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Top Alt Girls Of 2010

Joanna Angel, KleioValentien, Krysta Kaos, Sparky Sin Claire, Draven Star

XCritics Top Alt Girls Of 2010

This industry is made up of a large diversification of ladies who deliver strong and exciting scenes. So many in the industry, seem to segregate and not recognize all the unique and different talent that comes along. Alt Girl Performers, often to fall into this area and it is a shame that at times they are not recognized for their efforts and strong performances. We see awards given and sites who give yearly recognition, that don’t recognize them and others who only focus on them. XCritic, not only has a diversification of readers who enjoy many aspects of Adult Porn and we review dvds regardless of their genre and always give credit where it is due. Over the last few years, Alt Girls entering the business has grown tremendously. They have delivered not only some exciting and unique sex, but have shown very strong acting skills as they perform in non-sex segments of their roles. Though XCritics eyes, we have watched their performances, reviewed their dvds and interviewed many. From this we have seen some exciting work and strong talents and give you XCritics Top Alt Girls Of 2010.

Joanna Angel

Not only does Joanna Angel continually stand out as a top Alt Performer, with over over 90 scenes. But, as director, she has brought us over 35 strong titles and the most popular Alt Web-Site in the industry “BurningAngels.com”. Joanna’s performance, creativity and love for this business never ceases to amazes us at XCritic and 2010 was no exception. Her performances in “Bartenders", "Joanna, Breaks “Em In”, “Rebel Girl” and “Joanna Angels 3“, is just a short list of her outstanding work this year as an adult actress, leading Alt Girl and creative director. Through her work, she has helped introduced more Alt Girls into the business than anyone else and always makes sure that they get the needed exposure to establish themselves and grow within the industry. It was a honor to visit and Interview Joanna Angel at Exxxoctic 2010 NJ, where we talked about this past year and what she has in store for 2011. Her kind expressions for her fans is always from the heart and she is appreciative to all who have helped make Burning Angel what it is today.


With her strong performance in “Bartenders”, Kleio Valentien, not only introduced us to a sweet young Alt Girl, but showed us someone, who can perform very strong sexually and just as strong with her acting skills. Kleio, delivered some fantastic scenes and roles in 2010, with “POV Punx 3“ and ”Joanna Angels’s 3“ as a few of them. Where she stood out even stronger this year was a whole dvd on her “Crushing On Kleio”. There we saw Kleio perform not only sexually in every possible aspect, but in total perfection. As Kleio, interviewed with XCritic, we saw a side of her that was down to earth and appreciative to all who has helped her within the industry. 2010, certainly had XCritic, “Crushing On Kleio” too.

Krysta Kaos

Krysta Kaos, entered the Alt Girl scene, wide open and delivered Alt Girl sex in a very creative and artistic way. She has shown though her performances the true beauty of Alt Girls in the industry and a true love for the business. She not only is creative and artistic as she performs, but has tremendous acting talents for her scenes and delivers fonomanal sex as we saw in “Scurvy Girls 3“ and “Joanna’s Angels 3“. When Krysta, interviwed with XCritic this year, she shared some of what her plans are to continue bringing this creative work to us in 2011. There is no question that Krysta, is a little package of dynamite and why she is one of XCritics 2010 Top Alt Girls.

Sparky Sin Claire

Not only is Sparky Sin Claire one of XCritics picks for 2010 Breakout Performers. But her work this year earns the position as one of XCritic’s 2010 Top Alt Girls. The two movies that drove her to the top was “Scurvy Girls 3“ and her unique and different performance in “Doppelganger”, which took more than just a unique sex scene, but strong acting skills too. We really feel, that her actual life situations, that XCritic learned about when we Interviewed Sparky, has made her what she is as an Alt Performer and also a young lady who has a great love for life and a unbelievable love for others, no matter who they are or what background they come from.

Draven Star

Draven Star, is one young lady and exciting Alt Girl, that always takes a great picture with a beauty that is mystifying and beyond compare. She is a performer that delivers flawless scenes one after the other as she did in 2010 with “Friends, Don’t Let Friends, Fuck Alone 2“ and “Rebel Girl”. Her strong material also gave her this year, a dvd focused on her, "Crushing On Draven” that was an XCritic Pick. In Draven’s interview with XCritic, she not only shared the excitement of this dvd, but how surprised and honored she when she found out about it. If, she continues to deliver (which we know she will) what she did in 2010, we have a lot to look forward to in 2011 from this extraordinary Alt Girl.

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