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Younger the Better 1, The

Studio: New Machine » Review by The Immoral Majority » Review Date: 1/8/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

I don't really like porno movies that try to have a plot. The plot is never any good, and the stars can't act. But compilation videos that are just sex and nothing else tend to get boring after a while. There are only so many ways that two (or three or four...) people can have sex, and after a while, you've seen it all. New Machine's DVD, The Younger the Better #1, has a good way to separate the sex, without adding a hokey plot. Porno mainstay Alex Sanders who directs and stars in this movie, interviews the girls before their scene. Specifically, he asks them to bring in some photos from when they were in high school, and talks to them about those days gone by. This was a great topic to link the scenes together and to get the anticipation building. It's very sexy seeing pictures of high school cheerleaders, knowing that those girls are going to be screwing like rabbits for your viewing pleasure in mere minutes. An excellent concept that worked well for me.

Now to the action:

Scene One: Hunter Young & Taylor Lynn with Alex Sanders: This starts with the petite Hunter in some negligee that she slowly strips off. This girl looks good with her wavy blond hair and tight body. Taylor enters and after posing with Hunter a bit, Taylor shows her high school pictures. They talk a little and then Alex mentions that Hunter did not bring any photos, so she is being punished. The camera pans down and we see Hunter under a glass table sucking on Alex's cock. All three soon move over to the couch and the fun begins. After the pair suck Alex's cock he bends Hunter over and does her doggie style while she eats out Taylor. Taylor is a cute blond with good size tits, and she's had both nipples pierced. This part should have been hotter than it was, but neither girl really got into it. Next the two girls lay next to each other, and Alex licks and fingers them in turn. The girls caress each other a little, but not too much. Alex ends up doing both girls and they lick each other too. Eventually they both suck on Alex as he jacks off into their faces. An okay scene, but the girls didn't look into it. Hunter gave it a have hearted try, but Taylor didn't even do that. It would have been a lot hotter had the girls been more interested.

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Scene Two Sabrine Maui with Lee Stone: Sabrine is an attractive diminutive girl of eastern descent. With long black hair that cascades down to her waist, small but perky tits, and a tight little ass, she almost disappears under the large muscular guy she has sex with. Sabrine didn't bring her high school pictures, so she has to apologize to the director by doing the dirty with Lee Stone. Lee goes down on Sabrine and eats her from a good amount of time, who really enjoys it. She then returns the favor and gives him a good BJ, though she can't take all, or even most, of Lee's huge cock down her throat. They have sex in a few different positions, and it's pretty hot when she's riding him, and he stands up. Still impaled on his shaft, she holds on to his neck and humps. He lays her down and does her in the cunt from a couple more positions before he lets loose with a huge load on her face.

Scene Three: Summer Storm with Alex Sanders: Summer didn't bring her pictures either, and Alex hassles her about that a little, then they get down to the sex. Summer doesn't look like she just graduated from high school like Alex claims, but she's still attractive. She has a few tattoos, and her medium sized breasts look a little too perfectly shaped to be real, but she does perform very well. When Alex goes down on her she acts like it's the best she's ever been eaten. He then starts fucking her and her cries of "Fuck me harder!" sound authentic. It was really hot when she told Alex "I want to taste my pussy." He pulled out and she sucked his shaft. After some more fucking and sucking, she does a reverse cowgirl riding him with her ass. Eventually she sucks his balls as he jacks off and cums on her face and open mouth. This was a good scene. Summer was able to turn some standard sex positions into something steamy with her great moaning and exhortations.

Scene Four: Allison Wyte with Jay Ashley: Allison is one very cute girl! She has that innocent look that not many people in porno have. She brought a lot of pictures with her from when she was a cheerleader. There's something about cheerleaders that arouses some primal urge in me to see them naked. Luckily, she wastes no time in showing us her small firm tits which is Jay's cue to come and suck on them. She sucks on him, and plays with her tits while she does. Then she climbs on reverse cowgirl style and goes for a ride. Jay bends her over a chair and they go through some standard positions and he eventually comes on her open mouth and chin. Allison was my favorite girl in the movie. She looked and acted sweet, but fucked like a whore. A great combination.

Scene Five: Fiona Cheeks with Alex Sanders: Fiona didn't bring any pictures, and didn't want to be interviewed. She acted really bitchy the short amount of time that Alex was talking to her. They put up some captions that make fun of her for this, and inform the viewer that she'll be making $800 for three hours of work. Her attitude before the sex turned the heat down a couple of notches. Knowing she's a bitch doesn't turn me on, and it's all about the fantasy after all. They cut to a nude Fiona about to go down on Alex. Fiona is a short thin dyed blond with short hair and braces. She sucks like a champ, taking most of Alex's cock down her throat. He holds her head and fucks her mouth like it was a cunt, and she takes it like a champ. Alex dives into her muff and licks her ass while he's down there too. Then he stands up and pounds her missionary style. She climbs on and rides and they go through all the common permutations. It ends with Alex cumming on her tongue, and she swallows it all. I have to give it to Fiona, she did a really good job of acting. She really seemed to get into it. It would have made the movie a little better to put the parts with her bitching in the 'behind the scenes' short that's on the disc.

The DVD:


One nice thing about this disc is that there aren't any forced commercials for 1-900 numbers that so many discs seem to have. The 1.33:1 video, which is the industry standard, looked good. The video defects were minor and didn't distract from the action. At one point in Summer's scene, there were water drops all over the lens that was distracting. What's up with that? The sound was adequate.

The Extras:

The disc had an interesting behind the scenes documentary. This 18 minute short showed the girls getting ready for the shoot, and chatting with Alex some more. I like these little glimpses of what shooting a porno film is like, and seeing the actresses when they are being more candid.

There are trailers to four movies, including The Younger the Better 2 and 3. The disc also has a short photo gallery of shots taken during the filming.

Final Thoughts:

This DVD was really good. A couple of the scenes were slightly too long, but never to the point that they were boring. The set-up was good, but it would have been better if more of the talent had actually brought the photos that Alex wanted. The scenes were all hot, and the actresses ranged from okay to great. The cross between a plot movie and just a compilation worked well for me. Highly Recommended.

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