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Chastity Lynn, Exxxotica NJ 2010 Interview

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

Sometimes when you try to tell people about someone, you find that the English language just dosn’t provide the words you need. This is the case with Chastity Lynn, but let me do the best I can. Chastity, is beautiful, exciting, exhilarating, sweet, adorable and OK, even damn wild when it comes to sex. When you tie her wild sex with her innocent beauty, you have what I refer to her as “The most innocent looking, dirty girl in porn today”

She delivers excitingly strong scenes and loves every moment when she is in front of the camera and it shows in her performance. Regardless, if it is on set or out in her personal life, she is always adventurous. She loves gang bangs and as one of her hobbies she enjoys spinning fire.

It is hard to find anyone to even come close in comparison to Chastity. She is very open in her sexual performances and as a individual and very creative in her work as she is in the process of launching her own web site call TheGangBangGirl.com

From her innocence in “BJ’s in PJ’s” to one of the most wild scenes I have ever watched in “Butt Fuck Bukkake”, she constantly delivers flawless jerk off material for all her fans.

I have had the honor and pleasure to interview many ladies, since joining XCritic, but being able to interview and spend time with Chastity Lynn, was extra special. I was greatly appreciated that during Exxxotica NJ 2010, she was able to take some time and talk to me and her fans about her career. Join me in finding out more about, “The Adult Industries most innocent looking, dirty girl, Chastity Lynn”.

Chastity, why don’t you tell us how long you have been an adult actress and how it all came about for you.

Well, I’ve been in and out of the business for about three years now, but solidly for about two. I met this girl named Ellie Idol while I was going to school in Seattle. She turned me on to pussy and porn. I had never fucked a girl before and fucking her was so awesome. We shot some girl-girl and solo scenes in Seattle, my first time ever using a vibrator was on a site called dormangels.com Later we went to Miami where I did my first hard core stuff.

Were there any surprises for you when you got into the business?

Not anything specifically that I can think of. It was little different than what I thought it would be. Oh, one thing I found out was, I didn’t realize there was so many evil people in this world until I was in porn, but maybe that has to do with growing up too.

You have 54 titles out in 2 years, which is pretty amazing for the short time you have been in the business. Do you have any favorites?

The “A-Team: A XXX Parody” is definitely my favorite. It was my first big parody and my first anal scene. I did the scene with my boyfriend Scott Lyons. I've lived with him for almost two years now. I'd never had anal sex until I started dating Scott. Getting to do my first on screen anal scene with him was just pretty cool.

You have some very strong sexual talent on screen. Every time I watch you, I get a mega woody and then well I umm, you know. In fact I have watched so many scenes of yours, I have a bottle of lube with your name on it. Have you always been as sexual as you are on the screen and what do you enjoy most?

Well, thank you Bill. I have always been on the freaky side and love to please men. But porn has definitely brought out my sexuality and pushed my limits in different ways than I expected. I never thought I'd be shooting pool balls or chocolate out of my ass or attempting to shove an arrangement of strange objects up it but I've had a good time doing so. I love to suck cock, but I like getting fucked more. My favorite position while fucking is doggie or spoon. For anal, I absolutely love spoon. But I think I love watching a girls ass gape open in pile driver more.

I think I have watched almost every scene of yours. Two that really stand out and I have enjoyed over and over are “BJ’s in PJ’s” which has been selected by XCritic as a Spotlight Scene and “Butt Fuck Bukkake”. Both are them are very strong and excellent jerk off material. You seem to just consistently deliver time and time again.

I really like “Butt Fuck Bukkake” too. One of my dirtiest scenes so far. A couple new covers to check me out in are Jay Sin's Lil Gaping Lesbians 4, The Babysitter Vol. 3, by Nica Noelle (I have two hot scenes: one with Manuel Ferrera and one with Mark Wood) and Girlfriends: Netskirts 5.0

How did you and Scott Lyons meet?

It was on a Barely Legal set. We didn’t start going out right away, we were like friends for a month or two. He would give me rides if I needed them and we would hang out and stuff. That’s pretty much how we started dating. I did have another boyfriend at the time. He, was up in Seattle, and a total jackass. I wasn’t trying to cheat on him or anything, but as things got worse, Scott and I started to get closer. I would think a lot about that first scene I did with him and say, WOW, Scott has a really nice cock and I really want to fuck him again. So that is how it started and worked out (Big Smile).

When your not working, what do you do with your time?

I used to party a fair amount but the past few months I've kinda turned into a health nut. Im saving most of my party spirit for Burning Man because there is no party like it on earth. Lately I've been focused on working out, eating healthy and having awesome sex with awesome people. I also Spin Fire, It’s called Poi. I’ve been spinning Poi for about a year and a half now and spinning fire for about six months. Poi literally means ball on a string, and it’s basically a form of juggling where you swing the balls around your body. It took me about ten months before I was comfortable enough to light them on fire.

If you could create your own dream scene, what would it be and who would be in it with you?

That’s easy, I've been requesting a dp scene for a while with Scott Lyons and James Deen.

Have you ever done it in your private life and what was it like?

I have, but not with James Deen, haha but It was intense anyways. It’s always intense.

Chastity, not only are you a very pretty, but you have an amazing body. You have these sweet boobies and nipples that drive me utterly crazy. I am sure you get a lot of comments on them. Besides those boobies I love, what else to get lots of complements on?

Thank you Bill, I am so glad you like them. Lately I have also been getting a lot of complements on my ass too.

I would agree with that, you do have a sweet little ass. You know Chastity, if I could just hold your boobies n my hand for a short few moments, my life would be complete and I would die a happy man. But more importantly, I feel obligated to our readers, to just personally confirm how great your boobies and nipples feel.

You are in the process of launching a web site. Tell me a little about it.

The site is TheGangBangGirl.com. It will mostly feature me getting my holes worked by a variety of guys: fans, porn guys, friends, masked dudes etc (anyone who has a recent test can apply). Scott likes watching gangbangs so he got me into it. The biggest gangbang I've done so far was with 14 guys, but i want to do more. That scene will be on the web-site once it is launched. It was great, they rotated through and all came twice except for the camera man. He wanted to cum twice but he had to focus. I came up with the site name just fucking around on the Internet and found out that TheGangBangGirl.com was still available. I was like hey, I should buy it, so I did.

I have seen a little on Twitter about your site and about guys sending in applications to be part of it. Tell me, how are you going about selecting and casting guys for your gang bangs. What does it take to be one of the privileged.

If you are recently tested and smell good you are invited :-)

As we wrap up is there anything you would like to say to anyone in the industry and your fans?

Keep watching the nastiest little girl next door on Twitter @chastitylynnxxx and stay tuned for the launch of my web-site www.thegangbanggirl.com

Interview By: Bill The Hobbyist

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