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I am proud to say that I have been a part of the adult industry since 2005, primarily as a writer/editor. Since my first gig writing porn reviews, I have had the opportunity to write feature stories, interviewed countless performers, and have even done some reporting. As managing editor for CHERI Magazine from 2006 to 2009, I was exposed to the industry--from a publishing standpoint--everyday, and I enjoyed every second of it, through good and bad days. I continue to freelance for other adult publications, and am now on staff of the premier adult news website, XCritic.com--a site created by critics, staffed by critics, for critics, industry people and most important, the fans.

I am a fan first. I am that same guy you'd see in a bookstore poring through the adult mags, walking into a video store unashamed, My first exposure to porn was the same as most--discovering my father's, then my brother's porn stash, and not only getting turned on by it but also fascinated by the business. Some writers in adult, I find, try to make it appear that the content they write about doesn't really excite them, it's something more beyond than just seeing the girl get slammed hard while she lies on her back. If that's their view, if that's how they really feel about the content, I respect their views, but it's not my style. I will tell you what I like about a movie I review, whether it turns me on or not, whether the girls look good, how hot the performance was. To me, porn is first and foremost a masturbation tool. Yes, I realize that is such a simplistic statement to make, especially with the plethora of feature length epics, and parodies (most of which are incredible, visual achievements). But, we watch those films not only to marvel at the art, but to watch gorgeous, unattainable women engaging in hot sex. That will, in most cases, always be the focus of many of my reviews.

I am proud to be a part of this industry, fascinated by the inner workings of the business, and wish to be a part of it for many years to come (a lifer, as some in adult would say). I continue to have fun interviewing the talent, industry movers and shakers, to going out into the field and covering porn-related events. When it comes to reviews, to the fans who have accidently clicked on my bio page, I will tell you if a movie is worth the effort of stroking it or rubbing one out to it. To the industry, my promise to you is that I will watch every second of every movie I receive and give you my honest opinion if the movie will be worth your audience's time or not. As a porn fan for over 25 years, and having written hundreds of reviews and watching thousands of hours of adult content from a professional standpoint since 2005, I have the personal and professional credentials that makes me somewhat of an authority. Some of you know me, and know I am anything but dishonest. Heck, I even use my real name, only using a pseudonym once in my career when, after being assigned to essentially write the entire reviews section of a well-known adult trade magazine for three months in a row, my editor suggested I use one just to make it appear as though the reviews had differing points of view from more than just one writer. But those were still my words, my dead honest opinions.

Thanks to all who read my reviews. I'm under no illusions that my words, no matter how glowing, honest or brutal they are, will sway public opinion too much. But I hope they will be noticed by the studios in order for them to see what they've done right, done wrong, if they're on to something or be kept on noticed. People who are not illegally downloading porn or purchasing bootleg copies deserve the best, not second or third rate product. That's why reviews matter. Also, thanks to every adult magazine and website, especially XCritic, who have hired this average writer at best, to contribute to their publications and who gave me the opportunity to be a part of this world. And thank you, my friends, co-workers, colleagues and acquaintances in this business who have made working in this world fun every day since March, 2005. Always feel free to contact me and let me have it. You have my email, cell number, and if you don't, contact me at Twitter @RobGPerez.

1/2017: Rob Perez no longer writes for XCritic.com

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