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Top Gay Porn of 2009

Here at XCritic we have a very active Gay Porn review team.  They comb through all the gay releases to help you find the very best bang for your buck.  Here's a collection of the absolute best in Gay Porn from 2009:

Wow! Home Invasion is one big fucking turn-on and I was leaking pre-cum moments after the action started. Strong direction by Joe Gage along with excellent videography, editing, and music all come into play with five solid scenes that are highly charged with sexual electricity and never become dull. The dudes are all very hot and give wonderful energetic performances. They are each clearly into the action and one another as they get down to hot sweaty man-sex. The mood/tone of the movie is quite different than most I review in that there is an overall feel of mystery and danger running throughout. I'm wild about each dude in this movie so I have no personal favorites this time. I must note that Tristan Raine in scene two gives an outstanding performance as a sexually conflicted young man who is finally letting down his guard and experience hot man-sex for the first time. He's definitely believable in this role.  

Taken to the Lowest Level (Channel 1) Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Chi Chi La Rue really delivers the down 'n dirty "goods" with Taken to the Lowest Level. The story reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland in that an innocent blonde (Phillip Aubrey) breaks through the looking glass (this time a television monitor) and is introduced to a variety of "forbidden fruits" (okay...bad pun. Ha). Phillip Aubrey is quite good as the na´ve man who ventures into another reality and gets worked over by the extremely hot/rough 'n tumble Adam Killian (who also provides excellent videography along with Hue Wilde) in a variety of scenes involving leather, bondage, a hot candle wax session, whipping, and plenty of golden showers. The dudes all give highly erotic performances and really cut loose getting all sweaty and overcome with lust. I loved all the guys but my favorites are Adam Killian, Mitchell Rock, and the beautiful David Taylor.  

Cream Filled Twinkeys (Channel 1) Director: Doug Jeffries
When a title arrives at my doorstep that turns out to be both super-hot and playful, I get a real kick out of it. Channel 1's Cream Filled Twinkys is one such title. I LOVED this movie! Doug Jeffries is an excellent director and along with strong videography by Adam Killian 'n editing by CH, he has created a 100% turn-on. The dudes are all very appealing, give energetic performances, and truly look to be enjoying themselves. This is particularly clear in scene four featuring Cameron Marshall and Brock Armstrong. I noticed quite a few little hints that these two really dig one another. I also enjoyed the in-depth interviews with the cast. The viewer will see who these guys really are when not in front of the camera.  

Locker Room (Hot House Productions) Directed By: Robert Drake
I've had a big ol' fetish for movies featuring jocks and locker room settings for years. So, I was more than pleased to delve into Hot House Productions'  simply titled Locker Room. The direction by Robert Blake is solid and Andre Adair's videography is excellent providing full coverage of all the sexual shenanigans going on in this particular locker room. The guys all give energetic performances and look like they are very into each other and all the action as they gorge on cocks, eat tight assholes, and get down to some serious butt fucking. My personal favorites here are Tony Mecelli, Ethan Wolf, Tony Estrada, and Blu Kennedy (I love them redheads!) Let's all get nekkid' and hit the showers! Ha! 

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Big Dick Society II: Dicktimized (Jet Set Men) Directed By: Chris Steele
When I see that Chris Steele has directed the movie I'm about the review, I know I will be watching a high quality product. Mr. Steele (who used to be in front of the camera and is a hottie) gives this viewer exactly what he wants: strong direction, excellent videography, and hot dudes. I love big dicks and Mr. Steele provides plenty of them. The close-ups of the throbbing 'n veiny one-eyed trouser snakes are downright mouth-watering! All the guys are very appealing with my absolute favorite being Jude Colton. He's so darn cute and after watching his interview, I must reveal that I have a little crush on him. The sex is all very steamy and the dudes give it their all with highly energetic/erotic performances. 

Slow Heat in a Texas Town (Titan) Director: Joe Gage.
Slow Heat in a Texas Town is a complete turn on!  Joe Gage directs with a strong hand creating eight scenes of sizzling sexual tension that he lets build between the characters until it finally erupts in hot man-on-man sexin'. The videography (Brian Mills), editing (James Sheridan, Kawai), and sound are all top of the line and definitely helps set the slow burn tone of the movie. The guys all give energetic performances as well as convincing non-sexual performances. They are quite believable in their roles and the viewer will easily believe that this is the first time these actors have had sex with another man. Jackson Wilde as the na´ve college student, Cory Flint as the country boy, and Del Cobb as the Park Ranger struggling with his sexual identity give strong believable performances that are the movie's highlight. It's also great to see Steve O'Donnell's return to adult movies. He's been one of my favorites in the past and he looks just as hot as he ever did. I loved the overall quality of the production, excellent performances, and strong believable sexual tension. 

Queen's Plaza Pickup 3 (Latino Fan Club/Real Urban Men) Director: Rob Greco.

I really dig Black and Latino dudes and The Latino Fan Club/Real Urban Men Productions knows how to find some of sexiest men in NYC. Rob Greco directs this horny ex con-themed drama with a firm hand. The hand-held videography will allow the viewer to feel as if he's really in the room with these over-sexed guys. There are plenty of excellent close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt-sex penetration as these dudes get down to some hot man-on-man lovin'. Treshawn and Venom are my favorites this time with their sexy faces and big fat cocks. Afrikan Prince is no slouch either and is a great performer providing the most wild no-holds-barred sexual noises I've ever heard. All the dudes in the movie really deliver the goods. Hot times! Part three of this series definitely delivers the goods. 

"Endgame" (Dirty Bird Pictures) Directed By: Jett Blakk
Jett Blakk has once again written and directed a hot smut fest with four scenes that move along at a steady pace filled with snappy and touching dialogue. The videography, editing, and musical score are all quite good. The dudes are all very hot, give energetic performances, and look to really be enjoying each other and the action. My favorites here are Chad Hunt, Scott Campbell, James Hamilton, and Phenix Saint. The bonus features are outstanding and much more than I ever thought I would see in an adult movie so kudos for Jett Blakk for including them. Reportedly this is Chad Hunt's last movie and this is why he decided to bottom for the first (and last) time in front of the camera. Chad is one of my all-time favorite performers. He'll be missed and I wish him the best of luck with whatever he decides to pursue outside the world of adult entertainment.  

Brent Corrigan's Big Easy (Dirty Bird Pictures) Director: Brent Corrigan
As a director, Brent Corrigan set out to create a movie that shows the guys as real human beings and not simply pieces of meat in a porno. He really succeeds as the non-sexual footage does indeed show each dude as a real individual through interviews and just joking around and having fun in the wonderful city of New Orleans. The sex scene between Brent Corrigan and Ryan Buckly is one of the most genuine I've seen during my stint as a reviewer. In fact all the dudes seem to truly like each other's company and it shows while they get down with some very hot man-on-man action. I loved the plethora of bonus materials that are highly entertaining and quite emotionally revealing at times. This is not the typical porn movie. There's plenty of hot sex but also plenty of documentary-style footage. Great job Brent!  

Pin Ups: Oversized (Bel Ami) Director: Bel Ami Studios
Bel Ami definitely knows how to produce an excellent solo movie. These fourteen guys are all very appealing and look to be having fun showing off for the camera and beating their hard uncut cocks. The high production values give the movie a lovely lush look with the use of vibrant colors from the green foliage and pink 'n purple flowers outdoors to orange walls and brightly colored furniture inside. The scenes were filmed in various locations including South Africa, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Budapest, and Bratislava. The videography is fantastic with so many extreme close-ups of the guy's most private places that there is no way the viewer can be disappointed. 

2009 Studio of the Year: Titan

2009 Director of the Year: Joe Gage

2009 Performer of the Year: Blu Kennedy

2009 Best New Performer: Christopher Saint 
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