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Cocksucking Cherries 2

Studio: Cherry Boxxx » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 3/8/04

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Cocksucking Cherries 2

Cherry Boxxx Pictures

Starring: No attributes were noted on this dvd.

Length: 243.23 min.

Date of Production: 10/24/2003

Extras: Sparse offerings include: Play Movie, Scene Selection, Slide Show, company info, Web.

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture was clear and most scenes were well lighted. The stereo audio track was not a problem either.

Body of Review: Cocksucking Cherries 2 is nothing like Cocksucking Cherries. This dvd is an all blow job dvd. There is some spares sexual intercourse thrown in and an occasional russian scene but about 99% l blow job action. Who would think getting to see thirty some odd oral scenes would be anything but bad? I was hoping this would be a good dvd but I am sorry to say that there was not a lot going for this dvd. I hope Cocksucking Cherries 3 and so on are more like the original. I do want to note that Cumisha Amado does appear in this dvd although I have seen her in better scenes. I would say that some of the girls here are very attractive. I must also warn that there are some very average girls her as well. If you are interested in seeing the average girl engaged in your favorite passion then go ahead and rent this dvd.

Chapter 1:

The first scene features oral sex with a few seconds of cowgirl position sex. There is plenty of dirty talking. In fact just about every scene on this dvd features oral sex and dirty talking. You need read no further unless you want to read about the girl's descriptions. The girl here is attractive but not like a model. She has good teeth and clean hair.

Chapter 2:

The next girl has a nice perky body and a pleasant face. She also has a pierced tongue. Her hair is dirty blonde and tied up in a bun. Her breast is full and perky.

Chapter 3:

The next girl looks like Rosie Perez. She has brunette curly hair, big dark eyes and thick lips. Her breast is nice and large enough to do russian.

Chapter 4:

The following girl would not stop talking. She had dirty blonde curly hair and what seemed like a chunky build. She also had a crazed look on her face most of the time.

Chapter 5:

Cummisha Amado is the next subject. She is the only girl I recognize on this dvd. I must admit her face is not her strong feature. She has long black hair and bangs up front. She likes to talk a lot as well. You can hear her slurping away. She has big eyes to go along with big breast. She even does a little russian during this scene.

Chapter 6:

The next girl is an even chunkier blonde. She does a lot of dirty talking between sucks. She gets painted pretty good at the end but she never stops talking. You don't get to see much else of her body.

Chapter 7:

This next scene features two black girls. They try to time-share the lone guy. You hardly see much of their bodies. It also looks like this scene was shot in a garage. The light was harsh.


Chapter 8:

This scene has a bonus preamble. The girl, who has brunette hair tied up in pig tails, is sitting on a toilet and tells the camera man not to miss a shot of her going number 1. What is most unusual about this girl is how bad she looks. She demonstrates unusual technique and has lots of dirty talk. Another thing she has going for her are the nipple rings she has. It looks like this scene, as were others, was shot in a cramped bathroom. You can see the old fashioned electric heater in the wall behind the girl. Again, I can't get over how plain this girl is.

Chapter 9:

Compared to the previous girl, this girl is gorgeous. She has long brunette/red hair and perky large breast. And you know what, she is not ugly but she does just was well as the another girl. She even gets some russian action in. I like this scene. She does the dirty talk without being annoying. At the end during the money shot you get to see that she is wearing high heels. .


Chapter 10:

The next girl has long blonde hair and very small breast, almost flat chested. She has nice big eyes and does not talk as much as the others. She can also Hoover with the best of them. .

Chapter 11:

This girl looked good but I didn't like her attitude. She made up for it with her work ethic. She looks like she could generate a lot of negative pressure. What killed it for me was when she started to talk again.

Chapter 12:

This older girl looked average and chunky but she seemed like a lot of fun. She does the tea bagging slurping noises very well. She is not as annoying when she talks. Her breast is big enough to do russian. Near the end of the scene they get into a sixty-nine position for a while and you can almost hear her gag.

Chapter 13

The girl in this scene had a pierced tongue. She was an average looker but the tongue thing turned me off. Her voice though was not amusing. She didn't seem very creative at giving oral. I think she relied on her pierced tongue for shock value.

Chapter 14:

The next girl was quite a case. The start of the scene concentrated on her feet and especially toes. She has that pleasant California beach bunny look and has quite large breast. Big enough for russian action. This one was fun to watch.

Chapter 15

The black girl here was quite a bit slower and deliberate then the previous girl. I couldn't get a good sense of her body but my impression of her was that she was a bit chunky.

Chapter 16

This girl was a real case. Her preamble made me want to leave the room as if her looks and body were not enough to make the case. She can do the deed though. Hang in there and watch her boob box the guys unit ( aka russian ).

Chapter 17

The next scene features two couples. Both girls are average to above average in the looks department. Both had modest size A cup breast. The girls both demonstrate good technique but the one on the right side of the screen was much hotter in looks and action. .

Chapter 17

Did we have this variation yet? Two girls on one guy. It looks like two baby birds feeding on one worm. One twist is the two girls service each other as well. One girl looks a little Neanderthal and the other looks like a scary Sissy Spacek and very flat chested. Don't bother with this scene unless you are interested in the bizarre. .

Chapter 18

Another cute black girl but with huge blonde dreadlocks. The guy is really into this girl because you hear him talk though out this scene. You also hear a rooster in the background. By the way this girl has tongue piercing so be warned. On the money shot she gets it across the eyes and nose.

Chapter 19

This girl is good looking. Check her out. Not a lot of gyrations or talking but she is good.

Chapter 20.

This girl is very hot too but not as good is the previous one. She has flowing blonde hair, big eyes, huge hoop earrings and nice sized breast. If only they would show her in f-me high heels. That would be perfect. She has that porn star look. In this scene they over use the extreme wide-angle close up. Check this one out too.

Chapter 21

This brunette is an aggressive and intense oral giver. She looks like a cat caught in the rain. She has a weird tattoo on her upper arm (biceps). She looks like she has been up for 24 hours. She is pretty wild and scary. They cut to a sixty-nine position. Maybe that explains her aggressiveness. She has been warmed up for the scene. I got a quick glimpse of her feet and she is wearing white high heels. Too bad they didn't show more.

Chapter 22

Where the previous girl was aggressive this brunette girl is quite and calm. She has an easygoing attitude. After a few minutes we see that there is a blonde waiting on deck near by but nothing happens with her. Not a lot of thrills here.

Chapter 23

This blonde is in between the previous two. She moans more and is more active. She has nice small breast that show off her tan lines. In this scene the view cuts to a shot of her playing with her self. Something that is rarely done on this dvd.

Chapter 24

The girl here has a nice face. The most you ever see is the face and breast in most of the scenes on this dvd. Watch out for this girl because she uses a lot of teeth during oral. Something about her is annoying but I can't put my finger on it. I think she is insincere. .


Chapter 25

I like the redhead in this scene. She has a nice face and from the verbal feedback the guy is giving she must be doing a good job. Another thing I find annoying is the guy directing the girl in dirty talk. It seems stupid. I do like the sixty-nine positions where the camera stays on the girl's face and you know her expression is due to the guy giving oral to her. This girl looks like she came while he as giving head to her. This was a good scene.

Chapter 26

This girl has a nasty look. Her hair and face have something about it. If you saw her would thing that she gives good oral. Guess what, she does. In this scene they also show her fingering herself for a few seconds. What annoys me is when she talks to the camera. It just looks stupid. At the end of the scene after the money shot she says "the taste of freedom".


Chapter 27

This has an exotic look. She has medium color skin and light brunette hair. She is very attractive with nice small perky breast. She dirty talk is more integrated with her oral performance. This girl is pretty good. I think the key to a good scene is if the girl is also being stimulated. These girls seem to do the best. Halfway through the scene her hair is suddenly tied up in a ponytail.

Chapter 28

The girl here has the looks of a nice healthy farm girl. Boy you won't think she could give oral this way. She talks dirty on her own and that is the shortcoming here. It detracts more than enhances the moment here.

Chapter 29

Here is a raven hared girl with very nice sized breast and big eyes and a pleasant face. You wouldn't think she is very nasty if you saw her on the street. The problem is the guy is feeding her lines to say. I think she is wearing a nasty pair of high heels but I can't get a good look at them. .

Chapter 30

The next blonde has a very fair complexion and freckles. She is almost scary. With her red lipstick she reminds me of the Batman Joker character. She has quite a rant of her own. She can spew out quite a bit of dirty talk so she must be pretty practiced at it. While her looks are average she can perform


Rent this one if you want you want to investigate second tier girls.

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