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Best Porn Parody/Sitcum of 2009

Not The Cosbys XXX
Say what you will about the state of the porn union these days but 2009 was certainly what experts would refer to as "The Year of the Sitcum", the label coined by the undisputed champion of the genre, Will Ryder. The repeat director of the year and his partner Scott David formed X-Play several years back, spending far more time and energy than their peers to hone their lovable tributes to classic television comedies, the results always winning accolades for the level of detail provided. This year, the team offered up several potential award winners to outshine their competition, the result ending up in a near tie between Not Married With Children XXX and Not The Cosbys XXX, Cosbys winning out thanks in no small part to the lead actor hired to portray the popular comedian, a fellow by the name of Thomas Ward.

There are those who said it couldn't be done, that urban titles lack the crossover appeal of lily white offerings or that providing so much dialogue with an ensemble cast would weaken the title beyond repair, the comedic elements as entertaining as the sexual exploits of such desirable babes as Misty Stone as Denise, Monica Foster as Claire, or Melody Nakai as Vanessa (with Tee Reel and Tyler Knight deserving of any nods they receive given how much they contributed too). Thomas Ward expanded the role further in later sitcum releases, but 2010 is the year when the second chapter of the series will be released and this first shot blew away the scores of wannabe winners from the bigger companies in porn, the X-Play team showing that it takes more effort to craft a title people will enjoy over a cheap knockoff made overnight.

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The show so closely mirrored the camera angles, the music, and the thematic elements of the original that it served as a fine homage to the hard work and dedication needed on a movie this big, that the movie even beat out all of the huge gonzo titles to win the Xcritic top spot on the main list. The genre itself took the center stage in the industry in 2009 and we at Xcritic think this trend will continue into 2010, the biggest & best of the bunch hopefully treated like Cosbys with multiple discs, loads of extras, and the kind of long term appeal that will keep the fans coming back for more. As X-Play tries to expand into comedy titles not so closely tied to the works of others (such as with the wonderfully amusing Flight Attendants), we only hope that they keep leading the rest of the industry down the right path, their treatment of shows like Cosbys head and shoulders above the copycats and followers as far as we can see.

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