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Hard Bound

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/2/02

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Hard Bound

Adam & Eve/Ultimate

Director: Bob Chinn

Producer/Writer: Deborah Chinn

Length: 81 minutes

Cast: Nina Hartley, Tina Tyler, TJ Hart, Dale DaBone, James Bonn, Edith the iguana (credits list the women, then the men, and then the animal co-star for some reason-I wonder what the story is behind Edith)

Extra's: 8 movie trailers, slide show, Dolby Surround sound

Audio/Video Quality: The audio is well done for the most part. The outdoor scenes sometimes get a bit too much wind noise but that's to be expected. The video was uniformly good too.

Date Of Production: 5/30/99

Body of Review: Let me start off by telling you that this dvd isn't for everyone. It's much more of a couples release than 95% of the current movies out there. The sex scenes are much shorter than you've come to expect and not nearly as hard core. That said, it is a good way to introduce that special someone that believes all porn is hard core. The movie contains straight, lesbian, toys, oral and a three way of sorts.

The driving theme of the movie (pun intended) is that Nina is a rich, snobby type who's car breaks down on a deserted road. A cowboy, played by Dale, stops to assist her. There are 5 scenes to enjoy.

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The first scene is between Tina and TJ on a bed. They are discussing toys while reading an Adam & Eve catalog. (nice plug guys. ;) Anyways, they enjoy each others company and the contrast between the two is visually quite pleasing. Tina has a nice figure and knows how to please someone with her bright white skin. TJ has a nice tan, is attractive and also knows how to have fun. I wish the scene was longer but it was a nice change from the gyno-cam's we get used to in porn.

Scene two is Nina fantasizing about giving Dale a blow job. The entire scene consists of this rather short BJ and one would think it would "suck" due to it's limited nature. Actually, it really is erotic in that it's different and pleasant. How many of us would be happy if someone as attractive as Nina gave us a BJ?

Scene three takes place shortly afterwards and consists of Dale fantasizing about Nina. His day dream is about going down on her. that's all there is to this scene too. I am the first to admit that on paper, both these scenes scream out-ripoff! But, when watched, they are really good. Sure, I wanted him to turn her over and start screwing as much as the next guy but the pacing on the entire movie started to soak in at this point. As a couples movie-it works really well.

Scene four is initially between TJ and James with Tina joining in towards the end. Tina only uses a vibrator on TJ and starts out the scene by masturbating while watching them. There isn't a lot of variety to the scene but it is pretty hot.

Scene five is what we've all been waiting for-Nina and Dale going all the way. They deliver the goods. The scene is more like "real" sex than most other movies I've watched over the years. They obviously have a great time and it shows.

Summary: This is a couples movie and not a gonzo, hardcore fest of roman orgy proportions. The sex is sensual much of the time and not a contest of who can be nastier. The pacing throughout the movie was very deliberate and it builds momentum unlike most of what's on the market today. If you want a stroke film, you can do better elsewhere. If you want an enjoyable movie that you can share with someone not really into porn, this is a decent choice.

All the performers look above average and have a good time. There's little plot but the acting is way better than most adult movies. I credit Deborah for writing and Nina/Dale for delivering the lines. There's a lot of humor too-I almost lost my drink when I saw Nina wearing those bunny slippers-which helps make the movie better than the sum of it's parts.

All in all, a good movie in every way. I'd have liked it to have more extra's, a commentary track, have a longer length, etc, but I think it's good as it stands. For the record, I really like Nina and think Tina is quite the hotty, but this review is based upon looking at the movie as a couples dvd. I wouldn't want all my movies like this but everyone should own a few if they expect to share them with a loved one not into porn.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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