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Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Jailbait 4, Sex Toys Galore, Janine's last hurrah, and a whole lot more

Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Spotlight Title: Jailbait 4: Special Edition

Erik Everhard is one of my favorite directors in the gonzo realm as much for the intensity of his performances as the way he elicits excellent performances from almost all the ladies that work for him. It also doesn't hurt that now his titles are distributed by Jules Jordan Video, he tends to offer as much fuck for the buck quantity as anyone else in the field but his technical values have been notably better than average for years now as well. His most recent release coming my way was Jailbait 4: Special Edition, where Erik rounds up a lot of really raunchy rump with an emphasis on tease and youth; two qualities that fans have loudly proclaimed as paramount to their enjoyment from my experience. It was a step better than Jailbait 3in a number of ways but I wasn't quite sure what to rate it so I called in a second opinion. She asked me a series of questions regarding what the double disc set was supposed to offer, how well it offered such material, and how well it placed against other projects in the genre in recent porn from other companies. The answers all clarified that the rating should be a Highly Recommended for the quality of the sex, the quantity of the footage, and the replay value such footage had. That there were some okay extras and high end technical values did not hurt either, fans of youthful gals and some admittedly creepy scenarios probably finding it even better. In short, if you like heated sex with young gals of barely legal age,  Jailbait 4: Special Edition will keep you satisfied for a very long time.

Sex Toy Round Up: We're Back!
As the reviewers here at Xcritic continue to expand our coverage of all things adult, they have shown a revived interest in getting down and dirty with some of the sex novelties that have come in over the years. We've asked for input in our forum section but have also shown that we're prepared to raise the stakes with more in depth coverage than ever before in our "bed tested" toys by the men & women you've come to trust. Displayed here are the  Rabbit Habit Cordless Vibrator and Crystalessence Gyrating Penis; each having some strengths that toy fans may appreciate. The Gyrating penis doesn't exactly gyrate and the Rabbit Habit has as much to do with bunnies as a hacksaw but the variation of physical pleasures they offer women will likely give you reason to explore their finer qualities. The in depth reviews our staff has provided should manage to provide food for thought this close to the festive spirit of giving this holiday season but make no mistake about it; we're looking to expand this area of coverage and need your help to do it. Let up know what you want to see in our sex toy reviews via email of the forum; submitting sample reviews to our editor if you think you have what it takes to be a consumer advocate writing for the website.

Lest you think we're only covering female toys, don't forget to take a look at the latest in technology for the men too with our appealing look at the all new Brea Bennett Pocket Ass. As we figured, it did not seem particularly close to sampling the ass of the hot contract star but as a means of getting off with a little simulated friction, you'll have to forgive us for the perverted pleasure that was sought, and found, with this one. Keep reading as we explore the darker side of novelty loving but remember that we can use some help and suggestions to make it all work better; and if you have a specific toy you want reviewed, let us know so we can try to cover even more territory in the future as we show no boundary being too out of the park to check out for those of you that have depended on us.

Highlights of The Week 

Jake Malone is one of the guys in porn expanding the limits of the gonzo genre by bringing forth women that embrace the harder edge of circus act sex with his movies at Evil Angel. I can't always say that I like and enjoy them but I can suggest that he pushes the limits of what is acceptable there more than any of his peers, catering to his own muse rather than worry so much about whether fickle distributors will sell what he brings to the consumer. His latest title is Teens Corrupted: Special Extended Set, a series of outlandishly hardcore scenes featuring some of the youngest ladies in the jizz biz; all of them performing with men twice their ages or more. Given the drive by companies to provide the youngest gals they can legally offer up in such titles, it was clear that most of the gals were in their late teens or early twenties (and looking younger) in an effort to make you happy but rarely showing debutantes unable to handle the kind of action Jake is known for. With over five hours of all new footage in the movie itself, you have to hand it to the guy for addressing the quantity issue but what about the quality you say? I think most of you will be quite happy with that too, though some of the ladies were clearly more comfortable doing all the kinky things Jake had them do. It was a lot of fun and for whatever rough edges it had, the premise was always covered better than most porn on the market. The ladies were young and horny, their sexual skills ranged quite a bit in order to provide some needed diversity, and the sexual situations were caught nicely thanks to Jake's skill with the camera so I rated this one as Highly Recommended.

Mike John has long been established as a top notch gonzo director in the POV field but many also appreciate his camera skills in other areas of the field. Now that he is busy at work under a distribution deal with Jules Jordan Video, his multi-disc titles have increased in the levels of fuck for the buck they provide consumers who expect more than a couple of hours for their hard earned money. His latest title to make it my way is Peep Show: Special Edition , a gonzo effort lasting nearly four hours with a great cast willing to engage in all sorts of carnal activity for your viewing pleasure. Fans of tease will be pleased to note that each gal provided some, most proving a lot, and the energy levels were often exceptionally high. It had a solid cast of gals that included women with a lot of experience and relative newcomers, high end technical values, and plenty of fuck for the buck to appease the growing legion of consumers that want more for their money. The replay value of the action was almost always top notch and there was little of the circus act sex that bothers some people so I rated it as Highly Recommended. Mike is acknowledged as a leader in the gonzo field so it came as no surprise that  Peep Show: Special Editionprovided more stroke value than most recent offerings; relying on genuine heat and energy more than quantity but giving plenty of that too.

Janine Lindemulder is best known as a long time contract gal at Vivid Entertainment that did not do men except at the very beginning and very end of her career. Her lesbian antics were very well received over the years and she worked a lot for director Paul Thomas before leaving the company to finish out at a competitor. Well, her last movie for Vivid was shot days before she left them, a little title called  Pipe Dreams that they sat on for all these years. The movie is a low end feature starring Janine as a psychotic porn performer that falls for lonely Manuel Ferrara as the man tries his hand at directing ("it's just like plumbing..." claimed his "brother" Paul Thomas). The cover said it like this: "Be Careful Who You Wish For. Henry is a plumber who cleans up after the beautiful people. He's a sweet, not-too-bright guy. When he persuades his talent agent brother to make a grade-z skin flick, he figures he'll get to meet a girl, even if it's all an act. But first he has to write a script. And that he does...and it turns out to be a blockbuster. With superstar Janine attached! Paul Thomas presents a strange and poignant story about being careful what you wish for, and more importantly who. Because if you end up with a hit and a harlot, your life may never be the same. And you just may end up wishing you never took the plunge..." If you're a fan of light bondage and Janine, this will be a no brainer for you to pick up. As an ending tribute to Janine's career at the company, the movie was worth a light Recommended by this fan; acknowledging that your own rating for the movie will depend largely on how much you like the leading lady of the day.

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Celeste is a specialist in female erotica that provides a contrast to the gonzo efforts of the day; practically owning the market as other companies seek to outdo each other in terms of circus act sex and mean edged porn. Her latest movie in the newer HD DVD format is the newly released Hush HD DVD; a series of vignettes that spotlight the lovely and talented contract stars Jesse Jane and Shay Jordan (though mostly Jesse). Using slow motion and other visual effects, the idea was to create an obtainable fantasy style of action, this time pulling out all stops to provide lots of fuck for the buck (it lasted almost an hour longer then what I expected AND had some decent extras on top of that). If you're in the market for heated erotica, you've come to the right place. It was a lot of fun to watch and I say this without the usual qualifiers. The production team worked very hard to instill some extra spark in the scenes, largely succeeding thanks to the manner in which all the elements came together but also due to the subject matter (none of the gals here were third tier). If you're looking for something with circus act sex tricks, abusive men, and harsh lighting like you'll find at the local Wal-Mart (or your typical gonzo flick), you'll want to keep looking but if you're looking for something to snuggle up with a loved one and watch, you'll think of Hush HD DVD as one worthy of being Recommended. The evolution of Celeste's style continues to move forward with time, recent efforts proving that someone is listening, but this was a marginal upgrade for me given the higher resolution bringing out flaws in the gals more readily than enhancing the experience.

Jules Jordan has long been about providing hardcore sex that fans want to see so it makes sense that the releases for his company, Jules Jordan Video, by all the directors working there are full of genre defining sex acts. Well, after another reviewer dropped the ball recently, I came in possession of a title he sat on for two months called  Feeding Frenzy 9: Special Edition. I'm not a huge fan of blowbang sex but those of you that prefer seeing orally gifted ladies blowing scores of guys and swallowing the results will find this to be as welcome an addition to your collections with a whole new set of gals to provide knob slobbing fun. It was a lot of fun and earned a rating of Recommended or better depending on how much you are into blowbang action. I prefer fewer men getting to do more to the ladies but I know these outings are popular too so if all you want is blowjobs in great quantity over great quality, you can hardly go wrong here. In short, Feeding Frenzy 9: Special Edition was a lot like Feeding Frenzy 8 so you will know exactly what to expect when you pick up a copy with the technical matters, the casting of ladies, and the action exactly what was advertised on the cover (though technically, the sub heading of "Gulpin' Gallons" might have been a bit too much).

Reviewing madman Peter Rockwell came up with a trio of top titles this week too with: Reality Kings Strike has never really been one of the big players in the world of porn. Cum Fiesta 4 is a big step towards getting them there. Not only are the girls all top-notch beauties, but they really know how to fuck on camera. When you combine that with the tons of extras and the solid technical quality you have a nice little DVD. If you're in the market for a new amateur title, I'd consider giving this one some serious consideration; then with New Chicks Cum First #5: Overall I was very satisfied with this DVD. The one thing it really has going for it is the quality of the girls. Each and every one of them is amazing to look at. Combine that with energetic sex, and good technical quality, and you have a DVD worthy of adding to your collection. If you're a fan of teen DVDs, definitely consider picking this title up; and ending with Barely Legal Corrupted 9; I've had the pleasure of viewing a number of titles in the Barely Legal Corruptedseries, and I've always been a big fan. This title, the others, delivers exactly what you want from an adult DVD. Sexy young girls, wild sex, and solid technical quality - the only knock I can find is the lack of redeeming extras. When taking all that into consideration, I still feel this earns a rating of Highly Recommended. Good job Hustler.

Rob Randell then showered us with love in the form of reviews for Love at 1st Fuck #2  is a gonzo porno from Red Light District Video that is directed by John Strong. As for as the content goes, it is pretty much a clean and straightforward gonzo release. The girls get naked and have sex. There isn't much more to the formula, but it what works, works. This DVD has some pretty steamy scenes. I was pretty happy with this release. In particular, I really enjoyed seeing Nadia Nitro in action. Her scene alone makes this DVD worth checking out. It's that hot. The other scenes are good enough to warrant checking out; then 110% Natural #14  tailors to viewers who enjoy girls that are natural with no artificial preservatives. Pretty much if you're looking to see natural beauties and some old fashion sex, this title should be right for you. The last in this series I have seen was #12 and I enjoyed #14 a lot more. Director/performer John Strong had a much nicer lineup of girls and the sex was steamier. You will want to see Adriana Nicole, Honey DeJour and Nikki Coxxx in action if you like busty babes; Internal Injections 2  is Diabolic's series that has girls who engage in sex and finish with an internal cum shot aka creampie. This feature has 6 girls spread across 6 scenes. The action is pretty decent, but not as hot as the first release. The action was pretty hot and the girls were enjoyable, but it wasn't off the wall exciting. There are a couple good scenes with veterans Jenna Haze and Aurora Snow that are worth seeing; Sperm Splattered #4  is a fetish title by Juan Cuba and Platinum X Pictures. The fetish is face covering cum glazed endings. The girls are restricted to oral sex and partake in small oral only gangbangs. At the end they get their pretty faces covered in cum. I had a lot of fun with this DVD. In fact I've had to watch it a couple times since getting it. I enjoyed all of the girls and how well the action and endings played out. The only disappointment I had was no sex. Sure, I enjoy a good oral bit, but these girls were so hot and I just wanted to see them get fucked too. Anyways this DVD is a real winner and should be perfect for those who enjoy facials and oral action with attractive young babes; and Sprung A Leak 4  is a fetish title from Red Light District Video with a cast of girls who squirt juices out of their vaginas during sex. For those looking for extreme squirting fetish titles like Squirtwoman, Sprung A Leak 4  is not for you. The squirting action aspect is pretty tame and occurs sporadically during the action. I was pretty happy with this DVD. The final scene with Sinnamon Love was my favorite with Sindee Jennings coming in second. I was also happy to find the squirting aspect was not extreme. I'm not a huge fan of the act, but seeing it occasionally doesn't bother me.

Disco Dirge then reported on a couple of fun titles with Seasoned Players; This is either the biggest vanity project an aging porn star can create for himself, or the nicest compliment one old school smut actor can pay to his now aging female accomplices. Though he claims it's a MILF title (and more than one of these actresses admits to having kids), what Seasoned Players actually represents is a chance for younger XXX fans to see some familiar faces - and other interesting physical elements - from women who were making porn before their parents even met. Treating each one with respect and warmth, Byron lets them discuss their career, their age, and their love of sex. There is never a false note exchanged, a moment when we think the performer is faking so she can get another adult industry paycheck. Instead, the scenes play like a couple of old friends getting together for some good conversation and even better fucking. It helps us get comfortable with the wrinkle, weight, and other age issues that will eventually be involved. This is the perfect marital aid for couples who are seeing the back end of their formative fuck/suck years. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is more or less mandatory; and MILF School 5 ; Where did the whole "MILF" idea come from? Naturally, one assumes it derives from the standard adult entertainment ideal - if one genre works, the opposite must be waiting to do so as well. If a 'barely legal' title with girls looking like 14 year old boys brings the bucks in, giving their legal guardian a go must be some manner of given hardcore cash grab. True, modern smut relies on the demographically specific/fetish oriented concept to make its mark, but with rare exceptions, seeing someone over the age of 40 straddling a giant sized penis is perplexing, not pleasant. It boils the entire XXX idea down to attractiveness and agility. So when judging MILF School 5 , one has to move beyond the wildly acrobatic and frequently out of control industry fashion standards. Instead, we are gauging how comely our proposed parent really is, and what she can do with a guy that's half her age. For the most part, these Mothers I'd Like to Fuck do a fine job of selling the smut. The appeal may be as limited as the action, but overall, this is a hearty hardcore title.

Famed reviewer The Mooninite then showed how much he liked a title with Naughty Book Worms Volume 9 , the latest in the thankfully ongoing Naughty America series distributed by Pure Play Media, is, like the eight entries that came before it, targeted to a pretty specific segment - those who like natural girls in glasses (three of the five girls keeps her glasses on for her entire scene) and who also enjoy the fantasy of a teacher coercing a student into sex in order to boost grades or win favor. We all heard stories in high school or in college, most of which turned out to be bullshit, about how so-and-so had slept with one of her teachers to pass, and this disc takes that premise and turns it into a document of those exploits. As seems to be the norm in this series, the sex in this collection varies only slightly from scene to scene - the five scenes follow almost the exact same formula from start to finish without much in the way of kink or alteration to spice things up save for the three-way and the anal sex in the first scene (a nice surprise and a first for the series?). While normally this would make for a lame release, in the context of the fantasy that Naughty America is catering to with this disc, it works and the producers do their best to keep things in that context. If you dig girls with glasses (these gals are certainly not nerdy in the least, that illusion just doesn't work here) in reasonably realistic sexual situations and without a lot of heavy make up or surgical alignments, give this or any of the other volumes in this series a shake. Naughty Bookworms Volume 9  gives fans more of the same, which is likely exactly what they want in the first place. A solid cast and some slightly spicier sex than we've seen from the series before makes this one stand out.

Saul Good then provided some insights to Amateur Anal Attempts #9 : Homegrown Videos keeps exposing the neighborhood. Amateur Anal Attempts 9 brings everyday-looking couples to the boob tube for squeaky tight anal rumping. The actors are all natural (looking at least) and very well could be the couple next door. You'll think twice about your neighbors and maybe even ask to borrow some sugar. The flick is fantastic. Looking for true hardcore anal amateur pumping with decent gals and everyday guys that aren't fat and sweaty, but tolerable? This is a good start. Too bad I had to begin with #9. Who knows what I've been missing. There's a strong range of looks and action, but the shotsare steady and better than some big studios. Here's a great example of solid editing where the performances are pieced together well and they never go on for too long. Two major thumbs up the ass for the guys behind this film (which are nowhere to be credited). They shed new and naughty light on the neighbors and what's going on behind their curtains; and Latina Anal Babes; Hustler goes past the equator to the hottest country South of Mexico for Latina babes that take it thru the rear. "Shot in Brazil" as the cover shouts, suggests that we shouldn't find any tanned California gals just filling disk space and building their resumes. Hustler succeeded in conquering Europe, with South America under the belt, where next? Generally, I think Hustler is too mainstream; skimping on production and churning them out like Warhol but this one surprised me. It starts bad, very bad, and then cleans up its act.  Shot entirely in Brazil (although you'd never know because we don't go outside), 5 Latina ladies take it every way from Sunday. Surprisingly, the sex (and yes, even the anal) is easy for virgin eyes. Anal is taken gently and then pushed to a faster pace without getting rough. Each actress does her fair share of riding, showing that she's in control and that Brazilian women are the bomb and even the guys hold back some. There's not a lot of loud moaning and artificial screams, so there's a very natural feel to the flick.

Reviewer Harry Johnson then took a look at a double dose of a popular series with Naughty America 4 Her #1: Naughty America does it again with a top notch compilation of sex that features some of the industries most popular stars. Gianna, Julia Bond, Ava Devine, and Penny Flame all make an appearance in Naughty America's latest release, 4 Her. The sex is charged and there is enough variety to please a wide array of viewers. After all, these scenes are hand-picked favorites of the Naughty America ladies; what can go wrong? Naughty America has a fine reputation for quality productions and Naughty America 4 Her #1  is a perfect example of that. Each scene here has something to offer and there is definitely enough hotness to go around. The only scene that let me down was Aubrey's but the other four are filled with some incredible sex and click in almost every way. If you're a fan of any of these girls you'll appreciate their offerings though I felt Penny and Ava stole the show along with Julia and Alektra. This series deserves a shot and will please many out there; and the sequel, Naughty America 4 Her #2: Once again Naughty America has assembled a compilation of its favorite girls with its 4 Her series. The second installment features the likes of Penny and Aubrey once again grace the 4 Her release. This time around my personal favorite Eva Angelina has joined the party and the sex once again impresses and titillates the senses. During each of these five scenes the depicted acts vary but I will say if you happen to like your girls with glasses you're going to fall in love. Like the first release of Naughty America 4 Her the second one features some very hot girls in some fantastic scenes.

We end this week's highlights with a selection reviewed by Frankenlola, our tag team couple, with the comedic Gaped Crusaders 2: Get ready for five hotties that open wide for the camera.  This movie shows some of the hardest action with no holes barred.  The women are up for anything, including DP, ATM, and an anal creampie in addition to the main attraction, huge gaping holes. This movie lives up to its title.  There were plenty of sphincters spread wide and lots of hardcore action.  Each scene has its own theme, whether it is gagging, bondage, group, or creampies, this movie will fill your need.  The most annoying aspect was when the cameraman would ask the girl questions while she is having her ass pummeled.  The girls were all pretty hot, some more than others.  This is good considering you won't see many big stars pull their bung-holes open in order to catch a load. This movie is not highly recommended for couples.  The action is pretty extreme and not many girls are turned on by giant gaping asses.  On the other hand if this is what your S.O. desire, then this movie delivers. I am going to give this movie a "Recommended" since it offers plenty of stretching and the replay is decent, since girls are selectable by scene or act.  However, take the warning above and don't spring this on a new viewer.

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