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Best Porn Parody of 2011

10 Porn Parodies Make Our Top List

2011 was an odd year for Porn Parodies. There were more parodies released in 2011 than most years prior combined and yet the releases tended to fall into two categories: the really good, and everything else (which generally were not good at all). When people look back at 2011 it's going to be seen as the last great gasp for the Porn Parody. The parody isn't going anywhere, but the great wave and interest in them has peeked and studios who focus only on parodies are going to find that they are not going to be an easy sell going forward.

The porn parodies that made our top list rose above the pack with great casts, great production values and real attention to detail. Many of them didn't just wear the parody as a mask over a fairly ho hum porn but embraced the core film they were spoofing and made a true adult version.

No film did that better in 2011 than Vivid's Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody our Parody of the year.

Spider Man XXX

#1 Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody (Vivid Entertainment, Directed by Axel Braun)

Spider-Man XXX by director Axel Braun for Vivid Entertainment added a fine blend of porn elements with the feature elements to provide a pornified fan fiction account worthy of adding to our collections. The replay value, strokability, and sheer spank bank goodness included here made Spider-Man XXX worthy of our highest rating. In short, Spider-Man XXX A Porn Parody showed that parodies do not have to be locked in step with canon sources to be good, the special effects added in enough to make the material work well in conjunction with the pornified elements, and the overall appeal made this one the absolute best of the bunch.

Man vs Pussy

#2 POPPORN's Man vs. Pussy (Goodnight Media, Directed by Spock Buckton, Brian Bangs, and Lee Roy Myers)

Man Vs. Pussy by directors Spock Buckton, Brian Bangs, and Lee Roy Myersfor Good Night Media was one of our favorite titles of the year, combining lots of humor, hot sex, and all sorts of entertaining exchanges between the cast & crew to make it stand out from the pack. We’ll be the first to admit that lead male Anthony is a guy that we usually associate with his award winning feature roles rather than his sexual prowess but he rose to the challenge here as did all those involved in making the movie so Man Vs. Pussy got our top rating and a top spot on our best porn parody/comedy list. The sex was not your typically “gonzo stroke” material, and the feature elements were more like those seen in “reality television” than the fast forward fodder we're used to seeing in porn, but the manner in which this was crafted to serve a wider audience was sweet! That said, Man Vs. Pussy showed that new studios truly have something more to offer than just imitating the big boys.

Rocki Whore XXX

#3 Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore parody (Wicked Pictures, Directed by Brad Armstrong)

Rocki Whore Picture Show was the first parody outing for Wicked Pictures and put quite simply, they hit the ball out of the park. An adult parody that came in at the level of quality of the thing it parodied and Rocki Whore achieved that. The performances in Rocki Whore were top notch across the board from Mac Turner's spot-on portrayal of the charismatic Frank n Beans to Jessica Drake's pitch perfect Janet and Randy Spears amazing Stiff Staff... and they can sing!?! Doing a porn musical is madness and Brad Armstrong makes it seem easy. If the parody genre will continue to thrive it'll be because of quality productions like this one. We commend Wicked for taking their time, doing it write and not just pumping out parodies.

Halloween XXX Porn Parody

#4 Halloween XXX Porn Parody (Smash Pictures, Directed by Jim Powers)

Smash Pictures, Producer: Stuart Wall and Director: Jim Powers did a great job in developing, creating and shooting “Halloween XXX Porn Parody”. They enhanced it’s strength even more by putting together a phenomenal cast in delivering each moment and driving this dvd right to the top. It is not often you get every aspect so flawless and at the level of mainstream movies. But, Smash Pictures has now set that standard for others to follow. One of the strongest cast we have ever watched in a Parody and each should be commended on there commitment, acting skills and sex. With all that is delivered in “Halloween XXX Porn Parody”, it easily archives that level of being one of the best parodies of 2011.

Superman XXX

#5 Superman XXX: A Porn Parody (Vivd Entertainment, Directed by Alex Braun)

Nicely shot with good attention to detail in terms of the costuming and the little quirks that pay homage not just to the comics but to the big screen adaptations as well,Superman XXX really benefits from some great casting choices and fun performances. We already know all involved can fuck, but Braun gives them time to act as well and if no one here is Oscar material, everyone involved is obviously having a good time with the material and that comes across in their work. The effects are low budget but kind of charming in their own corny way, while the story flows reasonably well and while it might not be deep, it bridges the sex scenes together quite nicely. If it doesn’t quite hit the heights that Braun’s Batman XXX did, it comes damn close and that's more than enough to earn a spot on our top list.

Star Trek The Next Generation XXX

#6 Star Trek The Next Generation - A XXX Parody (Digital Sin, Directed by Sam Hain)
Star Trek The Next Generation A XXX Parody by director Sam Hain for Digital Sin will certainly appeal to any parody fans, science fiction lovers, and those that appreciate something more than gonzo trysts. April O’Neil, Kimberly Kane, and Bobbi Starr stood out sexually just as Giles was the closest looking thing to the original series captain that we have come across. Tyler and Lee were also in their usual fine form and the special effects enhanced the final product much as the second disc of extras did, making us hope that there might be some sequels that take better advantage of some of the great many sexual possibilities the show offered up so many years ago. In short, Star Trek The Next Generation A XXX Parody was a winner from stem to stern, the attention to detail such that this was an absolute no brainer for our top parody list.
This Ain't Ghostbusters XXX
#7 This Ain't Ghostbusters XXX 3D (Hustler Video, Directed by Axel Braun)
Last year we railed hard on Avatar XXX which was nothing short of a 3D clusterfuck. Hustler went back to the drawing board and came back with This Ain't Ghost Busters XXX a fantastic 3D porn parody that far exceeded our expectations. Hustler Video also seemed to spend a great deal of effort on the sonic portions of the production, and a lot more care on the 3D this time, and made it a focused effort to emulate but not completely imitate the original features, the amount of polishing up considerable upon repeated viewings so I rated . The ladies included babes like Raven Alexis, Alexis Texas, Lily LaBeau, Sarah Shevon, and Joslyn James, while the ensemble comedy was pared down substantially to showcase the mighty Evan Stone as the goofy professor trying just as hard to get laid as catch supernatural spirits. In short, This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX satisfied all the usual feature elements while providing the expected sexual trysts in the appropriate places, the comedy aspects of the show nearly as solid as the technical attributes so consider this double disc set if you have a high end 3D system as a means of showcasing at least one porno capable of crossing over.
Sister Wives XXX
Sister Wives XXX by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment was a better version of the TLC cable channel show than the original, the strokability and replay value of the sex scenes (and feature elements) enough to merit a high rating. We commend Vivid on casting Sister Wives with a wide range of body types, they could have easily glammed it up and they didn't and that choice is one of many which speak to the thoughtfulness and attention to detail in this film. The ladies were all active performers and showed ample chemistry for Evan, the ending orgy proving they could be sex positive with each other as well. In short, Sister Wives XXX A Porn Parody struck our funny bone hard and was better than predicted going into it, Skow pulling out all stops to make it a winner and wisely using the talents of David Stanley as writer to make it work so well.

#9 Katwoman XXX (Bluebird Pictures directed by Nicholas Steele)

Katwoman XXX by director Nicholas Steele for Blue Bird Films was only slightly related to the company’s breakthrough hit from last year, also having no resemblance (thankfully!) to the horrid mainstream Catwoman movie starring Halle Berry from a number of years ago. Katwoman pulls together a great cast including: Dylan Ryder who looks fantastic and is super as the lead role, Kagney Linn Karter a super looking “Super Chick”, and Jennifer Dark as a very sexy “Wonder Chick”. Gemma Massey was a decidedly cute “Jokette” and Paul Chaplin again came across as the perfect parody version of the Heath Ledger version of Joker. Everything comes together well in a superhero parody worthy of our top list.


Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes

The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes by director Sinister X for Exquisite Multimedia really surprised us, in a good way. It was a clear step up from some of the previous releases from Exquisite with a wealth of extras and a well crafted way scenes were tied together where they worked as a whole and on their own. Chanel Preston really shining brightly as Wonder Woman but the other ladies also nice eye candy too. While there were some rough edges to be smoothed out and a few casting quirks, we found ourselves appreciating it as an entertaining but strokable show, one of the best hero parodies in memory on several levels, the ambitious project earning a spot on our top parody list.

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