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Younger the Better 3, The

Studio: New Machine » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 1/14/04

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Genre: Young, Straight, Gonzo

Director: Alex Sanders

Cast: Aurora Snow, Violet Blue, Buffy Sinclair, Amythiest, Dynamite, Michelle Michaels, Steve Hatcher, Jay Ashley, John West, Alex Sanders

Length: 2 Hours 8 Minutes

Date of Production: November 2002

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture quality was pretty good with slight distortions. The picture had a noticeable blocky/grainy touch that did not interfere with viewing pleasure. The audio was presented in Dolby digital 2-channel stereo. The sound quality was pretty good. Sounds levels were audible throughout the feature.

Body of Review: Director and male performer Alex Sanders and New Machine/Hardline Productions bring you six lovely young gals in the third installment in The Younger the Better series. Here's the scene by scene breakdown.

Michelle Michaels
Scene 1: Michelle Michaels, Steve Hatcher
Michelle is a decently cute blonde girl with a nice body and small breasts. This feature claims she is a young looking Cameron Diaz, which is sort of true. In some angles she does, but overall not really. Here in this scene we find her in a weight room giving a tease. After a bit Steve shows up and goes down on her. She then gives Steve an enthusiastic blow job. They get into straight sex via missionary, cowgirl, and doggie style. The scene ends with a facial. This was a pretty good scene. Michelle gave a very exciting blow job, but the sex just wasn't nearly as good.
Rating: 5/10

Violet Blue & Dynamite
Scene 2: Dynamite, Violet Blue, Alex Sanders

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Dynamite is an attractive gal with small breasts and a nice body. She's dressed very sexily in a Catholic-school-girl-like-uniform. This scene opens with her giving a tease as she shows off her wonderful looking body. Next up is Violet Blue, a cute looking gal with small breasts and nice a body. She's a bit paler than I prefer. She gives a little dialogue and a strip tease. She is dressed similarly to Dynamite.

Now to the real meat of the scene begins. The girls both fully dressed again join up with director Alex Sanders. Their tops get removed and Alex does a little spanking with the girls on all fours. The two girls then take turns sucking off Alex. Next Violet and Alex get into straight sex via cowgirl while Dynamite sits on Alex's face. Then Dynamite gets worked in the missionary position while Alex leans forward to taste Violet.

Violet then gets down on all fours and Alex takes his time entering her anally from behind. Then riding Alex in reverse cowgirl, Dynamite gets her turn for anal sex in scissors and missionary. The scene ends with Alex unloading on ass and he gets a little in her hole. The scene goes on with her "farting" it out. This was another scene with a hot oral segment, but really the sex just wasn't that inviting. Yes there were two relatively cute looking girlies who were getting in all kinds of mischief, but they just didn't really give out a heated vibe during their scene. Overall it was pretty good, again mainly due to the opening and oral portion of the scene.
Rating: 4/10

Aurora Snow
Scene 3: Aurora Snow, Jay Ashley
Aurora is a cute brunette with small breasts and a great body. This scene kicks off with a little tease, followed by a brief dialogue. Then the scene cuts and we find her and Jay getting hot and heavy. Aurora provides Jay an excellent blow job, something that she is undoubtedly great at. This is followed by Jay going down on her. The straight sex ensues in cowgirl, doggie style, and missionary. The scene ends with a facial. While this two have shown that they have wonderful on camera chemistry (as they are boyfriend/girlfriend, they should?), this scene wasn't one of those times. Without a doubt the oral segment was great, but the sex just seemed like sex. Nothing really too impressive, but quite a step up from the last scene. However the tease portion of this scene was brief and lacking in content.
Rating: 6/10

Buffy Sinclair
Scene 4: Buffy Sinclair, John West
Buffy is a cute brunette with small breasts and nice a body. She has that girl next door look and a wonderful smile. Like the other scenes this kicks off with her giving a little tease, which was very hot. With just her panties left, John comes in to join her. He quickly removes them and goes down on her. John gets his clothes off and Buffy does her best to give him an energetic blow job. They get into straight sex via missionary and doggie style. The scene ends with a facial. While I found this girl to be insatiably cute and she gave an awesome blow job, her sex scene was pretty bland and slow. Nonetheless it was pretty good.
Rating: 5/10

Scene 5: Amythiest, Alex Sanders
Amythiest is a decent looking gal with small breasts (notice the theme?) and a decent body. She's dressed with a plaid skirt and a white top. Unfortunately she's missing the white blouse and fails to meet the standard criteria to produce the Catholic school girl fetish. Close but so far away. The scene kicks off with her giving a strip tease. Alex comes in and they share a brief dialogue while naked. Alex goes down on her and she sucks him off afterwards. Next they get into straight sex via scissors and missionary. This is followed by anal sex via spoon. The scene ends with a facial. This scene was less than decent. Its mood can be described in one word, slow. Thus it lacked large amounts of excitement and energy.
Rating: 2/10

Concluding Words: As a fan of this genre I was definitely looking forward to this title. Also starring Aurora Snow it was a match made in heaven, or was it? Unfortunately the content wasn't as scream out loud exciting as I had expected. The sex was overall pretty slow and unexciting. Not to say it wasn't enjoyable, because some of it was pretty good. On the plus side the majority of the oral portions of the scenes were beyond decent and very good. Fans of the young/back-to-school genre and the series will definitely want to purchase this title. However the rest of you non-diehards, this is a decent title with some pretty good content and rental is suggested.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.

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