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Under Contract: Chasey Lain

Studio: Vivid » Review by The Immoral Majority » Review Date: 2/20/04

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The Movie:

Another DVD in Vivid's Under Contract series, this disc is a compilation of scenes harvested from other movies staring Chasey Lain.  This disc included ten scenes, none of which really heat up the screen.

Scene One:  White Wedding with Marc Wallace.  Perennial stud Marc Wallace shows Chasey his main talent in this scene that takes place in a sound studio.  This was really short.  Marc licks Chasey a little, stands up and fucks her while she's on the mixing board, and then cums on her face.  Neither actor put too much effort into it.   Grade:  C

Scene Two:  Nymph with Vince Voyer, Tracy Love, Kitty Monroe, TT Boy and Alex Sanders.  I was surprised that they included this three-on-three scene in the film.  Chasey is only in it for a brief time.  The scene starts out with three guys getting blown by three women in the same room.  Two of the couples proceed to straight sex, and then to some nice anal fucking.  Chasey and her man are not seen after the oral until the cum shot at the end.  Chasey takes it on her tits, but the shot was spliced in from another movie.  The other two girls get the jizz on their faces.  A pretty good scene, but not much Chasey.  Grade:  B+

Scene Three:  Chasin' Pink 5 with Tanya Danielle:  This was not very good.  I like girl-girl action, but this was just too over-produced for my tastes.  The two women play with each other on a set of stairs, but there is a lot of strange editing.  The scene does not take place in chronological order.  The girls start clothed, they it cuts to some cunnilingus, they back to them stripping each other, etc.  They also pose a lot.  One standing behind the other holding the front girls tits, stuff like that.  I can get past the screwing on the stairs, but the unnatural poses killed the mood. This scene was really hard to get into.  Grade:  C-

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Scene Four:   Chasin' Pink 6 with Inari Vachs:  The fancy editing that kills the mood continues in this scene.  This is like a very long rock video.  There were a lot of fast cuts, and multiple exposures.  Fancy stuff that might look good, but isn't sexy in the least.  Another big fault was that they used the same shots over and over.  That's really lame.  The two girls didn't really have sex, it was more like they were playing in front of the camera.  They never ate each other, just some light kissing, and fondling, and Inari fingered Chasey a bit.  Grade:  D

Scene Five:  Chasin' Pink 1 with Jill Kelly:  They didn't have the funky editing in the first installment of this series apparently.  This scene is much better because of it.  Chasey is a cop who gets serviced by Jill Kelly on the hood of her cruiser.  There is some light dildo action at the end, but not too much.  This was one of the better scenes on the DVD.  Grade:  B+

Scene Six:  Chasey saves the World with Missy:  Chasey gets out of the shower to find Missy masturbating on the bed.  Chasey plays with her own clit, and they watch each other for a few minutes.  Then Chasey says she's too tired to fuck, and the scene ends.  This one was really short, and I was hoping for more.  I bit of a let down.  Grade: C
Scene Seven:  Interview with a Vibrator with Bobby Vitale and Tom Byron:  Give the title of the movie, I was surprised to find that there wasn't a vibrator in this scene.  It's a typical three-way, with Chasey sucking one guy while the other fucks her from behind, then they switch.  It had a do-it-by-the-numbers feel to it.  Grade: C+
Scene Eight:  Chasin' Pink 3 with Kobe Tai:  This time Chasey is an EMT in the back of an ambulance driving down the road.  She unstraps her patient, and they get it on. Kobe is a thin Asian with long black hair, she's very hot.  Unfortunately this scene was hampered by the setting.  There wasn't a lot of room, and the camera was jerky.  It was hard to get a good angle at times.  This was a good scene otherwise, with a good amount of kissing.  The girls looked hot and they put on a good show.  Grade: B+
Scene Nine:  Where the Boys Aren't 9 with Janine and Nikki Tyler:  The three girl in this scene are all hot.  Big tits and tight bodies.  The scene sucks though, because the director decided to make a stylized music video instead of a sex scene.  There are a lot of shots of one woman posing in the foreground while the other two caress each other in the background.  The video switches from color to black and white and even to a negative image.  There are a lot of abrupt cuts.  It was very hard to watch, and didn't get me turned on in the least.  Grade: F

Scene Ten:  Chasin' Pink 4 with TJ Hart:  The two woman fool around in an empty warehouse with a couch.  Chasey brings out a dildo at the beginning of the scene, but it is only used a little bit near the end.  A standard lick and suck scene, that never really convinced me that the girls were having fun.  Grade: C

The DVD:


Being a compilation, the quality varies a little bit, but in general, the disc looks and sounds good.  The full frame video has some digital defects, but nothing distracting.  The stereo audio track is perfectly fine.

The Extras:

In addition to a set of trailers and the usual toll phone line commercials, there is a 7 ½ minute 'behind the scenes' look at the filming of Virtual Love, a photo gallery of shots from the films featured, and a bonus room.  The bonus room has three scenes, all staring Chasey Lain:

Scene One: Chasin' Pink 2 w/ Shanna Valentine:  This time Chasey is at a construction site.  The girls eat each other on a large concrete pipe section.  Grade:  C+

Scene Two:  Chasey Saves the World with Missy, Steven St. Croix, and Tom Byron:  A pair of couples fuck in the same room.  Not  a lot of heat in this scene, but it was fun to watch.  Grade:  C+

Scene Three:  The Nice, the Naughty, and the Bad with Jenna Fine and Jill Kelly:  An all girl threesome.  Pretty good scene.  I enjoyed this more than most of the ones in the movie.  The girls are playful and look like they are having fun.  The standard girl-girl sex, but well preformed.  Grade:  B

Final Thoughts:

Lain is buxom and attractive, but these scenes don't make her out to be a great talent.  I was never convinced that she was having a good time, she just didn't get into it.  The horrible artsy-fartsy editing and camera work on some of the scenes left me cold.  If you are a big fan of Chasey's then be sure to check it out, but everybody else should probably skip it.

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