexual action, as any experience craps player knows that a hard 6 or 8 means you've rolled doubles (3 or 4 respectively) and there's no way to roll doubles to make it to 7.

"Is there any easy way to do 7 guys?"  The question proposed to Ashley Blue pretty much sums up this disc.  There's pretty much no easy way to go about it, yet these three girls take it and like it.  See below for full descriptions of each scene.


Main Feature:  Consists of three different girls, each with 7 guys each.

Lucie:  A very hot little girl, she has nice, perky natural breasts and, while not quite proficient in the English language, we're able to make out that she's ready to take on seven guys.  As with all three girls, it starts out with some sucking and proceeds to the hardcore action.  Pretty much any way that you can have multiple entries into a girl, you have here.  I'm not going to go into extreme detail, as it doesn't really take much imagination to figure out what they're going to do.

Vanessa:  Another foreign girl, Vanessa's from Hungary and she too, is ready to take on seven guys.  Again it starts with the blowjobs and then progresses inside where she is penetrated vaginally and anally (including a double anal entry - this is apparently the highlight as we discover in the "behind the scenes" feature).

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Ashley Blue:  A fine looking American brunette, Ashley seems to be more than willing to take on seven guys as she answers the question above, "Is there any easy way to do seven guys?" with a confused, "yes."  She then proceeds to give blowjobs to all 7 guys, gagging on each of them.  Here is where I had to fast forward as I really cannot stand to watch this, but, as stated in the conclusion, if she likes it, more power to her (which she does according to the featurette).  She then proceeds to take on the seven guys which culminates with a cumshot where she holds her mouth open through all seven guys and then proceeds to swallow the deposits (Lucie did not swallow anything and Vanessa only swallowed a little).

Behind the Scenes:  This features short little interviews with some of the girls and some outtakes from filming.  Nothing too exciting.  The only interesting thing here is Ashley Blue talking about how exactly the scene should be filmed - as all of the guys had just given her anal and she didn't want them going from there to her vagina.  Odd how she doesn't mind gagging while deep throating or having both seven guys around and in her at the same time, but won't let the guys penetrate her until they wash up.  It's 7:15 long.

Boner Footage:  The scene starts in the editing room as Ashley watches herself gag on seven different guys and then she discusses it with the guy behind the camera.  She then proceeds to give him a blowjob and (coincidentally) another guy walks in and she does the same with him.  Fourteen minutes long.

Trailers: Features trailers from tons of Vouyer films (yes, that's spelled correctly).  20 in total.

Photo Gallery:  A series of pictures that you can either flip through, chapter by chapter, or let them play out for you.  20 in total.


The video is presented in glorious wide screen, 1.33:1.  Filmed using digital cameras, the picture is quite clear.  The big plus here, while not directly related to the video quality, is the camera work.  All three scenes feature great camera work, especially when you remember there's 7 guys and a girl you have to work around.


Presented in stereo, the film delivers all the moans, gags, and screams of ecstasy you've come to expect from porn videos.


When you look back at the film, it's quite obvious that having seven guys at a time is more of a gimmick than anything else.  At any one point in the movie, there's really no reason for more than 4 guys (2 inside the girl, 2 just hovering around her mouth).  So basically, what you're left with is a big gangbang with seven different guys and just one girl.  Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the gangbang - I'd rather see just one guy with one girl (or two girls) - but where some films might take the subject matter and do it without any taste, 7 The Hard Way takes the seven guys and, with some nice camerawork, doesn't go over the edge as some other films might have.  The only thing I really cringed at was the gagging in Ashley's scene, but in the post-movie interview, she seems to enjoy it, and well, more power to her.  The thing about porn videos is each is so diametrically different, it's hard to recommend them to others.  People know what they like, and if the film fits that genre, you'll probably like it.  Me, I didn't enjoy this film as much as others, but it is done quite well, and if you're a fan of this genre, I'd recommend this disc.


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