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For Women Only 1: Girls On Guys

Studio: Simon Wolf Productions » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 1/3/03

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie
Don't let the name fool you. For Women Only Volume One: Girls on Guys isn't just for the fairer sex. This film by Cameron Rose is good enough to please just about anyone. And if you're in the mood for a great couples DVD, especially if you're looking to share an adult film with your partner for the first time, this one is just about perfect.

What sets this film above others is the fact that the women truly enjoy what they're doing. They're not having sex for a paycheck or playing it up for the camera; they're actually having fun. These five sexy ladies want to please and be pleased, and their enthusiasm makes the sex so much more exciting.

In the first scene, Ava Vincent, looking like a 50's pin-up girl, has her way with her man on and around a fire truck. She's the center of attention, and her moans and wicked smiles show that she's enjoying herself. And she's not alone. Sharon Wild is all smiles while inviting the plumber to bed; the sunbathing Petra has her way with the gardener; and Avy Scott enjoys bedroom fun with her would-be mechanic of a boyfriend.

The sex in this one is well paced, ranging from slow and romantic, to wild "let's wake the neighbors" all out party style. Easily the most thrilling of all the episodes is saved for last. Cute little Sunrise Adams plays the neglected girlfriend who gets her man (Lee Stone) to lavish her with attention by interrupting his football game wearing nothing but an apron. Stone and Adams put on quite a show, with some of the positions being nothing short of acrobatic. If Adams wasn't having fun during the shoot, then she should take her acting skills to Hollywood. Her pleasure is readily apparent, and even Stone's intrusive grunts can't hamper the eroticism of the scene.

Most women out there will also appreciate the fact that the girls in this film can easily be described as the girl next door. All are attractive in their own way, and there's not a boob job or set of obnoxious acrylic nails in sight.

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Despite being great adult entertainment for men, women, and couples alike, there are some minor grievances (if you can call them that since they're barely noticeable) that must be noted. First off, the sex scenes are a little too drawn out. Six slightly shorter scenes could have been better than the five longer ones. Also, since each scene is played as a sort of erotic-fantasy, these elements could have been more effective with a slightly more detailed pre-sex sequence to set up the situation more clearly. Sure, the sex would be delayed a few more minutes, but the "fantasy" would have shined through, thus making for a more erotic experience.


The only technical issue that's really worth mentioning is the sound. During several scenes, the sound effects are too loud, making it very difficult to hear what's being said on screen. Sure, birds chirping in surround sound is a nice touch, but hearing the moans or dirty talk would have been nice. Other than that, the image is fine but nothing to write home about and the music is pretty crisp through the speakers.

As for the extras, there's nothing all that special, but at least they tried. The short behind-the-scenes featurette and bonus scenes (from other Cameron Rose films) are worth a look, but not worth multiple viewings. What this DVD really needed is a commentary by the director and some of the talent, especially if they discussed why they thought a "woman only" film was necessary and what kind of feedback audiences have given for the attempt.

Other than the featurette and extra scenes, the disc includes a photo gallery, previews, and "pop shot" specific scene access.

He Said…

…I can't imagine a better adult DVD for couples. The sex is exciting, the characters are having fun, the women are pleasing to the eye, and there's nothing too raunchy to turn off those who may be squeamish around adult entertainment. Without anal or scenes of the more hard-core nature, this might not be suitable for every taste. However, even the single man can enjoy this one. What's not to like? Sure, the "romantic" undertones may be tough to take at times, but the sex more than makes up for it. As far as the DVD features go, I would've appreciated a little more ooomph. A commentary would've been pefect for this one. Something serious that could've detailed why they made it and how female, as well as male, viewers are accepting the film. Beyond that, I can't imagine anything better. Sure, a nice girl-on-girl romp would have been the icing on the cake, but here's hoping something along those lines will pop up in Volume 2.

She Said…

…If you've been waiting for the right adult DVD to introduce and share with that special someone, you've found it. What makes this DVD great is that it appeals to both male and female viewers. I especially appreciated the thoughtfully construed "fantasies" that not only include some very passionate up-close-and-personal sex scenes, but also the pre-sex fun that leads up to them. Although the "fantasies" were a tad predictable (a plumber, a gardener, a boyfriend that surprises his girlfriend by dressing up as a fireman – complete with fire engine), they were much more appealing than the typical adult DVD that features zero story line and sex scenes that start the minute you push the play button. Although Lee Stone, the male stud in the last scene, could probably get away with a lot less time in the weight room, every other guy and girl in the film is attractive, if not downright hot. The women, especially, are a lot less intimidating than most porn stars simply because they are real and natural, sans boob jobs, gargantuan tattoos, or piercings in –ouch!—"awkward" places. While some viewers might miss the hard-core action (For Women Only doesn't feature a single lesbian scenario or anal sex scene), that's precisely what makes this DVD pleasing, especially to those who might be apprehensive about adult entertainment. But by far the best aspect of For Women Only is that everyone looks like they're having so much fun. The scenes build up nicely and make you want to be one of those couples you just know have great sex together—if you're not already.

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