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Kelly The Coed 3

Studio: Other » Review by Rob Randell » Review Date: 2/18/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature, Young

Director: Jim Powers

Cast: Allysin Chaynes, Allison Kilgore, Jade Marcela, Tracy Luv, Cuba, Vivien Valentine, Peach, Teri Star, Herschel Savage, Kid Vegas, Devlin Weed, Brunno, Apache, Lucky, Michael J. Cox, Roy Shaft, JJ Michaels, Buck Adams, Dave Hardman

Length: 1 Hour 54 Minutes

Date of Production: May 10, 1999

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Meet the Stars, Trailers, Kelly at Her Best (clips), Multiple Angles

Audio/Video: The video is presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The quality is fairly decent; the picture has a noticeable blocky/grainy touch. There are slight color distortions, but not bad. Considering this was produced in 1998, the picture quality comparably to newer features is still pretty good. The audio is presented in stereo surround.

Body of Review: In 1998 director Jim Powers produced the first in the Kelly the Coed series. This title did so remarkably well that successive titles were released. There are currently eleven installments in the Kelly the Coed series that star Allysin Chaynes as Kelly. Eventually a span off title was produced, Sindee the Campus Slut starring Aurora Snow. After eleven successive titles starred Aurora Snow in 12, Violet Blue in 13, Katie Morgan in 14, Crystal Ray in 15 and 16. However Allysin Chaynes returns as Kelly in the 17th installment of the series. Generally the Kelly the Coed series is about the daily life of a sex crazed college teenage girl Kelly. Well here's a brief overview of this feature's plot, which is followed by the scene by scene.

Plot of Kelly The Coed 3: Campus Life
After getting initiated into the Pi Pi House, Kelly is officially a Pi Pi girl. Here in the third installment in the series join young Kelly as she helps acquaint a young girl to sorority life and some of her friends work on getting their grades up in the similar fashion she did in the last volume. Not too mention a few other of Kelly's friends get double teamed by a few frats boys.

Scene 1: Tracy Luv
This scene opens with Tracy giving this gentleman payment for her ride to school. Here she sucks him off with plenty of energy and leaves him pining for more. Quite away to open this feature, with a very enjoyable oral sex only scene.
Rating: 7/10

Allison Kilgore
Scene 2: Allison Kilgore
Out in the middle of no where, Allison joins three young frat boys for an evening filled with beer and sex. Allison wearing a cheerleader like outfit does a little striptease to reveal her large breasts and decent body. Now joined with the three guys, she gets all the attention and beer she needs. The guys pour beer on her body, lick, suck, rub, and feel her as she in turn sucks them off. Eventually she gets on top of JJ Michaels and rides him in reverse cowgirl. The two other guys shove their tools down her throat, but eventually they get tired and pass out. The land owner Dave Hardman finds the JJ and Allison getting busy. After stating they should leave, Dave realizes he's about to get laid. He takes his pants off and gives Allison a mouth full. Next Allison stands up and bends over and sucks off JJ while Dave pounds her from behind. They progress the action by moving into anal, which leads to some nasty double penetration. Allison then receives a double facial from the two guys and gets more beer poured on her. She moves over to the passed out guys and sucks and jerks them off until they deliver the goods. A very hot scene with a lot of heart pounding action, Allison really knew how to deliver in this scene!
Rating: 10/10

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Jade Marcela
Scene 3: Jade Marcela
Here's one of my favorite Asian adult stars, Jade Marcela. Here in this scene the lovely beauty plays the role of an innocent freshman trying to make friends. She's new at school and these two fine gentlemen seem to know a thing or two about campus life. After a bit of talking, they manage to get in her pants. First they teach Jade the art of a blow job (like she really needs to know! Checkout RLD's Me Luv U Long Time for proof). Anyways she slowly sucks off the two guys in turn, as if she doesn't know what she's doing, but eventually it heats up. Next Jade gets on all fours, sucking off one guy and getting railed from the other. The action continues, but eventually they move into anal with Jade riding on of the dudes in reverse cowgirl. Now primed for action, the other dude enters Jade, bringing the scene into double penetration. After some more sex, the guys are spent and give her a delightful double facial. Quite a journey into the wonders of sex was this scene. In plain English, it was awesome. Jade has tremendous oral skills and really knows how take on two guys at once.
Rating: 10/10

Scene 4: Allysin Chaynes, Cuba
Visiting the Sorority house is a new girl to school, Cuba. She's shy, not really familiar with the ways of the Pi Pi girls. After a bit of dialogue Allysin decides to show Cuba how friendly the Pi Pi girls are. Allysin removes Cuba's clothes to show her delightful body and gives her oral pleasure. Next Cuba goes down on Allysin to show her what she's just learned. This was a fairly good scene in terms of girl/girl, as it wasn't bad, but it just wasn't really good.
Rating: 4/10

Vivien Valentine
Scene 5: Tracy Luv, Vivien Valentine, Peach
This is one of my absolute favorite scenes in the series. Here Herschel Savage takes on the role as teacher, he's coaching the girls on ways to succeed. When he stands up and starts to masturbate, as he feels like it. The girls are in shock, especially when he asks them to join in. Well he calls on Peach and she sucks him off, next Vivien and then Tracy. Soon all three girls are at his feet fighting over him, in a very hot joint oral sex performance. Next Herschel has the three girls sit on his desk in a line, legs spread wide of course. He starts the straight sex with Peach and rocks her world. The action continues with Tracy getting her turn. Next he works Vivien, while the other two girls sixty nine. In the last bit of action, Tracy rides Herschel anally. Then the three girls get close together and Herschel spreads out the cum shot among them. As said earlier this is one of my favorite scenes. There's quite a bit of action, lots of oral goodies, hot sex, breasts, naked chicks, and so on. What else could you want?
Rating: 10/10

Teri Star
Scene 6: Teri Star
Here features another young gal getting a private student/teacher meeting. After a bit of discussion they decide not to have sex. Can you believe that? Okay so I was wrong, they have sex. Anyways the dude has Teri strip and she does, next he eats her out, which is followed by a nice blow job. Next they engage in straight sex via scissors and follow the action in reverse cowgirl. Here the small breasted gal bounces on the dude. Then there's some anal sex and the scene concludes with a facial. This had a very enjoyable oral scene, but the sex was fairly bland.
Rating: 4/10

Tracy Luv
Scene 7: Tracy Luv
After a riveting defeat the school's basketball team gets a nasty lecture. Feeling uninspired they're at a loss for words of what to do. Tracy somehow finds her way into the men's locker room and makes a few comments about never seeing a black man naked. So the four guys pull out their tools and Tracy smiles, gets down and proceeds to suck them all off. After a long energetic scene full of oral sex, Tracy screams for sex. The small gangbang proceeds as she gets worked in straight and anal sex, with a little double penetration here and there. The scene ends with Tracy getting her face covered by the four guys. This was a pretty good scene as far as hot sex goes! Opening oral was definitely awesome and the small sexual gangbang was pretty damn enjoyable.
Rating: 8/10

Allysin Chaynes
Scene 8: Allysin Chaynes
Not really following much of a story, this scene opens with Allysin having some dude go down on her. Next she proceeds to give him oral sex, which they continue in a sixty nine. Next they start the straight sex, a bit slow as she rides the dude in cowgirl. Eventually they really speed up and then get into missionary and doggie. The scene ends with the guy going for a facial, but he misfires and hits her shoulder. This had a fairly good opening oral scene that was followed by some pretty good sex. Overall it was a fairly good sex scene filled with the Allysin Chaynes goodness.
Rating: 6/10

Concluding Words: After a fairly bad or the not-so-good release of Kelly the Coed 2: Initiation Night, this feature the third installment seemed to outshine it in so many ways. This feature is just as good as the first, but in different aspects. Bringing more threesome+ sex and a little less of that girl/girl action, young looking gals who have oral talents from the gods, cute faces, nice breasts, this third installment in the Kelly the Coed series features all that you need to produce an enjoyable adult feature. However this feature does really stray away from a plot of any kind, it just seems the girls are in random sexual campus encounters. Well perhaps that is the plot. Anyways if you've enjoyed the series you'll love this one, but if you're new to it, be sure to check this out, as I highly recommend it!

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.

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