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Studio: Private » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 12/2/03

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Straight

Cast: Julia Taylor, Bobbi Eden, Rita Faltoyano, Sandra Russo, Lucky, Jessica May, Laura Angel 

Length: approx 1hr 41mins

Extras: None. Just trailers.

Audio/Video Quality: Full frame 1.33:1 ratio. The picture was sharp and consistant with a feature shot on video.


Our story begins in Alexandria 51 B.C. 

Caesar has just returned from Rome and after a brief dialogue with Cleopatra [including THIS classic bon mot "Rome is like a huge, teeming nest of vipers...Ya know..?"]. So, thankfully, the [badly dubbed] dialogue doesn't too long before they get down to business.

Scene One [Cleopatra & Caesar]: Caesar begins the oral sex on Cleo before she returns the favor. Then he starts a condomless penetration from behind while Cleo's on her side [I really need to learn the technical names of these positions]. Cleo goes for a ride facing BOTH ways and then some doggy. The scene ends with a shot to Cleo's chest.

After a brief interlude between Octavius & Cleo's priestess, which has Octavius worried that Cleo has Caesar under her spell, we begin...

Scene Two [Octavius & Cleo's priestess]: Basically, it's the exact same sequence as the first scene: Octavius goes down on her. She goes down on him. He does her from behind on her side. The she rides before some anal from behind. Except a shot to the mouth ends the scene.

So now we see Cleopatra getting a full body massage while a slave is bathing in a nearby pool of water. Cleo tells her masseuse "Your hands are soft. Although, Caesar's are better on my pussy." Cue: 

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Scene Three [Cleopatra, her masseuse, her slave, Caesar & Octavius]: And with that, Cleo turns over on her back to give her masseuse the chance to compete. As they're getting busy, Caesar walks in. He tells them not to stop. Cleo offers her slave to him. He accepts [duh]. The sex begins like the previous scenes. Caesar goes down on the slave who later returns the favor. She then gets on top and goes for a ride before some doggystyle. Octavius then walks in. He immediately heads for the bent over masseuse, whose head [and tongue] is still between Cleopatra's legs. The masseuse ends up diverting her attention exclusively to Octavius. She give him head before some doggy then missionary which turns into anal which is followed by some anal from behind. Now, even though i've broken the scene down I have to point out that the action between the slave/Caesar and the masseuse/Octavius happen simultaneously. All the while, Cleo's observing while manually stimulating herself. The scene climaxes with a simultaneous double facial on both the slave and masseuse. 

Next, we see Octavius telling Caesar to go back home to Rome and his wife. Cut to Rome. We see Octavius telling Caesar's wife that he's bewitched by Cleopatra. She tells him it's a good thing she has someone like Octavius defending Rome. This, of course, kicks us into:

Scene Four [Caesar's wife, Octavius & a random Roman guy]: The usual: He goes down on her. She goes down on him. He does her from behind on her side before some doggy. As this is happening, the random Roman guard that told her that she was supposed to be committed to Caesar, steps up for a blowjob and then some anal. Octavius gets in on the action by teaming up with "Joe Roman" to deliver some double penetration which winds up the scene before the climaxing double facial. This scene, like all the others, was hot.

After a brief scene between Octavius and a guard, we cut to Caesar who heads back to Rome after talking to Cleopatra about their baby. We jump ahead one month for a brief scene between a pregnant Cleopatra and her priestess, who informs Cleo that Caesar's dead.

Fast forward to 2003. Three members of something called "the Corporation", Harrison, Jeremy & Luxuria, are discussing methods for cloning Cleopatra. Harrison heads over to Cairo, Egypt [shot ON LOCATION!!] to find Cleo's tomb. We then see him meeting a contact at a hotel. After the meeting, he heads out to the dig where Cleo's tomb is said to be. We then cut back to Jeremy who's chilling with Eve. After some small talk, she says she wants him to show her how much how much he loves her. And with that...

Scene Five [Jeremy & Eve]: Guess how this starts...that's RIGHT. He goes down on her followed by some head from her. She then gets on top to ride followed by Jeremy doing her from behind while Eve's laying on her side. Doggystyle is the last position followed by a shot to the mouth.

Harrison calls Jeremy and tells him that he thinks he's found Cleo's crypt. After being told that the cops are snooping, Harrison tells Jeremy to let Luxuria handle them and to get over to Egypt with Cornelia. All three meet up and agree to check out the dig [with Cornelia tagging along "as insurance"]. Meanwhile, back at "the Corporation"'s HQ, Luxuria meets an FBI agent. After a brief conversation, the agent heads to his car where he makes a note that he needs to find the location where they experiment. Back to Egypt. Since the only other option to reaching the dig is walking, the trio rent some camels. When they get to the site, Jeremy and Cornelia head down into a passageway where they discover a hidden doorway. Inside, they open up the sarcophagus and find a mummy. Back on top, a guard catches Harrison and shoos him away while another one starts to head down the passageway. Jeremy hears the commotion and tells Cornelia to stall while he gets a DNA sample of Cleo's mummy. Cornelia heads off the guard which leads us to the final...

Scene [Cornelia & a random guard]: Straight blowjob. Cornelia shows a little skin, but that's about it. While she's taking a shot to the mouth...

Jeremy cuts a small sample from the mummy and heads out into the passageway. He grabs a stick and knocks out the guard that Cornelia's entertaining. They head back to the city with the sample in tow.


Summary: Since this was my very first Private feature i've seen/reviewed, I didn't know what to expect. I was VERY impressed. From the sharp picture quality to the non-obtrusive background music, this disc delivers in almost every way. To be honest, the lack of variety in sequence of sexual activities and the annoying "Godzilla"-like bad dubbing would usually result in major points being deducted from my final summation. However, the attractive cast coupled with HOT scenes MORE than make up for those annoyances. As far as extras are concerned, there are none...simply five trailers.

All in all, this disc gets a Highly Recommended and i'm eager to check out part two.

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