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Rocco Ravishes Russia

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 2/2/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Rocco Ravishes Russia
Evil Angel

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Date of Production: 12/23/2003

Length: 2 hours 20 minutes

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Cast: Julia Robert, Daria, Auxanna, Katia, Anna, Gianna, Camilla, Victoria, Lucy, Linda, Maria, Katherina, Kleopatra Kazso, Rocco Siffredi, Kid Jamaica, Kevin King

Video/Audio: The video is presented in 1.33:1 color. Rocco's video has steadily been improving over the last year. This one is still not the greatest, but it isn't bad. Audio is presented in stereo with crisp overall sound.

Extras: Bonus Scene, Photo Gallery, Cast List

The DVD: Evil Angel has been producing some of the best DVDs for a while now. The graphics are superb and the navigation through the menus is easy. These guys have also been using several chapter breaks per scene which is the way everyone should do it. In addition to the chapter menu, a fetish menu is also available so you can jump straight to a particular act for the scenes.

Scene Breakdown:


Scene 1: Daria, Auxanna, Katia, Anna, Gianna, Camilla, Victoria, Lucy, Linda, Maria, Rocco Siffredi
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Toy, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
Rocco's welcome wagon is one that a lot of guys would love to get. The women dance and sing for him then attack him. They start out with a lot of sucking and move on to fucking with Katia taking the first ride in reverse cowgirl. I can't tell you who exactly has what done to them since their faces aren't visible most of the time, the action has a bit of everything. If the girls aren't with Rocco, they play with each other and use dildos on themselves. Rocco takes a little one-on-one time with Anna to fuck the hell out of her and make her cum using his fingers. Gianna moves over to join them and takes Rocco's dick in her ass for a while until he cums on Anna's face.

Fun scene, but not what I would call hot. The heat starts to build toward the end when he concentrates on just a few girls.


Scene 2: Julia Robert, Lucy, Kid Jamaica, Rocco Siffredi

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Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, Facial
Rocco walks outside and finds Julia reading on a table. The way she is laying shows off her ass and Rocco takes notice real quick. He moves over and winds up getting his cock sucked. Rocco walks around and buries his face in her ass to eat her out a little before fucking her on doggy. They go at it in missionary and standing then get interrupted by Kid Jamaica at the gate. Julia takes Kid to his room, but gets groped and eaten before they make it. She gets worked up and sucks his cock for a while before bending over to let him fuck her. Rocco and Lucy come up and find the other two fucking. Kid Jamaica holds Julia up and fucks her hard for a few minutes before moving into the same room Rocco and Lucy are fucking in. Both couples go at it side by side in missionary and switch partners. They both go into reverse cowgirl for a bit before Julia runs into a new room and offers her ass to Rocco. they start out with her on her stomach then move through spoon and reverse cowgirl before moving back to spoon. Lucy and Kid join them and he fucks her ass doggy style in a chair a few feet away from Rocco and Julia. Rocco ends up cumming on Julia's ass and Kid Jamaica paints Lucy's face to finish up.

Hot scene! I wasn't into it the first time I saw it, but it grew on me.

Katia & Daria

Scene 3: Daria, Katia, Kid Jamaica, Kevin Long
Acts Included: Oral, PTM, Facial
Kevin makes it to the house and Kid Jamaica lets him in then takes him into a room where Daria and Katia are. The girls give him a very warm welcome be sucking his dick. Katia pulls her pants down and Daria moves in to eat her pussy from behind before Kevin begins to fuck her. He moves her so she can fuck her in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl while Daria pays attention to Katia's outstanding tits. Kid Jamaica comes back into the scene and brings a bottle of wine to pour on the women and drink off of them. As Kevin bangs away with Katia he moves to Daria and begins eating her pussy as she stands above him. The guys start fucking the girls side by side in missionary then move closer together for some doggy style sex. The guys get the women to put their faces together so they can unload on them.

Like the previous scene, this one grew on me.

Kleopatra Cazso & Catherine

Scene 4: Catherine, Kleopatra Cazso, Rocco Siffredi, Kid Jamaica
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM, Facial
Rocco and Catherine get frisky in the woods with some oral for both parties taking place before he fucks her standing doggy style momentarily. They go back to the house to continue the fun and get into a 69 to warm back up. They start screwing again and go through reverse cowgirl and spoon before Rocco notices they are being spied on by Kleo. He tells the woman to come in then goes back to fucking Catherine until Kleo comes in. He talks to her for a bit then takes her over to Catherine so they can kiss as he eats her ass. Rocco makes a lunch out of both women's derrieres then begins screwing Kleo's pussy briefly before taking her ass doggy style. He pulls Catherine over to fuck her as she eats and fingers Katherine's ass. Rocco moves back to Kleo's backdoor and has Catherine suck his dick each time he pulls out. Rocco and Kleo switch to reverse cowgirl and lean back on Catherine a bit before Rocco starts fucking Kleopatra's mouth. He gets his ass licked by both women and Kid Jamaica shows up to join in. Rocco bangs Kleopatra's ass again as Catherine sucks Kid's cock. The guys bang the girls on the bed and Rocco drills the hell out of Kleo's asshole while Kid does the same to Catherine's pussy. Rocco goes over to Catherine to cum on her face as she fucks Kid then Kid cums in Kleo's mouth. Rocco fingers Catherine some more and Kleo kisses her with her cum filled mouth.

Hot scene!

Overall Thoughts: The Rocco Ravishes Prague and Poland DVDs are some very good sex videos so I had high expectations going into this one. I have to admit that when I first watched it, I didn't like it, but when I watched it again it got better. I still don't think it lives up to the previous movies, but it still has some hot action in it. The main thing that is a bit of a let down is the women's looks. They just don't live up to the others. There are some nice looking women, but none of them are drop dead gorgeous. The best scenes are the second and fourth and other than a little better looking women there is nothing to complain about.

Even though it took a couple of viewing's to enjoy, I think this is another fine release from Rocco. The women aren't what you would expect from some of the more recent Rocco DVDs, but the action is just as hot, so I think this deserves a Recommended rating.

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